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When I See You Again (Jasper Liu , Mandy Wei, Ivy Shao) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 20
Broadcast Network : TTV/SETTV
Broadcast Period : 31 May 2015 – Present
Xia You Qian (Jasper Liu) is the total package. He's good-looking, a highly successful head of a private equity company and well liked by everyone around him. Even competitors like Hu Yan Ze (Jet Chao) can't help but respect him and wealthy socialites like Hu Yong Qing (Ivy Shao) are in love with him. But You Qian also has the keen ability to make accurate assessments about people at first sight using his strong observational skills. When You Qian and his grandfather are invited to Pu Lang village to judge a competition, he runs into An Xi (Mandy Wei), a woman who was responsible for You Qian nearly losing his life 10 years ago. An Xi is forced to enter the competition to try to earn the prize money to save her hostel, which she inherited from her father but is riddled with debt. After You Qian's prejudice forces An Xi to lose the competition, will she be forced to marry her creditor to pay back her debts?

Wish To See You Again (Vic Chou, Terry Kwan, King One Wang) 4 DVD

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2008-Feb-03 to 2008-May-18
Xu Le (許樂) is a bestselling author who never left home. He was recently struck with a case of writer's block and decides to search for inspiration. So he decides to work as a taxi driver hoping that by listening to his passengers; he'll be struck with some inspiration. Coincidentally, Xu Le meets his high school classmate, Ah Hao (阿豪), who is also a taxi driver. Xu Le has not seen Ah Hao for years. Ma Yong Rui (Xiao Ma - 小馬) is an heir to a five-star hotel and is also Xu Le's and Ah Hao's old classmate. Lu Yi (陸怡) is now a fashion magazine editor and she was the dream girl that they all wanted. Pan Neng Xian (潘能賢) is a 24 year old girl who recently graduated from college, who gets a job as a PR assistant in Yong Rui's five-star hotel.

Youth Power (Tammy Chen, Nana Lee, Tsou Cheng En) 4 DVD

Genre : Politics, Comedy
Episodes : 21
Broadcast Network: TTV
Broadcast Period : 2015-May-01
Chen Yi Jun's dream is to become a famous rock star who never grows up. Yet when her father's illness forced him off the senate race, her rock star dream gives way to becoming a senator of her home town. She recruits the idealistic political assistant Huang Zao Yuan and the cool-headed political analyst Jiang Ye Qing to her fledgling senate campaign. Together, they challenge social norms and speak out on issues no other politicians would touch. But getting elected is only half of the battle. Once they are on the political stage, they have to choose between alienating their colleagues for an ideal or sacrificing their integrity to help their constituency. The stakes are high as the choices they make will define what kind of adults they grow up to be.


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