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Say Again Yes I Do/ I Do 2 (Lin Yo Wei, Mandy Wei, Michael Zhang) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 20
Broadcast Network : TTV, SETTV, ETTV
Broadcast Period : 6 April 2014 – 4 January 2015
No Synopsis

Say I Love You (Mike He, Alice Ke, Ella Wilkins) 4 DVD

Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CTV
A single father rediscovers love and a new career.

Single Ladies Senior (Christina Mok, Summer Meng, Alina Zheng) 2 DVD

Genre : Friendship, Romance, Youth, Drama
Episodes : 15
Broadcast Network : TTV, iQiyi, LINE TV, iQiyi, CHOCO TV, KKTV
Broadcast Period : Mar 31, 2018 - Jul 14, 2018
Four best friends from college are finding success as modern career women. Wang Mi Na, Yin Ge Li, Weng Mei Yan and Bai Ya Xuan are considered princesses in a tower because of their focus on their work and careers. But as they each face their own challenges of career vs. relationship, must they make a choice or can they have both?

Skip Beat (Choi Si Won,Ivy Chen) 4 DVD

Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes : 15
Broadcast network: FTV, GTV
Broadcast period: 18-Dec-2011 / 24-Dec-2011
Gong Xi sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Bu Puo Shang, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Shang suddenly breaks up with Gong Xi,leaving her with nothing, and Gong Xi vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Shang to get back at him. Gong Xi therein meets Dun He Lian, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.

Someone Like You (Kirsten Ren, William, Kingone Wang) 4 DVD

Genre : Melodrama , Romance
Episodes : 20
Broadcast Network : TTV / SETTV
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jan-11 to 2015-May-24
A man loses everything in one day in a tragic car accident. Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang) lost his fiancée, Liang Luo Han (Kirsten Ren), but he also lost his own eyesight. Devastated by the loss of his fiancée, Zhan Cheng is inconsolable and even refuses a corneal transplant that could restore his vision. But his life takes an unexpected turn when Wang Yu Xi (Kirsten Ren), who looks exactly like his fiancée, is hired to become Zhan Cheng's day nurse. Another young woman, Xu Ya Ti (Nita Lei), receives Luo Han's heart in a transplant and begins to exhibit many of Luo Han's mannerisms and personality. Caught between a woman who looks exactly like his beloved dead fiancée and another woman who behaves just like her, what will Zhan Cheng do?

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