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A Chinese Odyssey : Love Of Eternity (Z. Tao, Yin Andrew, Du Sunny) 5 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 54
Broadcast Network : : IQYi
Broadcast Period : Sep 28, 2017
Five hundred years ago, Zi Xia descends to the human realm to find Zhi Zun Bao. He is the man that she loves and the person who pulled out the Zi Qing Sword. However, the sword gets damaged along the way and she uses the time traveling ability of the pandora's box in hopes of repairing it. She ends up five hundred years later and meets Zhi Zun Bao with no recollectionof his past life. He is the leader of a gang of outlaws called the ax gang and has been spending time with Bai Jing Jing. The plot then takes on a whole new level of craziness that involves more time traveling and outrageous happenings. ~~ A new adaptation of the classic "Journey to the West".

A Happy Life (Benny Chan, Monica Mu, Ayoko Chen) 7 DVD

A wealthy fox family (in human appearances)have nine daughters. The father of daughters is a known king in their world. One day the father decides to get her youngest daughter married through an arranged marriage. The youngest daughter love going to the muggle (human world) and enjoys everything-food, clothing, games, shopping. Therefore to avoide the marriage she does a make marriage contract with a muggle without letting him knowing her real identity, which leads to many intereting and craziness into their life.

A Happy Life 2 (Chan Benny, Mu Ting Ting, Chen Zi Han) 3 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Life, Romance, Wuxia
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Jan 13, 2016
It is the story of the second generation of the Liu family. Happy go lucky Liu Sixi is a guy who likes to play (he is a playboy), but is actually lacking when it comes to martial art. Any monster who eats his soul will see their power increase greatly. Sixi will fall in love with the little innocent daughter of the fox-spirit family, sister nine. Sister nine goes to the Liu family to get Sixi's soul/qi for her mother, but ends also falling up for him.

A Legend Of Chinese Immortal/8 Dewa (Zhang Dian Fei, Lee Tsung Han) 7 DVD

Episodes : 56
Date Aired : October 5, 2014
Silver Dai and Dongbin married, after silver Dongbin died to save Dai, Dai silver snow sister Joan retaliation Dongbin, constantly creating scourge, fortunately Lu individually resolved. Dongbin Caine heart aspirant, finally got Han Chung attunement immortal. Dongbin sword back to earth, the incarnation of "Swordsman", secretly protecting Cao Cao Christine Friends and two brothers. Cao Friends of Joan framed by snow, becoming the court to apprehend fugitives. Critical moment, Cao Cao Friends of Christine sacrifice their lives to save, Lu his degree of immortality. He Yuexian and son Seifu, pine separated after eighteen years at the reunion, Joan snow Qingfeng was confused and Yuet Sin Canossian refused to recognize, and framed his brother. In Dongbin's help, Seifu mending their ways, but in order to save son Yuet Sin Canossian sacrifice themselves to the degree of immortality. Joan rein in the snow along the Eight Immortals, but also peace and harmony. Eight Immortals via the East China Sea, and Dragon Third Prince unexpectedly from the conflict. Thus, the Eight Immortals, recount the legend prelude.

A Legend Of Shaolin Kungfu 3 (Bao Gua An, Hong Jin Bao) 8 DVD

Release Date: 2011-03-02
Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu 3 begins with the Kangxi Emperor meeting with the Shaolin abbot (Bao Guoan), who then dispatches seven disciples to go on a dangerous mission: they are to escort three imperial envoys and a mysterious box to the Western Frontier. On their treacherous journey across the vast deserts in northwestern China, the Shaolin warrior monks are met with a host of killers targeting the box, including the henchmen of the crown prince and the forces of anti-Qing rebels led by Wan Shoushan (Sammo Hung)...

A Lifetime Of Love (Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Peter Sheng, Janice Wu) 5 DVD

Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Xianxia
Episodes : 54
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV
Broadcast Period : 12 June 2017
The story takes place in a mythological world with demons, gods, and humans cohabiting, set during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period. The world is split into three kingdoms - Xuan Yang, Ling Yun and Xuan Mu.Chi Yun is a war god from Ruo Jiang Tribe, a wild beast-turned-man driven by revenge, who wants to dominate and unite all living things under one ruler. His resolve is immovable until he meets Mu Qingmo, a princess from the Xuan Yang Kingdom. However, Qingmo is betrothed by her family to Prince Sheng Lun from the Ling Yun Kingdom. Nonetheless, her heart belongs to Chi Yun. The two made a promise to meet annually under the peach blossoms of No Return Valley, where Chi Yun made Qingmo a promise of love, that he will give up everything, and stay by her side for the rest of their lives.Complications arise when Qingmo's father invades Ruo Jiang in order to attain world domination. Torn between family and love, Qingmo is forced to make some difficult choices when her kingdom clashes with Ruo Jiang numerous times, resulting in world chaos.

A Step Into The Past (Niu Zi Fan, Chen Sean, Guo Xiao Ting) 4 DVD

Genre : Historical, Wuxia
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network : Youku
Broadcast Period : Jan 18, 2018
A legendary story about a man who inadvertently travels back 2000 years in time to the Warring States Era and gets caught in the center of a power struggle between nations.During a space exploration, Xiang Shao Long encounters an incident and falls into a black hole that leads him to the Warring States Era in ancient China. It is a time three hundred years before the Qin Emperor is declared Kingand Xiang Shao Long finds himself all alone in the State of Zhao. In order to return to the future, he decides to do everything in his power to find Ying Zheng and help him onto the throne and his journey brings him unexpected encounters as he falls into a romance with Xing Yun.

All Men Are Brother/Water Margin 2011 ( Zhang Han Yu, Li Zong Han, Zhang Tie Lin) 12 DVD

Genre : Costume drama, martial arts
Episode : 86
Broadcast network : Shandong TV
Broadcast Period : January 2011
Toward the end of Northern Song Dynasty, the government was deeply corrupted, and the oppressed citizens finally rebelled. A hundred and eight men and women fought against the government and took their last stand in a place called Liangshan.

Allure Snow/Qing Cheng Xue (Du Chun,Dong Jie, Zhang Jia Ni) 4 DVD

Genre: Romance, period drama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV, Jiangsu TV, Tianjin TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-12 start
Ming Dynasty Jiangnan two embroidery home battle between the two young love and hate. Home Jiang and Hangzhou home Suzhou two embroidery large, for the emperor sewing Huang Pao, due to the competitive relationship between the two relations is the face and the heart. Hang the eldest son of Hang Jing Feng has been quietly in love with the river thousands of Jinjiang Jia Yuan, but because of the relationship of the family, can not declare. Gave birth to an illegitimate child Xu Hang Jing Feng's father years ago and the mother of Jiang Jia Yuan Touhuan hate, yet the blame on Jiang Jia Yuan's father. Xu to hate by uncle Xufu with large, Xu Fu Xu hate justice vowing, with Xu hate came to Suzhou, home Jiang made ​​the ruin and death while in the Xu Fu, Jiang Jia Yuan and Xu hate sincere love, Jia Yuan Huai on Xu hate the flesh. At this time, Xu Fu told Xu hate siblings and Ka Yuan Xu hate accidentally killed Xu Fu, and are thus imprisonment. Jia Yuan with Xu hate son struggling to live, then met a third man in her life - a wife of Lingnan wealthy, he will incorporate it into a partial room. His wife was initially unable to accept Jia Yuan, but eventually Jia Yuan sincerity moved deathbed, agreed to Jia Yuan righting, and the two married the night, the Xu hate the very abjection back, telling Jia Yuan they is not pro-brother and sister ......

An Oriental Odyssey (Janice Wu, Zheng Ye Cheng, Zhang Yu Jian) 5 DVD

Genre : Mystery, Romance, Wuxia, Crime, Fantasy
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : QQLive
Broadcast Period : Oct 18, 2018 - Dec 6, 2018
Based off Miao Juan's novel. In Tang Dynasty, the chivalrous eldest daughter of the Assistant Minister of Revenue, Ye Yuan An, saves Mu Le, an amnesiac young man of mysterious identity. Yuan An takes Mu Le in as a family servant, and the latter swears his loyalty to her. Along with Zhao Lan Zhi, a constable, the trio solve cases after cases together. But what is Mu Le's true identity?

As Flowers Fade And Fly Across The Sky (Peter Ho, Zhang Viann, Zhu Yi Long) 6 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance
Episodes : 66
Broadcast Network : QQLive ZJTV
Broadcast Period : Dec 4, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018
It tells the story of Hua Man Tian, the son of a wealthy and powerful family, who finds himself in an unwanted love triangle between a princess and his childhood lover, whom he truly loves. When his childhood lover is accused of treason, she uses magic to switch faces with the princess but their problems get deeper when the magic wears off quickly.

Ban Shu Legend (Jing Tian, Fu Xin Bo, Zhang Ze Han) 5 DVD

Genre: Drama, Historical, Political, Romance
Episodes: 42
Broadcast Period: October 16, 2015
The story tells of the niece of the first female prime minister Ban Zhao. The titular Ban Shu earns her way up to become a teacher at the Royal Female Academy formed by the Empress Deng Wei. However, her job in the court becomes much harder when conspiracies begin to take place, as a result she decides to leave the court to spread the Han culture.

Beauties In The Closet (Vic Chou, Hu Bing Qing, Chen Yao) 4 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes : 35
Broadcast Network : Youku
Broadcast Period : Feb 8, 2018
The current emperor at the time neglects his duties and spends time playing and frolicking with the ladies. He also has a habit of hunting foxes late at night. With their declining population and innocent deaths rising, the enraged Fox Clan wages a war against the royal family. They reserve a special pearl that boosts power and beauty to the consumer, which is stolen by the pair of sisters and split betweenthem. They enter the Palace as dancers to fulfill the mission of killing the Emperor. But before the sisters could kill the emperor, he's abruptly assassinated, and the throne goes to Vic Zhou's character.

Beauties Of The King (Song Min Yu, Li Fei Er) 6 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance
Episodes : 30
Broadcast Network : iQiyi iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Nov 6, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
After the young lady Feng Er loses her mother, her father remarries and sends Feng Er to Lingshan to study. She thus has to part ways with her childhood friend Chang Geng. Upon returning home after completing her studies, she surprisingly discovers that the house is deserted. When she becomes involved in a dispute, she saves a group of girls and takes them with her on her quest for her father andChang Geng. Along the way, they meet the carefree Jing Rong, who starts harboring feelings for Feng Er.

Bloody Romance (Li Yi Tong, Qu Chu Xiao, Wang Duo) 4 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes : 36
Broadcast Network : jTBC
Broadcast Period : Jul 27, 2018 - Sep 15, 2018
In the turbulent interregnum following the collapse of the Tang dynasty, a young daughter of a herbalist was tricked and sold into a brothel. After a harrowing escape from death, she eventually found herself in a city of female assassins. Assuming the new name of Wan Mei, she began to learn from ropes of being an assassin from Chang An, a young man who acted as her guide and warder.Over time, Wan Mei and Chang An began to develop genuine affection for each other. But Cha Luo, the leader of the assassins took a dislike to Wan Mei and plotted against the couple with her cohorts. Wan Mei's personality and gifts caused Gong Zi, the hidden owner of Gui Hua City to take a interest on her. Burdened by his hidden identity, Chang An began to distance himself from Wan Mei. The protagonists found themselves embroiled in escalating conspiracies involving deadly betrayals and struggles for power.

Border Town Prodigal (Zhang Xin Yu, Zhang Jun Ning, Chai Bi Yun) 6 DVD

Genre : Wuxia
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : BTV
Broadcast Period : 2016-Jul-18
A son returns from the border town to investigate his father's murder 20 years earlier.

Bu Liang Ren (Li Frida, Ji Jeffery, Cai Wen Jing) 4 DVD

Genre : Action, Martial Arts, Romance, War
Episodes : 25
Broadcast Network : iQIYi
Broadcast period: Sep 21, 2016 to Dec 14, 2016
The story takes place during the Tang Dynasty and revolves around a secret government agency trying to obtain a national treasure weapon called the dragon sword. To do that, they assassinated two great martial artists, leaving their kids to survive in the chaotic world. They are taken in and taught martial arts by Elder Yang. In their journey in Jianghu to uncover the conspiracy of the secret group, they meet the love of their lives in Cai Wen Jing and Fan Shi Qi.

Butong 1 (Monica Chan,Norman Tsui,Vincent Jiao) 4 DVD

No Synopsis

Butong 2 (Monica Chan, Norman Tsui, Vincent Jiao) 4 DVD

Episode : 30
Zhang San-feng Tai Chi thirteen-style reputed dead, the pack gathered in Wudang martial arts. Twelve Girls Band to come to Western challenges, Mitutoyo forced shot. Genghis Khan coming to a decision by former Wudang Chuan's "Zen Xue golden sword" in the cache of a treasure map, infighting between the Mu consort Chengluan be cheated. In the Shaolin Temple, Chang-polar, two young Korean Yishan unsuccessful applying for trainee monks, monks was grasshoppers and other fancy, with its mixed Quanzhen on Wudang Mountain, to explore the mystery of Zhang San Feng unbeaten. In several years, no chivalrous far as the eye beam Wudang style, can not help but admire; Yishan has dealings with Grasshopper calumny, so Promise into a virtue and a dilemma. Ms Wang Jun Zhu, Zhu E unruly willful, unauthorized entry Shennongjia, suffered savage; crisis, was rescued Promise. Suffered false alarm, the Sheriff actually moving the truth of non-polar, but non-polar love swordsmith coldest Tong, Tong like Hustler can coldest SPL. Yishan this quite jealous, to be provocative ...


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