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Untouchable Lovers (Guan Gabrielle, Song Wei Long, Zhang Yi Jie) 5 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Melodrama
Episodes : 54
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Jan 14, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
Tianji Tower, the leading organisation of the pugilistic world (Jianghu) is determined to overthrow Liu Ziye, the tyrannical ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. To achieve their mission, Tianji Tower replaces his sister Liu Chuyu with their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que. Zhu Que meets the Princess' learned companion Rong Zhi, who turns out to be a spy from Northern Wei.Liu Chuyu and Rong Zhi's relationship eventually breaks down overmisunderstandings and differing loyalties, and the latter fakes his death in order to regain Chuyu's forgiveness. Then Liu Chuyu as her memories erased by imperial astrologer and Rong Zhi gets his mind wiped. They meet five years later when Chuyu is sent to marry Northern Wei's Prince regent, who is none other than the now Rong Zhi.

Wuxin The Monster Killer (Elvis Han, Zhang Ruo Yun, Sui Yong Liang) 4 DVD

Genre : Supernatural, Adventure
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network : Sohu
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jul-06
Wu Xin is an immortal who doesn't know where he was from, how long he lived, or what he is. He wanders the earth with no purpose in life and no money. During one of his destitute spells, he meets Yue Ya who gives him her last morsel of food. To repay her kindness and get more food in their stomach, he decides to capitalize his only skill set: Killing monsters. They begin a wondrous and often dangerous adventure of fighting supernatural evil, one paying customer at a time.

Xian Xia Sword/Immortal Sword Hero (Jiang Yi, Liu Tingyu, Xu Shendong) 6 DVD

Genre: Wuxia
Episode : 46
Release Year: 2013
He Yufeng (nicknamed 13th Sister) is the daughter of He Ji. Ji Xiantang's son fell in love with He Yufeng's beauty. After his marriage proposal was rejected, Ji Xiantang came up with ways he could frame He Ji. He managed to have He Ji imprisoned and ultimately killed, due to depression inside the prison. He Yufeng's mother brought her to live in old hero Deng Jiugong's Green Cloud Mansion. Bent on clearing her father's name, He Yufeng began to train hard on her martial arts. Deng Jiugong gave her the Immortal Hero Sword, as well as a sword manual. To Deng Jiugong's expectations, Yufeng slowly became a wise and brave heroine. Therefore, He Yufeng gained the name, 13th Sister. Once, He Yufeng saved a wealthy scholar called Anji, and a foreigner called Zhang Jinfeng from an evil monk and the trio's fates intertwined. In the end, 13th Sister helped Anji and Zhang Jinfeng be together and roam the world. Not only did she clear her father's name, she also became the heroine that punished evil in everyone's mind.

Xiao Shi Yi Lang (Yan Kevin, Zhang Baby, Wang Jie Xi) 5 DVD

Genre : Martial Arts, Romance, Wuxia
Episodes : 45
Broadcast Network : Beijing TV & Guangdong TV
Broadcast Period : September 2014 – February 09 2015
Based off the popular Gu Long novel the story tells of a noble thief by the name of Xiao Shi Yi Lang.

Young Sherlock (Bosco Wong, Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong) 5 DVD

Genre : Period Drama, Mystery
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network : ZJTV
Broadcast Period : 2014-Jun-04
At the height of Tang dynasty, a young man named Di Ren Jie went to the capital to take an imperial examination. During the test, he stopped an assassination attempt against Empress Wu's life. Seeing his bravery and quick thinking, the empress ordered him to investigate the incident.

Your Highness (Kenny Kwan, Sun Xu Ning, Lu Zhuo) 2 DVD

Genre : Historical, Comedy, Wuxia, Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: Sohu TV
Broadcast Period : Nov 9, 2017 - Jan 4, 2018
The main protagonist is Qin Zhan, an avid player of a popular online game called New Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (it's both an actual game in China and a well-loved classic wuxia). Qin Zhan time travels into the game that he's been playing for ten years and gains incredible powers as a result. However, he also becomes the number one enemy of the entire martial arts world and must face the dangers andconspiracies that are thrown in his way.

Xuan Yuan Sword Legend The Clouds Of Han (Zhang Leon, Alan Yu, Guan Xiao Tong) 6 DVD

Genre : Historical, Wuxia
Episodes : 58
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV
Broadcast Period : August 8, 2017
Set during a mythical era, the plot revolves around three opposing kingdoms and the heroic accomplishments of the young heroes and heroines of its time.


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