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Temple Of Zhen Huan (Sun Li,Chen Jian Bin,Li Dong Xue) 9 DVD

Release Year : 2011
This dramaJ', adapted from popU'lar Internet novel of the same name, will tell the story of the heroine, Zhen Huan (Sun Li), who joined the palace harem with her sister. She was selected to be Emperor Yongzheng's (Chen Jian Bin) concubine. When Zhen Huan first enters the palace, she is innocent and gullible, but gradually learnd the hard way to fend for heR'self when she inadvertently becomes caught up in the schemes between the Empress (Ada Choi) and Concubine Hua (Jiang Xin). Through cunning A'nd deceit, Zhen Huan finally succeeds in becoming Empress. However, she arouses Emperor YongzhenG"s suspicion about her loyalty and is forced to poison her true love, 17th Prince. Finally, when Emperor Yongzheng dies and Hong Li ascends the throne, Concubine Zhen HuA'n becomes Empress Dowager. Though her future seems bright, she lives the rest of her life in sadN'ess and guilt.

Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms (Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ken Chang) 6 DVD

Genre : Romance, Fantasy, Xianxia
Episodes : 58
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Period : January 30, 2017
After a devastating war, the immortal tribe paid a heavy price to seal the ghost lord. 70,000 years later, in an attempt to re-seal the ghost lord who was about to break free, Bai Qian (Yang Mi)'s memories and goddess identity were sealed, and she was sent to the mortal realm to undergo a al in order to become a High Goddess. In the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua (Mark Chao) and falls in love with him. Su Jin, who is jealous of Ye Hua's love for Bai Qian, intentionally creates a series of misunderstanding between them and causes Bai Qian to lose her eyes. Thinking that Ye Hua has betrayed her, the devastated Bai Qian jumps off from the Zhu Xian Terrace. At her request, all her memories are erased and she forgets Ye Hua. Hundred years later, the two meets again as deities. Another lifetime another world, Ye Hua recognizes Bai Qian but the latter remains indifferent. Three lives three worlds, her and him, are they fated to bear an entangling loveline?

The Advisors Alliance (Wu Xiu Bo, Liu Tao, Janine Chang) 4 DVD

Genre : Period, Politics, Romance
Episodes : 42
Broadcast Period : 2017-Jun-22 To 2017-Jul-14
Broadcast Network : Jiangsu TV, Anhui TV
This drama chronicles the story of Three Kingdoms politician Sima Yi.

The Bride With White Hair (Nicky Wu, Guo Zhen Ni, Louis Fan) 6 DVD

Genre: Wuxia, romance
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-7 start
In Ming Dynasty China during Tian Qi Emperor's fourth year of reign, the people of Guang Yuan continue to face crop failure and famine. Zhuo Ji Xian, an official of the Ministry of Revenue, is dispatched by order of the crown prince to deliver rations and fodder to the stricken region. While passing through the Jade Dragon Mountains, he and his men, along with the provisions,are seized by Lian Ni Chang, a female vigilante. Zhuo Ji Xian's son Zhuo Yi Hang, Wu Dang's head disciple, comes to his father's rescue, thereby becoming embroiled in the battle between the crown prince, infamous eunuch politician Wei Zhong Xian, and Lian Ni Chang. Although the two start off on the wrong foot, Zhuo Yi Hang and Lian Ni Chang are mutually attracted to each other and fall in love. However, misunderstandings occur that cause a rift in their relationship, and Lian Ni Chang's hair turns white overnight after believing that Zhuo Yi Hang has betrayed her. To restore Lian Ni Chang's former beauty and reunite with his lover, Zhuo Yi Hang travels to Mount Heaven in search of a legendary rare flower that blooms only once every 60 years.

The Classic Of Mountains And Seas (Zhang Han, Kwan Kenny, Ko Matthew) 5 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes : 46
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Mar 20, 2016 To May 3, 2016
Based on a classical text, the drama tells the tale of a royal who is abandoned at the young age of ten because of a prophecy that said he would kill his father. As he grows up, he must deal with two parts of him that fight between good and evil.

The Demi Gods And Semi Devils/Tian Long Ba Bu (Wallace Chung, Alec Su, Kim Ki Bum) 6 DVD

Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 54
Broadcast period: 2013
Tian Long Ba Bu is an adaption of a Jin Yong novel of the same name. The epic centers around the Beggar Leader Qiao Feng, the Dali Prince Duan Yu and the Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu. Each of their stories are interweaved throughout the show and finally clash and join at the climax of the story.

The Destiny Of White Snake (Andy Yang, Allen Ren, Mao Zi Jun) 6 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes : 60
Broadcast Network : : iQiyi, iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Jul 9, 2018
Inspired by a legendary folk tale, The Destiny of White Snake tells a heart-wrenching love story between an immortal and a human. She is Bai Yao Yao, a white snake roaming the mortal realm when she meets Xu Xuan, the master of the medicinal valley. There is a also second couple pairing between Xiao Qing, a green snake whose fate becomes intertwined with a demon catcher named Qi Xiao.

The Emperor's Harem (Ady An,Jiang Yi Yi,Patrick Tam) 7 DVD

Genre: Period, romance
Episodes: 46
Broadcast network: ZJTV
Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-06 start
Ming Emperor Xian Zong had yet to produce a male heir. The worried court officials pressured the Emperor to take on new consorts. Thus,the door to the Royal Harem opened to four women who would later cause havoc in the palace.

The Empress Of China (Fan Bing Bing, Zhang Feng Yi, Janine Chang) 7 DVD

Genre : Romance, Historical
Episodes : 80
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2014 Dec 21
Before she was the most famous female ruler in Chinese history, Wu Mei Liang was a woman vying for her husbands' love. While her first husband kept her at arm's length by a prophecy foretelling a woman of Wu stealing the Tang Dynasty, her second husband welcomed her with open arms. During her time as a minor consort to Li Shi Min, she learned how an effective Emperor rule his court. Using that knowledge, she helped Li Zhi take back power from his Regent, and herself into the position of Empress. She co-ruled with Li Zhi until his death, after which she ruled the country in her own right.

The Eternal Love (Xing Zhao Lin, Liang Jie, Sun Yi Zhu) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Episodes : 24
Broadcast Network : QQLive
Broadcast Period : Jul 10, 2017 To Aug 15, 2017
Mo Lian Cheng is the 8th prince of Dongyue who is forced to marry Qu Tan Er who was already in love with Mo Yi Huai (Mo Lian Cheng's elder brother). Qu Tan Er tries to commit suicide one day because she doesn't want to marry Mo Lian Cheng but doesn't succeed. One day, she woke up and another person entered her body, two people in one body but each person has a different personality and actions. Every time one of them tells a lie, they would switch bodies. Although their outer appearance is the same, their souls aren't. Mo Lian Cheng is suspicious at why Qu Tan Er is sometimes so different but soon he falls in love with Xiao Tan, who is not lady like. Xiao Tan who is from the modern world tries all methods so she can go back but so far nothing helps. Can Xiao Tan ever go back to the modern world?

The Eternal Love 2 (Xing Zhao Lin, Liang Jie, Sun Yi Ning) 3 DVD

Genre : Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 30
Broadcast Network : QQ Life
Broadcast Period : Oct 22, 2018 - Dec 3, 2018
Mo Lian Cheng met Qu Xiao Tan once again. At this time, however, Qu Xiao Tan has not met Mo Lian Cheng yet and does not know about her future destiny. Mo Lian Cheng has retained all of the memories and suffers alone from Qu Xiao Tan's failure to know him. He silently loves Qu Xiao Tan, and it becomes his goal to make her fall in love with him once again. With challenges in his way...

The First Myth (Sammul Chan, Jiang Hong, Viann Zhang)

Season 1 : 6 DVD , Season 2 : 6 DVD

Genre: Ancient Myth
Episodes: 80
Release Date: January 31, 2014 – June, 2014
No Synopsis

The Flames Daughter (Dilmurat Dilraba, Vic Chou, Zhang Vin) 5 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 52
Broadcast Network : Youku
Broadcast Period : Mar 1, 2018 - Apr 6, 2018
An Ye Luo becomes consumed by hatred after the woman he loves marries another man named Zhan Fei Tian. Lie Ming Jing in order to protect their newborn daughter and switches the baby with his own newborn son of LieHuo Manor. The daughter is raised as Lie Ruge, the sole successor of the LieHuo Manor. Her family takes in Zhan Fei Tian's son Zhan Feng along with Yu Zi Han, a memberof the imperial family who was born without the ability to walk. The three grow up as martial arts students of the manor while Ruge and Zhan Feng fall in love.As fate would have it, An Ye Luo lies to Zhan Feng and tells him that the LieHuo Manor is responsible for his father's death and the realization tears the couple apart. Lie Ruge then meets Yin Xue, a man who devotes his entire being to protecting her.

The Four (Zhang Han, Emma Wu, Janine Chang, Mickey He) 6 DVD

Genre : Wuxia, Detective
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2015-Mar-17 to 2015-Jun-03
No Synopsis

The Fox Fairy Court (Wang Eric, Zhang Edward, He Ming Han) 5 DVD

Genre : Action, Animals, Detective, Fantasy, Investigation, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Period : Jun 17, 2016 To
The son of an aristocratic family Wang Yuan Feng is not interested in wealth or romance but is obsessed with solving cases. After he accidentally saves the kind-hearted and naive fox spirit Xiao Cui, she marries him to pay the debt of gratitude. Yuan Feng, however, stays away from her while Xiao Cui continuously makes trouble for him. When Yuan Feng later becomes county magistrate, she helps him with his investigations.

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine/Qing Shi Huang Fei (Ruby Lin,Wallace Huo,Yan Kuan) 6 DVD

Genre: Period, Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
Broadcast Date: September 30, 2011
Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings.The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.

The Great Protector (Wallace Huo, Jia Qing, Li Jian) 6 DVD

Genre: Period, legend
Episodes: 38
Broadcast network: Shenzhen TV, Southeast TV
Broadcast period: 2014-Dec-25 to 2015-Jan
No Synopsis

The Great Shaolin (Zhou Yi Wei, Guo Jing Fei, Guo Xiao Ting) 5 DVD

No Synopsis

The Hero Of Iljimae/Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei (Wallace Huo, Liu Shi Shi, Ma Tian Yu) 5 DVD

Genre : Wuxia, adventure
Episode : 30
Broadcast network : SZMG ShenzhenTV, FMG SoutheastTV
Broadcast Period : 2011-Jan-01
Li Ge Xiao is skilled in martial arts and has the brain to match it. In his former life, he was a high ranking Marshal with great law enforcement authority. But after his enemy framed him with false crime and executed his family, he went on the run. Years later, he came out of hiding to help a former colleague recover stolen gold for disaster relief.
With his new partners, thief Yan San Niang, grafter He Xiao Mei, and muscle Chai Hu, they formed a bandit called "Yi Zhi Mei" that robs the rich and the corrupted and gives to the poor and the helpless.

The Heroes Of Chu Han Zheng Xiong (Anthony Wong, Michelle Ke, Ren Chengwei, Gina Jin) 7 DVD

Genre: Drama, War
Episodes: 35
No Synopsis

The Holy Pearl (Gillian Chung, Patrick Tam, Tae Li Qian) 6 DVD

Genre : Chinese mythology, adventure, romance
Episode : 32
Broadcast network : ZJSTV
Broadcast Period : 2011-Jan-17
Jealous of her sister's popularity with the human they protect and the love she receives from the king, Mo Yin, the human form of Goddess Tengshe, colluded with the Demon Lord Shi You Ming to kill her sister Xian Yue. The act upset the balance between the God/ Human/ Demon worlds giving demons an upper hand. Xian Yue reincarnated as
Ding Yao and returned to restore order. With the help of Wen Tian, a human-dragon hybrid, she set on a mission to re-forge the anti-demon vase using the holy pearls that Goddess Nuwa left behind from creating the human world.

The Husband Hunting Record of Su Ran Ran (Yin Qi, Yu Guo, Jin Vernon) 5 DVD

Genre : Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance
Episodes: 50
Aired: Jan 17, 2016 to Feb 24, 2016
The ancestral grave of the Su has great feng shui; others bow and beg for sons, but they can easily have nine. When they wanted a daughter, Su Ran Ran is born. As the only daughter, she's treated and treasured like a princess, rendering her a bit mischievous and spoiled. To help protect her from her brothers' bullying, she's sent to Zhu Mountain as a disciple. Alas, she's all grown up and the family struggles to get her (and her cousin) married. When she learns about a new potential marriage, she tries to run away but is caught off guard after accidentally poisoning a young man in white. Brought home, her potential partner arrives and to the side, he greets her with, "I don't plan on marrying you, please drop that thought." Rejected. It's not like she wants to marry him anyway. She's always pondering why they want to get her married so soon.

The Imperial Doctress (Liu Shi Shi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan) 5 DVD

Genre : Period, Romance, Inspiration
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV
Broadcast Period : 2016-Feb-13
A drama depicting the legendary life of Tan Yun Xian, who through her enthusiasm and persistence, overcame many difficulties and rose through the ranks to become the most famous female doctor of the Ming Dynasty.

The Journey Of Flower/Hua Qian Gu (Wallace Huo,Zhao Li Ying,Ma Ke) 6 DVD

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Wuxia
Episodes : 54
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2015 Jun 09 To 2015 Sep 07
An orphan girl, destined for an exceptional but tragic life, was rescued by a deity in human form. She became his disciple and traveled the mortal realm with him to help the weak and carry out justice. She grew to love him beyond that of a disciple, a taboo to ascension. Her mortal love led her to steal a holy object to save him when he laid dying in a demon's trap. Her action inadvertently released the Demon God into the world leading to deaths and destruction to all realms. When she realized the suffering she had caused, she chose to sacrifice herself so that order can be restore.

The Journey of Flower 2/Hua Qian Gu 2015 (Ma Ke, Jiang Fang Ting, Liu Qiu Shi) 4 DVD

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: iQIYi
Broadcast period: 2015-Sep-15
Related show: The Journey of Flower (2015)
Sha Qian Mo traveled to 2015 in search for Hua Qian Gu's reincarnation.

The King Of Blaze (Bolin Chen, Jing Tian, Zhang Yi Jie) 3 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 28
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Nov 26, 2018 - Dec 18, 2018
A story revolving around the Fire God, the Wind God and the ensuing romance between them as they risk their lives for the sake of their homeland.
Thousands of years ago, there was a beautiful planet amongst the stars where the deities lived. Among them, there were six powerful gods that include the God of Fire, God of Wind and the God of Mountain maintained the peace in the realms. During a dangerous battle with dark forces, the deities suffer a huge blow. Wind is nowhere to be found after rescuing Fire. In order to find an alternate energy source to save their home, Fire travels to the glorious age of Tang Dynasty where he meets a person who looks exactly like his long-lost love, the God of Wind and ignites a complicated romance between the two.

The King Of Blaze 2 (Bolin Chen, Jing Tian, Lai Yu Meng) 3 DVD

Genre : Business, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural
Episodes : 33
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Dec 19, 2018 - Jan 22, 2019
In the modern version, the two will team up to save earth from pollution and environmental dangers. Bolin is an overbearing, talented scientist who's enamored by the legends of the Fire King and Jing Tian is a journalist who butts heads with him. They eventually have to get along and work together on environmental research and publicity work. But in comes the villains wanting to steal their research for evil uses.

The King's Woman (Dilmurat Dilraba, Zhang Vin, Liu Chang) 5 DVD

Genre : Historical, Martial Arts, Melodrama, Romance
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : Zhejiang TV And Youku
Broadcast Period : Aug 14, 2017
Gong Sun Li, is the grand-daughter and disciple of military commander Gong Sun Yu. Jing Ke (first disciple) and Sun Li are childhood lovers and were forced to escape when Qin troops attacked. However, Sun Li's wall-shattering beauty seizes the interest of the Qin Emperor, Ying Zheng, and she's captured and sent to his palace. It's then that she discovers she's pregnant with Jing Ke's child. Ying Zheng treats him as if he's his own child. The tragic day arrives when Jing Ke tries to assassinate Ying Zheng.

The Legend And The Hero (Steve Ma, Fan Bing Bing, Zhou Jie) 4 DVD

Genre : Fantasy, wuxia, martial arts
Episode : 40
Broadcast network : Jilin TV
Broadcast Period : 2007-Feb start
Emperor Zhou (Steve Ma) is no longer a tyrant, and Da Ji (Fan Bingbing), not a wicked concubine. She seduces the Emperor only to fulfill her mission assigned by the heavenly god. Emperor Zhou falls in love with the gorgeous Da Ji, and he even threatens to attack her hometown in order to make her one of his concubines...

The Legend And The Hero 2 (Ruby Lin, Ray Lui, Fan Bing Bing) 7 DVD

Episode : 54
Broadcast network : TTV
Broadcast Period : 2009-Sep-14 to 2009-Oct-13
The is one of the best traditional legendary folkore story of Ancient China. A group of abled people were assembled to fight against the King who was bewitched by Demons. And so the war between the good and the evil begins. With loads of CG, battlefield scenes and an ancient Chinese magic....

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