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Rule The World (Raymond Lam,Tina Tang,Ray Cheung) 5 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 45
Broadcast Network : QQLife
Broadcast Period : Oct 30, 2017 - Dec 11, 2017
Tells of the romance between Dong Ge and Huang Tai Ji. Dong Ge is known as the most beautiful woman of Later Jin (JurChen), yet was born with the prophecy that she could either bring "prosperity or chaos" to the world.

Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace (Wallace Huo, Janine Chang, Zhou Xun) 7 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Episodes : 87
Broadcast Network : QQLive
Broadcast Period : Aug 20, 2018 - Oct 15, 2018
The road to becoming an empress is paved with treachery. Ruyi (Zhou Xun) is a consort who quickly learns to navigate the treacherous politics of the the royal court and move up the ranks.After becoming Empress, Ruyi still must survive the many conspiracies against her. Her relationship with Emperor Qianlong (Wallace Huo) becomes eroded even when Ruyi is able to overcome the challenges.Can Ruyi maintain her role as Empress under such difficult circumstances?


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