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Legend Of Chusen (Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, Yang Zi) 7 DVD

Genre: Wuxia / Fantasy
Episodes: 55
Broadcast network: QQ
Broadcast period: 2016-Jul-31 until 2016-Nov-8
No Synopsis

Legend Of Chusen 2 (Li Yi Feng, Zhao Zanilia, Yang Zi) 3 DVD

Genre : Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance, Wuxia
Episodes : 18
Broadcast Network : QQLive
Broadcast Period : Aired: Dec 8, 2016 to Jan 12, 2017
The is the sequel to the Legend of Chusen. This will conclude what was started off in season 1. We will find out the fates of main leads; Zhang Xiao Fan, Bi Yao and Lu Xue Qi.

Legend Of Fu Yao (Yang Mi, Ethan Juan, Vengo Gao) 6 DVD

Genre : Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Martial Arts, Supernatural
Episodes : 66
Broadcast Network : QQLive, ZJTV
Broadcast Period : Jun 18, 2018 - Aug 13, 2018
Meng Fu Yao, a woman born from a divine lotus petal. She journeys through the five continents towards the heavens in search of a secret order and to reveal a conspiracy originating from the heavens. In the process, she falls in love with the crown prince Zhangsun Wuji.

Legend Of The Dragon Pearls The Indistinguishable Road /Legend Of Long Zhu (Yang Zi, Qin Jun Jie, Mao Zi Jun) 9 DVD

Genre : Period, romance, comedy
Episodes : 90
Broadcast Network : Anhui TV, Beijing TV
Broadcast Period : 8 May – 27 August 2017
The story tells of the romance between the last princess of the Ming Dynasty, and Kangxi, the fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

Legend Of The Heavenly Tear/Phoenix Warriors (Zhang Xiao Long, Claudia Wang, Joe Cheng)

Genre : Historical, Drama
Episodes : 56
Broadcast Network : iQiyi iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Oct 4 2017
The story begins in the Northern Qi Kingdom. The prime minister Gu Qing Hong schemes to murder his wife Miao Qian Qian, the daughter of an aristocratic family, together with her whole family. However, the Emperor of the Southern Liang Kingdom's younger brother Xiao Feng Qing, who's actually a half-alien, rescues Qian Qian. Qian Qian from then on lives under the name Nie Wu Shuang and enters the palace of the LiangKingdom. A love triangle between Wu Shuang and the Xiao brothers ensues. But behind Wu Shuang's necklace lies a huge secret: twenty years ago, a fairy came down to earth after war on the Phoenix Star broke out and she was pursued. There she saw a little girl, Qian Qian, who was about to drown. She then gave her the "Heavenly Tear", a stone with a huge power: whoever owns it will be able to unify the country. A demon who's half-human half-machine and hides in the Qi Kingdom is after the stone.

Legend Of The Phoenix (Jeremy Jones Xu, He Hong Shan, Cao Xi Wen) 4 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 41
Broadcast Network : Tencent
Broadcast Period : May 28, 2019 - Jul 2, 2019
Set in the fictional Eastern Liang dynasty, circus performer Ye Ningzhi's (He Hongshan) troupe enters the palace and stages a performance to celebrate the empress dowager's birthday. The ambitious grand princess (emperor's sister) decides to cause mischief by framing her for treason, though the heroine is saved by strategist Wei Guang (Xu Zhengxi), and falls in love at first sight with him.When Ye Ningzhi enters the palace two years later as the empress' maid, she stands up for her fellow servants, and refuses to sacrifice her conscience in the face of power. Ye Ningzhi also works together with Wei Guang to crush the grand princess' plan to usurp the throne, and catches the eye of the emperor in the process.

Legend Of Yun Xi (Zhang Zhe Han, Ju Jing Yi, Lin Si Yi) 5 DVD

Genre : Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Medical
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : iQiyi, iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Jun 25, 2018 - Aug 15, 2018
The story follows a lady doctor (Han Yun Xi) who marries into the royal family and gets caught in the political machinations in the palace whilst she falls into a romance with her husband. The story takes place during a chaotic time when the land has split into three kingdoms - Tian Ning, Western Zhou and Northern Li. The Emperor of Tian Ning is cunning and distrustful, and fears his own subordinate Long Feiye. To dampen his spirits, the King arranges for Long Feiye to be married to an "ugly" woman named Han Yun Xi. Han Yun Xi is a kind and talented woman who comes from a medical family and is adept with poisons. She is also forced into obeying the decree of the king and becomes a royal consort in name only. However, circumstances allow her to show off her skills time and again, winning the admiration of Long Feiye. At the same time, she also forms a friendship with Gu Qishao (Master of Yao Gui Valley).

Legendary Di Ren Jie/Detective Dee (Ren Jia Lun, Kan Qing Zi, Jiao Jun Yan) 6 DVD

Genre : Action, Suspense, Adventure, Historical, Detective
Episodes : 66
Broadcast Network : Anhui TV
Broadcast Period : Aug 21, 2017
Di Ren Jie is a promising provincial government official with quick wit and a penchant for bending the rules to carry out justice. On a visit to the capital, he was asked to assist in solving the mysterious death of a court physician, which had baffled his esteemed colleagues. The case was utmost important, as well as top secret, because the alleged killer was Emperor's secret mistress, Wu Mei Niang. Unless they find the real murderer within 3 days, she was scheduled to be burned as a witch. Di Ren Jie reached out to Murong Qing, an expert in medicine and poison, to decipher what caused the physician's strange death. Their investigation led them down a path of secret weapons, hidden treasure, and imperial conspiracy. They soon realized the behind-the-scene power players had other nefarious plans beyond the execution of Wu Mei Niang.

Let's Shake It (Zheng Ye Cheng, An Yue Xi) 3 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Wuxia
Episodes: 25
Broadcast Network: Youku
Broadcast Period : Aug 7, 2017 to Sep 11, 2017
Depicts the story of Ah Bu, an alien warrior from outer space after falling onto earth and possessing the body of a young Tang Dynasty lady. Together with the Tang family's eldest son, Tang Qing Feng, they become involved with each other in the midst of the battle for imperial power.

Listening Snow Tower (Qin Jun Jie, Crystal Yuan, Han Cheng Yu) 5 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Martial Arts, Fantasy
Episodes : 56
Broadcast Network : Tencent
Broadcast Period : May 6, 2019 - Jun 13, 2019
A story that follows the master of Listening Snow Tower and the woman that he loves. He is a martial arts expert known to be a dragon among men and she is known as the blood demon's daughter.The Bai Yue Sect is a poison to mankind and the source of disaster in the pugilistic world. Bai Di, Xue Gu, and Xue Mo who are three of the most powerful martial arts experts in Wulin join hands with Xiao Shi Hui to defeat Bai Yue. Hua Lian, the sect leader of Bai Yue, makes use of a sacred bell to intrude Xue Mo's mind, thus forcing him to kill his wife with his own hands before taking his own life.Bai Di takes in Xue Mo's orphaned daughter Shu Jing Rong as his disciple. She grows up with her martial brothers Qin Lan, Qing Yu and Xue Gu's favored disciple Xiao Yi Qing who is the son of Xiao Shi Hui. When Jing Rong discovers that she is cursed with a fate that brings others misfortune, she becomes overwhelmed with guilt. Shu Jing Rong takes her father's Blood Rose Sword with her to join Listening Snow Tower. Together with the young master Xiao Yi Qing, they put up a fight against Bai Yue Sect.

L. O. R. D Critical World (Joe Cheng, Zhang Ming En, Jeffery Ji) 5 DVD

Genre : Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : : iQiyi, Netflix
Broadcast Period : May 27, 2019 - May 28, 2019
As the 7th duke, Yin Chen has the ability to wield the power of the wind, fire, water and earth. As he tries to protect his disciple Qi Ling, he uncovers an earth-shattering secret.During the 15th century B.C., the descendants of previous emperors were caught in an endless battle for the rule over Shang. Although Yang Jia succeeds in assuming the throne, the nation has become rife with internal and external turmoil. According to legends, the one who obtains the help of Chi You's descendant can rule the world. Yin Chen leads the search in hopes of ending the conflict. Qi Ling is a young man from a small village who becomes Yin Chen's disciple by chance, thus beginning his extraordinary journey.

Love And Destiny (Chang Chen, Ni Ni, Ethan Li) 6 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Supernatural
Episodes : 60
Broadcast Network : iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Jul 15, 2019 - Aug 16, 2019
A love story between the God of War and a young maiden whose very existence can bring harm to the world.Fifty thousand years ago, Jiu Chen, known as the god of war, fell into a deep slumber after sealing away the demon lord. Ling Xi accidentally wakes him from his sleep and they fall in love. It is discovered that Ling Xi was born with an evil miasma that can help the demon lord break free and allow the demon tribe to rise to power.Jiu Chen refuses to kill an innocent and tries to change Ling Xi's fate. Through the encouragement of Jiu Chen, Ling Xi who was once innocent and naive transforms into a brave leader in a fight against evil.

Love Better Than Immortality (Zhao Lu Si, Li Hong Yi, June Wu) 4 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Historical, Comedy, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network : Youku
Broadcast Period : Jul 5, 2019 - Aug 16, 2019
A woman from the future arrives at a fantasy-like universe to experience love for the first time. She goes by the name Chun Hua and falls into a complicated romance with two young men who are opposites like black and white.

Love In The Imperial Palace (Zhao Bin, Li Sha Min Zi, Liao Yanlong) 5 DVD

Genre : Costume, Historical
Episodes : 22
Broadcast Network : Tencent
Broadcast Period : December 18, 2017
The story is about the love triangle between the fourth prince, the crown prince and the number one female scholar – ShuYuan during the Qing dynasty. With the war for love is also the war for the throne. The feminist plot, the uniqueness of the characters, and the ups and downs of the events are geared towards female viewers.

Lovely Swords Girl (He Yi Qian, Yang Shi Ze, Jiang Zhen Yu) 3 DVD

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Martial Arts
Episodes : 24
Broadcast Network : iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Oct 30, 2019
Set in a fictional history rife with conflict and chaos, the story revolves around a sappy young woman who doesn't forget to laugh and chases after true love even as she gets caught in a love triangle. Through her journey, she grows into a loving person and thwarts an evil scheme in the pugilistic world.While her heart yearned for love, Sheng You meets not one but two men. On one side is Gong Yuanxiu, her foolish husband who hastily married her for her looks. He may be muddleheaded in most things but he is extremely loving and protective of Sheng You. One the other side is Aide Yushu, her childhood friend and the master of a sect. Having loved Sheng You for many years, he is willing to give up everything for her sake, even his life.In the face of two very real, unique and different kinds of love, the innocent Sheng You couldn't make sense of her feelings and finds it difficult to choose between two perfect men. Gong Yuanxiu and Aide Yushu may be rivals, but they are like brothers. Due to their closeness, they opened up to the idea that the three of them could get along!


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