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Sad Movie (Eong Woo Seong, Lim Soo Jung, Cha Tae Hyun)

Genre : Drama , Melodrama , Romance
Release Date : 2005/10/20
No Synopsis

Salut D' Amour (Park Geun Hyeong, Kim Jeong Tae, Han Ji Min)

Genre : Family
Release Date : 2015/04/09
Seong Chil (Park Geun-hyeong) the market employee and flower store granny Geum Nam (Yoon Yeo Jeong) fall in love.

Santa Barbara (Lee Sang Yoon, Yoon Jin Seo, Esom)

Genre : Drama, Romance
Release Date : 2014/07/17
A slow and warm-hearted turtle, a fast and hot-hearted rabbit. Finally they can see the finish line, but Soo Kyung disappoints Jung-woo with a mistake. Work and love instantly disappear just like bubbles. At that time, God gives them a final chance to recover. The new race is held in California, U.S.A, and there is So-Hyun, Jung Woo's sister, who can help Jung Woo. Can Jung-woo successfully to get to the final goal with Soo Kyung?

Scarlet Innocence (Jeong Woo Seong, Esom, Park So Yeong II)

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2014/10/02
A movie about a man who falls in love with Deok-i, a 20 year-old mysterious girl in a training institute where she has been demoted for sexual behavior.

School Of Youth The Corruption Of Morals (Lee Min Ho I, Bae Seul Ki, Ahn Yong-Joon)

Genre : Comedy, Historical, Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2014/03/27
Troublemakers Mok-won, Ryu and Hak-moon are far from passing the state examinations. Three female students enter the school during a new spring term and the atmosphere changes. Then one day, Mok-won and Ryu are taken to around the back of the school and molested by an unknown woman.The three of them start an investigation.They start suspecting the three female students and start searching for the real criminal...

Sea Fog (Kim Yoon Seok, Park Yoo Chun, Han Ye Ri)

Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Release Date : 2014/08/13
Based on an original play, this movie is about a crew on a smuggler ship out in the endless ocean.Based on true events, the story is about a large 69-ton fishing boat's crew as they attempt to smuggle in illegal migrants in order to keep their fishing jobs. But their plan goes wrong when they meet a tragic accident while transporting the thirty or so illegal migrants on the ship amid a heavy sea fog. And amid the chaos, the youngest crew Dong-sik tries to protect a young female migrant who he falls in love with against the crazed Captain Kang and other crew members.

Secret Atelier (Joo Hye Ri, Song Jeong Eun, Baek Ma Ri)

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2013/12/11
One day in the past when it was raining, the two had to love in secret due to the opposition around them. They were secretive but still happier than anyone else. However, several obstacles parted them and they worry they might forget each other. Years pass and they meet as customer and gisaeng. They don't recognize each other right away but feel attracted to each other in some way…

Secret Love (Yu Ji Tae, Yun Ji Seo)

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2010/03/25
Two months after their wedding, Yeon-i's (Yoon Jin-seo) husband Jin-wu (Yoo Ji-tae) gets into an accident and falls into a coma. One day, Jin-woo's identical twin brother Jin-ho (also played by Yoo) returns to Korea, and his striking resemblance to Ji-wu surprises Yeon-i. The two feel attracted to each other, but Yeon-i soon finds herself torn between the brothers when Jin-wu miraculously wakes up from the coma.

Secret Tutoring (Yoon Sang Doo, Ye Rin, Dong- Hyeok)

Genre : Erotic, Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2014/02/13
Jeong-soo is far from getting his grades up after he breaks up with his girlfriend so his father gets him a tutor (Yoo-jin).Jeong-soo thinks Yoo-jin is just one of his father's many women and she approaches him with kindness.Jeong-soo wasn't good at ordinary love and starts getting special lessons from Yoo-jin.As they get closer, he feels something lingering in his heart...

Secretly And Greatly (Kim Soo-Hyeon I, Park Ki-Woong, Lee Hyun Woo)

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama
Release Date: 2013/06/05
As a North Korean sleeper cell agent, Ryu-han infiltrates the South and assumes the role of a village idiot in a rural town. He observes the townsfolk and waits patiently for his mission. One day, after 2 years of playing the role of the village idiot, fellow elite spies Hae-rang, posed as a rock star and Hae-jin, posed as an ordinary student, are dispatched to the same town as Ryu-han. He helps the other two spies settle in and teach them how to adjust in the South. There is a sudden drastic political power shift in the North and all three spies receive an urgent mission: commit suicide.

Sector 7 (Ha Ji Won,Oh Ji Hoo)

Genre : Action, Adventure ,Science-Fiction ,Thriller
Release Date : 2011/08/04
No Synopsis

Seducing Mr Perfect (Uhm Jung Hwa, Daniel Henney)

Genre : Comedy , Romantic comedy ,Romance
Release Date : 2006/12/07
Min-joon, an absolute believer in true love, dedicates herself to the men she dates, but each time it results in a painful breakup. Today, she's going through the most disastrous heartbreak ever – being dumped on her birthday! The confident professional Min-joon can be so clueless when it comes to love. Distracted from this unpleasant surprise, she bumps into an exotic foreign car. A very handsome young man steps out of the car angrily.

Seondal The Man Who Sells The River (Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Jae Hyeon, Ko Chang Seok)

Genre : Comedy, Historical
Release Date : 2016/07/06
A movie from the ancient novel of satire and humor about Kim Seon-dal who sold off the River Daedong.

Seven Years Of Night (Ryu Seung Ryong, Jang Dong Gun, Song Sae Byeok)

Genre : Drama, Thriller
Release Date : 2018/03/28
Based on the original by Jeong You Jeong, a man plans revenge on the man and son who killed his daughter.

Sex Is Zero (Ha Ji Won, Lim Chang Jung)

Genre :Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2002/12/12
No Synopsis

Sex Is Zero 2 (Im Chang Jeong, Song Ji Hyo, Choi Seong Gook)

Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 2007/12/12
'Veteran' student Eun-sik and prom queen, swimming champ Kyung-ah are a notorious couple at the campus. While their relationship has been solid for three years, Eun-sik struggles to proceed to the 'next step' with Kyung-ah, and despite the help and support of his friends, does not manage to get her into bed. Making things worse is Ki-ju, a current prosecuting attorney and Kyung-ah's old boyfriend, who keeps interfering with the couple. Eun-sik fears that Kyung-ah will turn her back on him and is determined to get her back...

Sex Is Zero 3 (Kim Hwa Yeon, Ji Eun Seo, Park Cho Hyeon)

Genre : Adult, Romance
Release Date : November 26, 2015
Ho-kyeong, Joo-yeong and Yeon-hee are students of an American university who are all pretty and sexy. They either know too much or know too little so they decide to find men who can satisfy them. A lean man who was a former nude model, a younger man who has perfect techniques and a man who thinks very highly of women; these guys start the project!

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