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Queen Of The Night (Cheon Jeong Myeong, Kim Min- Jeong, Kim Gi Bang)

Genre : Drama, Romantic, Comedy
Release date in South Korea : 2013/10/17
A romantic comedy about a timid husband named Yeong-soo discovering the past of his beautiful and perfect wife Hee Joo.

Quick (Lee Min Ki,Kang Hye Won)

Genre: Action,Comedy,Thriller
Release Date : 2011/07/20
A former motorcycle gang member, Ki-su, makes a living as a bike messenger. One day he witnesses the building blow up. Never suspecting he could have anything to do with the bomb, he moves onto his next job―which is escorting a girl group singer, A-rom, an ex-girlfriend from his biker days. As she puts a proffered helmet on her head, a timer mechanism is triggered and a countdown clock appears. Ki-su gets a call from a stranger telling him to make a series of deliveries within a fixed time limit. When Ki-su completes deliveries, each turns out to be a bomb.

Rampant (Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Jo Woo Jin)

Genre : Action, Historical, Fear
Release Date : 2018/10/25
"Rampant" is a period zombie movie in which Yi Cheong (Hyun Bin) struggles to save the Joseon from evil that appears only at night.

Real (Kim Soo Hyun, Sulli, Jo Woo Jin)

Genre : Action, Film, Noir
Release Date : 2017/06/28
About a shady character who is one day confronted by an investigative reporter.

Red Carpet (Yoon Kye Sang, Ko Joon Hee, Oh Jeong Se)

Genre : Comedy, Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2014/10/23
A porn movie director of 10 years and a kid actress from 20 years ago go through a romance with many errors.

Red Vacance Black Wedding (Ahn Ji-Hye, Lee Jin-Joo, Oh In-Hye)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2011/12/08
The well thought out vacation plans of an immoral couple is ruined when the husband's wife joins in. It is truly a damned vacation([Red Vacance], Kim Tae-sik). As a professor, he officiated the wedding of his lover and student. That night, she does not go to her honeymoon, but visits him([Black Wedding], Park Chul-soo). The movie is structured in an experimental manner, mixing fiction and documentary, but the simple and frank straightforwardness in the performances is unexpectedly refreshing. The impassioned performance of the forever supporting actor Jo Sun-mook, who this time plays the role of the man in both episodes, is worthy of a 'rediscovery'.

Red Vacance 2 Black Wedding (Moon Ji Yeong-I, Kim Jae-Rok, Yu Ann)

Genre : Thriller
Release Date : 2013/11/28
Hong-chae has never been in a relationship before and she's tired of the man who has been coming into her flower shop everyday for the past 2 years. She's scared of Jeom-dong who shows obsession and one day tells him that she's got a fiance so to stop coming through her co-worker Hae-wook. Jeom-dong stabs her and runs away. A year later, Hong-chae was living a normal life, without a thought about Jeom-dong when she meets him again. This time, he approaches her through her childish mother, Seon-ae, as her boyfriend. He starts showing crazy love towards them, desperate and violent...

Resolve (Choo Seon, Kim Ji Ah, Seo Jeong Hyeon)

Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2014/08/06
The beginning of love and enjoyment for a hopeless couple!Having been hurt in the past, Mi-yeon has no interest in true love and only wants a physical relationship. This hurts the Cheol-jin, the man who loves her. He's an employee at Mi-yeon's company and tries to give her everything. And then there's Boh-ra's boyfriend Jung-min. Mi-yeon, Cheol-jin, Boh-ra, and Jung-min are four men and women whose intertwined relationships eventually makes wishes come true for Mi-yeon and Jung-min, as well as Boh-ra and Cheol-jin...

Revivre (Ahn Seong Gi, Kim Gyoo Ri I, Kim Ho Jeong)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2015/04/09
"Revivre" is about a middle aged man who is stuck between his dying wife and a younger woman he loves. It is based on a novel written by Kim Hoon which is also the Grand Prize winner of the 28th Top Literature Awards.Vice President Oh is highly respected at his cosmetics company and is a faithful family man. One day, he finds out that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer and later spends every night on the hospital's extra bed to keep her company after her surgery. Although he is weary from taking care of his wife, he does not show it at work. However, a new female employee, Choo Eun-joo, starts Oh's mind stirring. Oh dreams of escaping his tedious and suffocating reality with Eun-joo. While in reallife he has to go to the hospital and change his wife's diaper after work, Eun-Joo's existence itself feels like a delight compared to his pitiful existence. Director Im Kwon-taek has directed several films that keenly look into human instinct, and Revivre is another one of them. The will to live, sexual instincts, the light and the darkness of life and fear and desperation about death are illustrated on the screen among other contradictory values, delivering the great director's wisdom and understanding.

Right Now, Wrong Then (Jeong Jae Yeong, Kim Min Hee, Yoon Yeo Jeong)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2015/09/24
An arthouse film director and an aspiring painter meet and spend the same day together, twice.

Robot Sori (Lee Sung Min, Lee He Jon, Lee Ha Nui)

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
Release Date : January 27, 2016
A movie about an AI robot that crash landed in Korea and a father who looks for his missing daughter with the robot.

Role Play (Lee Dong-Gyoo, Kim Jin-Seon, Han Ha-yoo)

Genre : Erotic, Melodrama, Romance, Thriller
Release Date : 2012/12/06
Best selling writer Jeong-ho attempts at a fatal role play for a passionate new novel. Ji-soo, a famous university professor can't help but suspect her husband as she is full of jelaousy and Hye-in a provocative and attractive university student who jumps into the unstable life of this couple.Jeong-ho feels she looks just like his first love and considers her a muse to writing a new novel through the role play. His wife gets jealous when she sees his novel and has sudden intercourse with him as if she is aware of Hye-in...

Romantic Heaven (Kim Soo Ro, Kim Dong Wuk, Kim Ji Won)

Genre : Comedy, Omnibus
Release Date : 2011/03/24
An omnibus human comedy about people who die and must part with the world, including a taxi driver who goes to heaven during an important part of his life.

Romantic Island (Lee Min Kin, Yoo Jin)

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Release Date : 2008/12/24
Soo-jin, an office clerk, is now more comfortable to make coffees for people than working as a manager. Jae-hyuk, a CEO of venture capital, hit life is not unstable because of the international telephone call from Manila. Jung-hwan graduated from a big-name school but does not have a job for the last five years. He maintains his daily life by doing a part time job at the convenience store Ga-young, a singing star, is already exhausted because of full schedule. Everybody thinks that star, Ga-young will have happy life but now she is tired of it. Everyone rushes out of the plane and scatter to different places according to their schedules. However, their destinies begin to tangle and entangle again like Alice in Wonderland, who chased the rabbit with the wall clock. The fantastic experiences are everywhere in the beautiful recreation resorts in Philippine. Now they will face the greatest reversal of the situation at the dream island 'Boracay'….

Room No. 7 (Shin Ha Kyun, Doh Kyung Soo, Kim Dong Young)

Genre : Comedy, Thriller
Release Date : 2017/11/15
"Room No.7" is a mystery thriller about what happens when a dead body is found in Room 7 of a DVD store.

Rough Play/Actors Are Actors (Lee Joon, Seo Yeong Hee, Kang Shin Hyo)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2013/10/24
A movie about a popular actor who falls to the ground once again.

Running Man (Lee Min Ho, Kim Sang Ho, Jo Eun Ji)

Genre : Action, Comedy, Thriller
Release Date : 2013/04/04
A movie about a man named Jong-woo (Sin Ha-gyoon) who is coincidentally involved in a murder case.

Running Turtle (Kim Yoon Seok, Jeong Kyeong Ho, Kyeon Miri)

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Release Date : 2009/06/11
Phil-sung is a lazy countryside detective. He is suspended from office due to his mistakes during examination process. Ki-tae is a legendary prison breaker and continues his merciless killing rampage. Phil-sung accidentally runs into Ki-tae but he is much too slow to catch the killer. He's fired due to this error and now he makes it his personal mission to bring in Ki-tae at all costs.

Runway Cop (Kang Ji Hwan,Sung Yu Ri)

Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 2012/05/30
All he has is smell and a D-line body but is devoted in catching the bad guys. Detective Cha (Kang Ji-hwan) takes the cover of a model on a runway to solve a case.

RV : Resurrected Victims (Kim Rae Won, Kim Hae Sook, Sung Dong Il)

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2017/10/12
A mystery thriller about a mother who comes back to life seven years after her death to avenge her murder. Fall into this world where an unjust murder goes punished.


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