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Jackal Is Coming (Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jae Joong)

Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 2012/11/15
Legendary female killer Jackal kidnaps the greatest top star there is.

Janus Two Faces Of Desire (Oh In Hye, Lee Eun Mi, Chris Jo)

Genre : Melodrama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Release Date : 2014/08/14
Department of Dance student Da-Hee (Oh In-Hye) is a born solo who has never had a boyfriend before. However, she has nightmares every night. She dreams about violent sex every night. What she would never ever imagine even in her dreams is bothering her in reality and she cannot share this with anyone. In addition, the new performance projector is her long-time crush, professor and Woo-Kyeong's husband Gong-woo (Chris Jo) and it's making her suffer. In the end, Da-Hee goes through therapy and finds out she's suffering from a trauma she's had when she was a kid. Then she stumbles upon Myeong-Joong, a Tantra yoga instructor online...

Jenny Juno (Park Min Ji, Kim Hye Seong)

Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 2005/02/18
No Synopsis

Jeon Woo Chi The Taoist Wizard (Kang Dong Won, Kim Yoon Seok, Im Su Jeong)

Genre : Action, Comedy
Release Date : 2009/12/23
500 Years Ago in the Chosun Dynasty. The Pipe of the prophecy has fallen into the evil hands of the goblins, propelling the world into a whirlwind of disorder. The ancient Taoist wizards turn to the greatest ascetics of their time, the Master and Hwadam (Kim Yoon-seok) for help in vanquishing the goblins and trust each wizard with one half of the Pipe. Meanwhile, the Master's rascal student Woochi (Kang Dong-won) tricks the king with the art of transformation and creates a fiasco, which makes the three Taoist wizards and Hwadam visit the Master. But the Master has been murdered and his half of the Pipe is missing! By taking his master's pipe out to the market streets, Woochi has been pushed into a corner, ultimately getting sealed into a painting along with his trusty dog, Chorangyi (Yoo Hae-jin).

Jiseul (Lee Kyeong Joon, Hong Sang Pyo, Yang Jeong Won)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2013/03/21
In 1948, as the government issued the communists' eviction to the Jeju Island, the military invaded a calm and peaceful village. Running away from the military, the townsfolk get into the cave. They try to hide to survive but there seems no hope like the dark cave. As time goes by, people are suffering from severe cold and hunger staying in the cave.One day, it still seems nothing changed. And a man who worries about his pigs at home, is trying to get back home to feed them but the rest strictly stop him. With nothing but frustration, people start fall apart debating if they should move to the higher mountain or just stay in the cave.

Joomoonjin (Hwang Bo Ra, Kim Ki Boem, Park Ha Seon, Jo Sang Gi)

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2010/01/21
In an old pension house, a ghost (Kim Ki-beom) wanders around waiting for his dead lover. One day, a curious girl Jini (Hwang Bo-ra) decides to reopen the pension and meets the ghost. As Jini slowly falls in love, she tries to help the ghost let go of his old lover.

Jungle Fish 2 The Movie (Jong Hyeon, Ji Yeon, Lee Joon)

Genre : Drama, Mystery
Release Date : 2011/03/03
A female student who always took first place at a prestigious girls' high school meets a sudden mysterious death. Those friends who were close to her chase after the cause of her death and as the six main characters with different personalities and backgrounds unravel her death, one by one surface the daily problems and reality of these teenagers.

Just Friends (Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Yeong Hoon, Choi Jae Hwan)

Release Date : 2012/05/03
Unemployed Jae-wook is dumped by his girlfriend without notice. He was a burden for Se-mi who was at the age of having to think about marriage and her future and he
wasn't disqualified for it. Jae-wook is shocked and wanders around still jobless in he house of Joon-ho who is currently dating Hye-jeong who is 4 years older. Jae-wook
meets Eun-ji at a indie band performance and his life changes as strange feelings begin to develop between them.

Kundo Age Of The Rampant (Ha Jeong-Woo, Kang Dong-Won, Lee Kyeong-Yeong)

Genre : Action
Release Date : 2014/07/23
The year is 1859, feudal loseon is plagued with numerous natural disasters, poor harvest, poverty. hunger and death. But the rich nobles are only concerned with their own wealth and continue to exploit and persecute the poor. In this dark period, KUNDO was a single shred of hope for the poor, an entity which can be the subject of fear to unjust nobles. After killing poor butcher Dolmuchi's mother and sister, millionaire Jo-yoon commands absolute power over him. Clouded by vengeance, Dolmuchi is accepted as a member of KUNDO. and unsheathes his sword for the weak.


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