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Gabi (Park Hee Soon, Kim So Yeon, Joo Jin Mo)

Genre : Drama,Mystery
Release Date : 2012/03/15
Toward the end of the 19th century, King Gojong (Park Hee-soon) of Korea's Joseon Dynasty briefly sought refuge at the Russian consulate under the threat of foreign invasion. Here he fell in love with a drink that had yet to gain popularity in his homeland: coffee. Returning to the throne, he hires the beautiful Tanya (Kim So-yeon) as his personal barista. Tanya becomes involved in a dangerous social circle that involves not only the Russian sniper Ilyich (Joo Jin-mo) but also the mysterious socialite known as both BAE Jeong-ja and Sadako (Yoo Seon).With her intimate connection to the King, making a drink that could easily conceal poison, Tanya must decide if shewill become a pawn in the political battlefield of late 19th century Korea.

Gangnam Blues (Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won)

Genre : Action, Drama
Release Date : 2015/01/21
A noir movie based in the 1970's. A story of political authority and collusion is drawn with intensity when the Gangnam real estate development started.

Ghost In Your Arms Again (Song Seung Heon, Nanako Matsushima)

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance, Thriller
Release Date : 2010/11/25
Nanami is a successful CEO and Joon-ho is a potter who went to Tokyo to learn pottery. They become a couple after many troubles but Nanami dies due to an accident. Nanami hangs around Joon-ho even after her death because she couldn't leave her loved one and then she eventually finds out the truth about her death.

Ghost Over Flowers (Ahn Jae Min, Maeng Seung Ji, Kim Sung Eun)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2015/01/15
Yeong-woong quits his major firm job and joins a private loan company to look for his girlfriend who disappeared because of her debts. He meets debtor Hong Doo-moon who is a former gangster turned shaman and buys a house by the river with loan money. During his asceticism, many ghosts come by asking him to fulfill their wishes but he only chooses to help the unmarried ghost. Hong Doo-moon's main business is to recover a married couple's relationship through sex therapy. Ghosts enter the wife's body and lets her learn new techniques but takes her to the Angel of Death in return. Hong Doo-moon pays back all his loans thanks to Yeong-woong and agrees to help his girlfriend...

Girlfriends (Han Chae Young, Kan Hye Jeong, Bae Soo Bin, Heo I Jae)

Genre : Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2009/12/17
Song-i (Kang Hye-jeong) starts dating her handsome co-worker Jin-ho (Bae Su-bin). But when she suspects Jin-ho might be cheating on her, she sets out to meet the ``other woman,'' only to learn that he has not one, but two, other ``girlfriends'': Jin (Han Chae-young), Jin-ho's first love, is a sexy and successful party planner, while Bo-ra (Heo I-jae), is a fearless, young college student. Strangely enough, Song-i finds that their similar taste in men to be the basis for a great friendship.

Girls, Girls, Girls (Sin Joo-Ah, Koo Ji-Sung, Yoon Chae-I)

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance
Release Date : 2014/04/10
Yeong-Jae (Sin Joo-Ah), Ha-Eun (Koo Ji-Sung) and Chun-Hee (Yoon Chae-I) have been friends for 15 years since high school.Yeon-Jae is the youngest of a fine hotel owner and she aims to sleep with 1203 men throughout her life. On the other hand, Chun-Hee is an old-school minded high school teacher who has never had sex before in her thirty-something life.Wedding planner Ha-Eun was in love with one man for 10 years but recently experienced the pain of losing both her man and work.Then one day, to celebrate their 10th year majority, they have a party of their own in room 1203 of Yeon-Jae's hotel.They say the house breaks down if three girls get together.Just turning thirty, the 3 girls' talk goes overboard, going further than adult rated. Soon, they start poking at each other's nerves and end up making a bet; they have to meet a man and spend a hot night with him.They target the hotel bellboy Hyeon-Soo (Lee Yeong-Hoon) who looks just like the guy at school all three of them used to like.To prove their night with him, they must collect a sample of their semen. Who is going to spend the hot night with him? Who slept with the hotel bellboy?

Glass Bandage (Park Sang Myeon, Lee Hye In, Yoon Yoo Seon)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2013/06/26
In a girls' high school classroom, a father, Seo Kyung Do, speaks to the class. He entertains the class and earns their praise. However, a student, Lee Sun Woo, watches anxiously. She looks nervous and uneasy. The class was going well, but because of Kyung Do's mistake, everything goes downhill and his true identity is revealed. He was hired by Sun Woo to play her dad at her class' Parents Day because she had lost contact with her father after her parents' divorce. Tension forms between these two over $200. Sun Woo lives with other runaway teens, calling themselves "a fam," sharing each other's pain and living as a family. Because cash is precious, she can't forget the $200 she couldn't get back from Kyung Do. She uses a fake I.D. that a fam member made her, to get a job as a fill-in singer at a live cafe. And thus, her revenge on Kyung Do begins. Kyung Do offers Sun Woo a job more befitting her age, and she asks for a "teenage girl's room" that anyone would envy. The two switch places as employer-employee and cease fighting for the time being. Thereafter, Sun Woo advises Kyung Do on what's popular with teenage girls. As they grow closer, Sun Woo finds out that Kyung Do's daughter isn't studying abroad, but was hospitalized after an accident, and Kyung Do's pain is brought to the surface. Meanwhile, when one of the fam members steals the others' valuables and runs away, Sun Woo takes the blame for it and takes a path of derailment. Around the same time, Kyung Do hears that there isn't much hope for his daughter and begins to lose hope as well...

Gone With The Wind (Cha Tae Hyeon, Oh Ji Ho)

Genre : Comedy,Historical
Release Date : 2012/08/08
The Chosun version of "Ocean's Eleven" about thieves wiping out an ice storehouse during the plots for authority that took 3 years to produce.

Gongsajoong (Sung Eun,La Risa, Choi Han Bit)

Genre : Comedy, Romance
Release Date : 8 April 2015
Minchan working in hoseuteuba happened just like they know the facts and tycoon and friend 3 years Kyung Jun Ki,Bongsu and putting together the coolest room Salon squeeze the mission to hit a fraud Madame Kim.

Good Friends (Yeon Jeong-hoon, Lee Ji-hoon, Kazuki Kitamura)

Release Date : 2013/03/28
A movie about upcoming Korean youth including K (Yeon Jeong-hoon) who flies to Japan from the States after a fall out with his father, Tatsuya (Kazuki Kitamura) and Jun-oh (Lee Ji-hoon) -- they conflict with the Japanese Yakuza.

Good Sister In Law (Viki, Lee Seung Chae, Kang Seong Pil)

Genre : Drama, Romance
Release Date : 19 September 2015
A man in love with his sister-in-law can't stop fantasizing about her.Ha-yeong (Viki) is a successful psychologist. One day she gets a secretive request from her sister Ha-joo (Lee Seung-chae). Apparently Ha-joo's husband Woo-seong (Kang Seong-pil) is refusing to have sex. Ha-yeong agrees to be their couple therapist but finds out that her brother-in-law actually has sexual desires for her and not her sister...

Granny's Got Talent (Kim Soo Mi, Jeong Man Sik, Kim Jeong Tae)

Genre : Family
Release Date : 2015/03/05
A family story about a granny who participates in a national cussing battle audition.

Green Chair Love Conceptually (Jin Hye Kyeong, Kim Do Seong)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2013/10/31
Moon-hee is an attractive woman who runs an art academy after returning from the States. She lives apart from her husband who won't divorce her and enjoys a free relationship with In-gyu, her lover of long time and Professor Yoon whom she's been privately involved with for a long time.On the other hand, her young student Joo Won only draws her face during class. He fell in love with her when he saw Moon-hee as a bride at the wedding his grandma took him too. He started art because of her and started attending the academy. He thinks it's destiny. Moon-hee is attracted to Joo Won's pure heart until they share love in in a studio where it's just them....


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