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Gabi (Park Hee Soon, Kim So Yeon, Joo Jin Mo)

Genre : Drama,Mystery
Release Date : 2012/03/15
Toward the end of the 19th century, King Gojong (Park Hee-soon) of Korea's Joseon Dynasty briefly sought refuge at the Russian consulate under the threat of foreign invasion. Here he fell in love with a drink that had yet to gain popularity in his homeland: coffee. Returning to the throne, he hires the beautiful Tanya (Kim So-yeon) as his personal barista. Tanya becomes involved in a dangerous social circle that involves not only the Russian sniper Ilyich (Joo Jin-mo) but also the mysterious socialite known as both BAE Jeong-ja and Sadako (Yoo Seon).With her intimate connection to the King, making a drink that could easily conceal poison, Tanya must decide if shewill become a pawn in the political battlefield of late 19th century Korea.

Gangnam Blues (Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won)

Genre : Action, Drama
Release Date : 2015/01/21
A noir movie based in the 1970's. A story of political authority and collusion is drawn with intensity when the Gangnam real estate development started.

Gate (Jung Ryeo Won, Im Chang Jung, Lee Kyung-Young)

Genre : Comedy, Crime
Release Date : 2018/02/28
An elite prosecutor who is in the middle of investigating corruption, gets into an accident and loses his memory. After that, he goes through a series of events along with a few others around him.

Ghost In Your Arms Again (Song Seung Heon, Nanako Matsushima)

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance, Thriller
Release Date : 2010/11/25
Nanami is a successful CEO and Joon-ho is a potter who went to Tokyo to learn pottery. They become a couple after many troubles but Nanami dies due to an accident. Nanami hangs around Joon-ho even after her death because she couldn't leave her loved one and then she eventually finds out the truth about her death.

Golden Slumber (Gang Dong Won, Kim Eui Sung, Han Hyo Joo)

Genre : Thriller
Release Date : 2018/02/14
An original story by Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka about an ordinary man who is hunted after being discovered as an assassin.

Gone With The Wind (Cha Tae Hyeon, Oh Ji Ho)

Genre : Comedy,Historical
Release Date : 2012/08/08
The Chosun version of "Ocean's Eleven" about thieves wiping out an ice storehouse during the plots for authority that took 3 years to produce.


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