Lepas Korea (F)

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Fabricated City (Ji Chang Wook, Sim Eun Kyeong, Ahn Jae Hong)

Genre : Action, Crime
Release Date : 2017/02/09
Kwon Yoo is framed for murder and his life is turned upsisde down. He faces the reality of manipulation.

Fashion King (Joo Won, Choi Seol-ri, Ahn Jae-hyeon)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 6 November 2014
Based on a web-toon, a boy decides to become the coolest guy around school to get the attention of the prettiest girl in his classroom.

Feng Shui (Cho Seung Woo, Moon Chae Won, Ji Sung)

Genre : Historical
Release Date : 2018/09/19
A period movie about those who struggle to become king and fight over grave sites and a young man who lost his parents attempting to take revenge on the king.

Finding Mr Destiny (Gong Yoo, Im Soo Jung, Jun Soo Kyung)

Genre : Comedy ,Romantic Comedy ,Melodrama ,Romance
Release Date : 2010/12/08
Han Ki-joon, the man with 2:8 ratio parted hair, slim body and inflexible character who always look before he leap, got fired from his company, mainly due to his 0% flexibility. He accidently finds a clever founding item, which is a job which finds people's first loves. He opens 'First Love Office' only with passion toward people's move.Suh Ji-woo, was proposed by her present boyfriend. But even her father, her only parent who leaves everyday with hope of his daughter's marriage, she refuges her boyfriend's proposal. Inside of her they is a person named 'Kim Jong-wook' who she can never forget.She eventually forced to visit Ki-joon's office by his father, and decide to find her first love, who she has barely has a memory left.

Five Senses Of Eros (Jang Hyuk, Cha Hyeon Jeon, Kim Su Ro, Kim Kang Woo)

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2009/07/09
An 18 year-old girl In-hwa lives on her own in Pusan. nobody except her closest friend Sang-mi knows about her pregnancy and she persuades In-hwa to send the baby for adoption. In-hwa reluctantly signs and leaves her baby behind. As time goes by her yearning for the baby gets bigger and she visits the adoption center to ask if she can have the baby back. the staff coldly refuses her request saying the baby can be better off with new parents. All she got is the address of the baby's new family in France and she takes a trip abroad.

Fly Daddy Fly (Lee Joon Ki, Lee Mun Shik)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2006/08/03
An ordinary businessman in his forties, JANG Ga-pil returns home one day to find his daughter sexually molested by some schoolboys, including school boxing star KANG Tae-wook. Realizing that he has no background and money to fight back, he plans to stab KANG on the way to school. This fails miserably, but another student named GO Seung-suk agrees to teach Ga-pil to fight – in only 45 days.

Fly High (Jeong Ae Ri, Jeong Han Yong)

Genre : Melodrama, Drama
Release Date : 2006/08/17
It's school festival day and Min-hyuk is busy dancing and singing. However, it is not the stage but a toilet that binds his destiny. He is bewitched by a daring high school girl, Mi-hyun, who comes into the men's room because the women's room is full. From that day on, Min-hyuk woos her, escorts her home at night, stuffs her locker with roses, and clears passages for her in the morning after a snow fall. For all his efforts, he doesn't get much more than a tender glance from Mi-hyun. When she suddenly vanishes "sorry" are the only words she leaves behind.

Fly Up (Kim Boem, Kim Byeol, Bae Soo Bin, Lee Chae Young, Kim Jin Woo)

No Synopsis

Friend The Great Legacy (Yoo Oh Seong, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Woo Bin)

Genre : Action
Release Date : 2013/11/14
A sequel to Kwak Kyeong-taek's "Friend" in 2001, "Friends 2" is about three men who are gangsters based in the background of the year 1963 and 2010.

Friends (Won Bin, Kyoko Fukada)

Genre : Drama
Release Year : 2002
Tomoko, a Japanese tourist, and Ji-Hoon, a South Korean film student, meet in Hong Kong. Despite a rocky meeting and their language barrier, they become good friends. In time, they eventually head back to their respective country but only after exchanging email addresses – promising to keep in touch and eventually be together again. But with fate pushing them to see each other again Tomoko decided to go to South Korea to met Ji-hoon again but some problems occurred.


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