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Dad For Rent (Kim Sang Kyeong, Moon Jeong Hee, Chae Jeong An)

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family
Release Date : 2014/11/20
The story starts with Chae Ah Yeong, who came up with an idea of a rental business of her own father. On the day of her school garage sale, Ah Yeong presents her father Taeman Chae, claiming that he is her useful item which is not in use, and JT, who craves for a father figure in his life, takes the offer and rents Taeman. Since then, Ah-yeong's puts an advertisement on a website and Taeman's father rental business expands making it official. However, out of shame, Taeman carries on his business without letting his wife, Jisu know about it. Taeman plays an excellent father figure for others who pay for the service, while neglecting his real family due to his busy schedule.Meanwhile, Jisu suspects Taeman's double life and figures he is having an affair with JT's mother, thus making their marriage fall apart. Realizing the crisis upon her family, Ah Yeong pays all her savings to rent her own father, Taeman. Taeman and Jisu realizes they have not paid enough attention to their daughter and reclaims their family value once and for all.

Daddy Long Legs (Ha Ji Won, Hyeon Bin)

Genre : Romance
Release Date : 2005/01/13
After her parents' death, 'Daddy Long Legs' helps and cares for her from a distance. Living bright and cheerfully in hard conditions, she fulfills her dream of becoming a writer for the radio. There at the radio station, she falls in love with Jun-ho. One day, Young-mi finds an E-mail in the computer that the last owner had left. And through the E-mail she reads a heart-breaking love story that was to be kept as a secret. Like her 'Daddy Long Legs' she decides to help the sad lover and broadcast it on the air...

Daddy You, Daugther Me (Yoon Je Moon, Jung So Min, Lee Il Hwa)

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2017/04/12
Movie 'Dad is Daughter' will depict a special story about a father and daughter in a lot of troubles. Father and daughter will recover love and trust for each other by looking into each other's personal life as well as inner thoughts.

Dark Figure Of Crime (Kim Yun Seok, Joo Ji Hoon, Moon Jung He)

Genre : Drama, Thriller
Release Date : 2018/10/03
A criminal thriller about the fierce psychological confrontation between a detective and a killer who confessed to multiple murders.

Default (Kim Hye Soo, Yoo Ah In, Heo Joon Ho)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2018/11/28
"Default" is about the untold story of the IMF negotiations during the foreign exchange crisis.

Dejavu (Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Chun Hee, Lee Kyu Han)

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2018/05/30
This debut thriller for director Go Kyung-min revolves around a young woman who witnesses a hit-and run and is now going through treatment for a nervous breakdown. The boundary between reality and fantasy blurs, which leads to mysterious happenings.

Detective In 40 Minutes/4th Period Of Mystery (Park Cheol Min, Yu Seung Ho)

Genre : Thriller
Release Date : 2009/08/12
During fourth period, high schooler Da-jeong finds his classmate Tae-gyu dead in a classroom and Jeong-hun standing in front of him with blood on his clothes. In order to stop Jeong-hun from becoming the prime suspect, Da-jeong must help him find the real murderer, who is still inside the school building, under 40 minutes before period four ends.

Detective K Secret Of The Living Dead (Kim Ji Won, Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min)

Genre : Adventure, Historical
Release Date : 2018/02/08
Kim Min (Kim Myung Min), Seo Pil (Oh Dal-soo) and a woman without her memory (Kim Ji Won) get together to solve a serial murder.

Detective K Secret Of The Lost Island (Kim Myung Min, Oh Dal Su, Lee Yeon Hee)

Genre : Period Comedy Adventure
Release Date : 11 February 2015
Set in Joseon in the year 1795, nobleman, inventor and master sleuth Kim Min and his sidekick Seo-pil investigate a silver counterfeiting ring, which may be linked to the disappearance of hundreds of girls.

Detective K Secret Of Virtous Widow (Kim Myeong Min, Oh Dal Soo, Han Ji Min)

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Historical, Mystery
Release Date : 2011/01/27
Detective K tells about the adventures of Joseon's top detective (Kim Myeong-Min) as he investigates, as ordered by the King, a series of mysterious murders that is plaguing the country. During his secret mission, he meets Han Seo Pil (Oh Dal Soo) who eventually becomes his sidekick, and Han Gaek Ju (Han Ji Min), an influential business woman who is a key figure in the case. As they dig deeper into the mystery, they uncover disturbing secrets that link the murders to a massive conspiracy that will shake the whole nation of Joseon.

Don't Forget Me (Jeong Woo Seong, Kim Ha Neul, Bae Seong Woo)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2016/01/07
In the middle of the night, a man reports a missing person to the police office... himself. He has lost his memory. He can only remember from the moment he found himself left alone in an apartment. He tries to find any clue as to who he might be, but nothing comes out. When he plucks up the courage to go out, he meets a girl at a convenience store, who he thinks might know him. Instantly she becomes his only hope and joy, but when he returns, she has disappeared. Then his attempt to find someone who remembers him becomes greater than his need for his own memories, transforming into a quest to reconnect with a lost love.

Door Lock (Kim Ye Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Sung Oh)

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2018/12/05
A mystery-thriller about the horrors faced by women.

Doremifasolasido (Jang Geun Seok, Cha Ye Ryeon)

Genre : Drama,Romance
Release Date : 2008/04/03
No Synopsis

Eclipse (Choi Tae Joon, Kim Shi Hoo, Moon Ga Yeong)

Genre : Crime, Thriller
Release Date : 2016/03/30
Yoon-jae moves to a new high school and starts hanging out with Se-joon, a mysterious student.This movie will bring out cold sweats as tension never ends in the typical life of a high school student.

Empire Of Lust/The Age of Innocence (Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Hyuk, Kang Han Na)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : March 5, 2015
The love and betrayal, loyalty and revenge, amongst the first prince's hardships during the confusion of the establishment of the Joseon, after the fall of Koryeo.

Enemies In Law (Jin Se Yeon, Hong Jong Hyeon, Sin Jeong Geun)

Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 2015/04/30
A detective father is about to retire. With the eldest of the family being a leader of scientific investigation, a brother-in-law who teaches at Police School, a second sister who is a detective, a younger sibling whose whole family is made up of policemen or women. Yeong-hee is a former national fencing athlete and current detectve in the narcotics department. She's been supporting her boyfriend for 7 years in a row to help him get through police test.His father specializes in cultural asset theft and his mother specializes in document forgery; Cheol-soo has inherited only the emotions of a detective and is preparing for police test 7 years in a row."...emotions of a criminal but is getting ready to take the police test 7 years in a row."I will not allow my daughter to marry the son of a wanted man! vs. I am going to make my son a cop!The two very different families go head-to-head.

Extreme Job (Gong Myung, Lee Honey, Ryu Seung Ryong)

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective
Release Date : 2019/01/23
A comedy about a drug squad who buys a chicken restaurant in order to nail a drug ring.


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