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Canola (Yoon Yeo Jeong, Kim Go-Eun-I, Sin Eun Jeong)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2016/05/19
A girl who went missing after an accident returns 10 years later and reunites with her grandmother.

Cart (Yeom Jeong Ah, Moon Jeong Hee, Kim Yeong Ae)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2014/11/13
A story of the things that happen to a non-contract employee at a supermarket after he is wrongfully dismissed and decides to stand up for it.

Champion (Ma Dong Seok, Kwon Yool, Han Ye Ri)

Genre : Drama, Sports
Release Date : May 1, 2018
With the help of legendary athelte Mark, Jin-gi dreams of a life changing experience in arm-wrestling. When Jin-gi's sister Soo-jin appears with her children, the challenge will be found in more than just arm-wrestling.

Cheese In The Trap (Oh Yeon Seo, Park Hae Jin, Park Ki Woong)

Genre : Romance
Release Date : Mar 14, 2018
Hong Seol is an ordinary university student. She is busy working part-time jobs to pay for her tuition fee and living expenses. Yoo Jung is her senior at the same university. He seems perfect. He comes from a wealthy family, he has a kind attitude to others and he is handsome, but Hong Seol does not feel comfortable with Yoo Jung. Suddenly, Yoo Jung comes and talks to her. He wants to go out on a date.

Chronicle Of A Blood Merchant (Ha Jeong Woo, Ha Ji Won, Jeon Hye Jin II)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2015/01/15
Ha Jeong-woo's second directed film based on a Chinese novel about a man who sells his blood for his family.

Circle Of Atonement (Seong Dong Il, Son Ho Joon, Kim Yoo Jeong)

Genre : Drama, Mystery
Release Date : 2015/10/15
"Circle of Atonement" is a suspenseful drama about a man appearing getting involved in a man and his daughter and unveiling something that happened 10 years ago.

Coffee Mates (Yoon Jin Seo, Oh Ji Ho, Kim Min Seo)

Genre : Melodrama
Release Date : 2017/03/01
Ordinary housewife In Yeong meets carpenter Hee Soo by chance in a cafe and for fun they decide to become coffee mates: friends who only meet in cafes and nowhere else. Although they don't make calls or send texts, they can talk to each other about anything while sitting in a café. They share everything, from their daily routines to their deepest secrets, which have never been shared with anyone before. The coffee mates thing started out as a kind of joke but in the end, it shatters the two people's entire lives, leaving them to face an awful truth they had never been aware of.

Coin Locker Girl (Park Bo Gum, Kim Go Eun, Kim Hye Su)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 29 April 2015
Il-yeong (Kim Go-eun-I) was abandoned in the number ten locker in a subway station right after she was born. The movie depicts the world that Il-yeong has been coping with while being raised as a member of a crime organization by Boss (Kim Hye-soo) also called "Mom", who has been a practical ruler of the China Town.

Cold Eyes (Seol Kyeong Gu, Jeong Woo-Seong, Han Hyo-Joo)

Genre : Action, Crime
Release Date : 2013/07/03
Ha Yoon-ju joins a unit within the police speical crime department that specializes in surveillance activities on high profile criminals. She teams up with Sang-jun, the veteran leader of the unit, and tries to track down James who is the cold hearted leader of an armed criminal organization.

Collective Invention (Lee Gwang Soo, Lee Cheon Hee, Park Bo Yeong)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2015/10/22
Lee Gwang Soo takes on the role of a mutant in "COLLECTIVE INVENTION", which is about a clinical demonstration centered around rumors that someone's boyfriend is turning into a fish. Park Bo Yeong is Lee Gwang Soo's girlfriend who posts the story of her 'fishy' boyfriend on the internet. Lee Cheon Hee is the wannabe reporter who digs for the truth.

Come Rain Come Shine (Hyun Bin, Im Soo Jeong)

Genre : Melodrama ,Romance
Release date : 2011/03/03
Hyeon Bin plays a very considerate yet, hard to know kind of person. Im Soo-jeong plays the role of a woman who leaves the house because of a man. This movie is about a five years married couple and their lives playing hide-and-seek in their hearts.

Commitment/The Alumni (Choi Seung Hyeon, Han Ye-Ri, Yoon Je Moon)

Genre : Action, Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Release Date : 2013/11/06
After his father's botched espionage mission, North Korean Myung-hoon and his young sister Hye-in are sent to a labor prison camp. In order to save his sister's life, Myung-hoon volunteers to become a spy and infiltrates the South as a teenage defector. While attending high school in the South, he meets another girl named Hye-in, and rescues her when she comes under attack. South Korean Intelligence soon discover Myung-hoon's activities and begin tracking him, all the while his own government sends a vicious assassin to eliminate him.

Compassion (Lee Cheong Mi, Jeong Mi Seong, Park Jeong Sik)

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2014/10/16
A high school teen named Hana has a friend who committed suicide and can't sleep. She then witnesses her parents fight, resulting in her father's abuse. The next day, she hates the fact that her parents are pretending to be alright in front of her. A Band senior named Se-mi starts approaching her and starts behaving strangely. Hana tries to go back to reality but she's already in too deep and soon, she's the targer of rumors and becomes an outcast. Like her friend, Hana finds herself standing on the edge of the school building...

Confession/Good Friends (Ji Seong, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Gwang Soo)

Genre : Crime
Release Date : 2014/07/10
The story of three men who have been friends since school but their intentions of good faith leads into a crime.

Confession Of Murder (Park Shi Ho, Jeong Jae Yeong)

Genre : Action,Thriller
Release Date : 2012/11/08
This action thriller, with his stable performance, Jeong Jae- yeong takes on the roll of detective Choi Hyung-gu and popular TV drama star Park Si-hoo plays Lee Du-seok. After the statute of limitation expires on the murders he has committed, Lee Du-seok publishes an autobiography describing all his murders in great detail. Detective Choi, who
investigated Lee's murders 15 years ago starts the chase once again and Han Ji-soo, who lost her daughter to Lee, pledges vengeance. Meanwhile, another killer appears, casting doubt to whether Lee is the real serial killer. The key here is how well the story juggles the truth and how solid the description of the characters' tangled relationships is.

Confidential Assignment (Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin, Im Yoon Ah)

Genre : Action
Release Date : January 18, 2017
Im Cheol Ryung (Hyun Bin), a specially trained North Korean investigator, cooperates with a South Korean detective Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hae Jin) to hunt down Cha Ki Seong (Kim Joo Hyuk), the leader of an illegal North Korean organization who is hiding in the South.

Couples (Kim Joo Hyeok, Lee Yoon Ji, Lee Si Yeong)

Genre : Romantic Comedy,Melodrama,Romance
Release Date : 2011/11/02
A fun love story about couples by director Jeong Yong-ki from "Descendants of Hong Gil-dong" and cast by Kim Joo-hyeok, Lee Yoon-ji, Lee Si-yeong, Oh Jeong-se,
Kong Hyeong-jin and more.

Crazy For Wait (Son Tae Yeong, Jang Hee Jin, Jang Geun Seok)

Genre : Comedy ,Romantic Comedy ,Melodrama
Release date : 2008/01/01
Four couples are heartbroken with their pending separation caused by the compulsory military service. The boys are worried their girlfriends will now have an excuse to meet other men. The girls are also having a hard time getting used to living without their boyfriends. Will the boys successfully fulfill their obligation and return to their girlfriends?

Curtain Call (Jang Hyeon Seong, Jeon Moo Song, Park Cheol Min)

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2016/12/08
As a B grade erotic theater group is about to close down, affected by the economic recession, they decide to perform a proper theater play for their last show as they have always been dreaming of. Their choice of play is the classic theater play, 'Hamlet'.However, once the theater play has started running, their performance goes to an unexpected direction due to the mistakes and adlib they never thought were going to happen on the stage. Will their curtain call occur happily as they hoped in the beginning?

Cyrano Agency (Uhm Tae Woong, Park Shin Hye, Daniel Choi)

Genre : Comedy ,Romantic Comedy ,Melodrama,Romance
Release date : 2010/09/16
The Cyrano Agency helps people who can't date to have a love life. The agency helps the client by moving together as an organization and having secret missions. Their creed is to work in the shade and we don't aim for the sun.One day, the agency's representative Byeong-hoon (Eom Tae-woong) and his operation agent Min-yeong (Park Sin-hye) meet an unpredictable client Sang-yong (Choi Daniel). He has excellent qualities but he is a failure in dating. He is in love with a lovable woman named Hee-joong (Lee Min-jeong). But when Byeong-hun sees Hee-joong's profile, he begins to worry... Will "Cyrano Agency" succeed in their mission?


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