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The Fixer (Chin Ka Lok, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen) 4 DVD

Genre : Modern Drama, Crime, Action, Thriller
Episodes : 21
Broadcast Network : TVB Jade, HD Jade
Broadcast Period : 10 August 2015 – 29 August 2015
The Fixers is a secret underground organization that for the right price will solve any problems for their clients no matter if it is legal or not.The group is led by ex-con Szeto Sam-ping (Chin Ka Lok) who is an expert of escaping from authorities. Also included is certified lawyer and Sam-ping's lover Lui Lui (Mandy Wong), expert thief and fighter Wyman Chan Tai-man (Timmy Hung), talented hacker Mak Ping-on (Tracy Chu) and former government official Bak Suen (Henry Lo), who also handles all the accounting for the group.

The King Of Yesterday And Tomorrow (Maggie Cheung, Kwong Ma, Melissa Ng) 4 DVD

Genre : History, fantasy, comedy, business, drama
Episodes : 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2003-Jan-27 to 2003-Feb-21
Yung Jing Emperor is getting close to give up his place for a new emperor. One day, Liu Sei Leurng decided to kill the emperor. She despises the emperor for overthrowing her dynasty and wants revenge. She dresses up as a passerby and purposely dropped her scarf. As the emperor was helping her pick it up, she shot out her hidden knife and wanted to kill him. Luckily his bodyguard saw this coming and blocked her attack. They ran to a boat and the fight continues. Then, a hurricane begins to brew in the ocean. The emperor and Sei Leurng were sucked up by the hurricane. When they wake up they realize that everything has changed. They have not forgotten about the past though and continue to bicker and fight. Apparently, the emperor is now named Lei Dai Ha and has a family. They come pick him up in the hospital and bring him back to Hong Kong. Will the two be able to be friends or will they fight 'til the end of time?

The Other Truth (Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan) 4 DVD

Genre: Modern
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2011-Jun-27 to 2011-Jul-29
Barrister Keith Lau's (Ruco Chan) ambition knows no limits. He will do everything he can in order to win a case, even if it means putting himself at risk.His good friend Wallace Cheuk (Raymond Wong) runs a law firm. Although Wallace is a qualified barrister, he has no court experience, until Mavis Hong (Tavia Yeung) joins his firm. Thereafter, Wallace's debut meets with loud acclaim.Their good friend James Wai (Louis Yuen) is a down-on-his-luck lawyer who is financially dependent on his mother: but when a thorny case comes his way, it looks as if his luck has finally changed.

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