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Madam Cutie On Duty (Edwin Siu, Priscilla Wong, Mandy Wong) 4 DVD

Genre : Modern, Romance, Comedy, Action
Episodes : 20
Broadcast Network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jan-12 To 2015-Feb-06
Apple Fa Ping (Priscilla Wong) was born into a wealthy family but unfortunate for her she has unflattering looks and was made fun of when she was younger. An accident forced her to under go cosmetic surgery that made her appearance more attractive. Ever since than her former appearance has given her nightmares making her believe being beautiful is the way of life. Even though she is a materialistic person she still choose to become a police officer for the excitement. When she accidentally volunteers to go undercover, she is partnered with Law Dai Shu (Edwin Siu), a former high school classmate of hers who she had a crush on but broke her heart when he made fun of her looks. The two must pretend to be husband and wife in order to infiltrate housewives that might have been victims of a notorious public housing pimp/loan shark living in the same complex as them. However Fa Ping and Dai Shu can't stand each other but are forced to pretend to be a loving couple in order to gain the trust of the housewives they suspect worked as prostitutes on the side and borrowed money from the pimp/loan shark.

Master Of Destiny (Liza Wang, Angie Chiu, Hawick Lau) 6 DVD

Genre : Drama
Episodes : 32
Broadcast Network : TVB Jade
Broadcast Period : 22 June 2015
Kwan Yeuk-nam (Liza Wang) is a legendary woman. After her husband committed suicide due to a business failure, she single-handedly raised her three sons to adulthood, also establishing her own business empire, Sun Hon Lik, in the process. Now ready to retire, she is prepared to pass down her empire to her three sons.Eldest son Cho Chi Wang (Kenny Wong) is quietly pursuing Nam's adoptive daughter, Hau Yee (Tong Fei), but Yee is truly in love with Wang's younger brother, Cho Chi-yuen (Hawick Lau). When Yuen's girlfriend passes away, Yuen devotes his life and energy to his career, and Wang's position as heir to the empire is threatened. Song Chi-Wah (Monica Mok), a new employee at Sun Hon Lik, seduces Wang and nearly tears his family apart. With her family and business at the brink of breaking down, Nam has no choice but to step up and formally pass down the business to Yuen.Wah tells Wang that he is not the birth son of Nam. Disheartened at his family, the two team up to incarcerate Yuen. Just when Wang and Wah are about to overthrown Nam's reign, Yee returns just in time to save Yuen.

Master Of Play (Adam Cheng,Moses Chan,Maggie Siu) 5 DVD

Genre : Crime Drama, Thriller
Episode : 30
Original Channel : TVB Jade
Original Run : May 21, 2012 – June 29, 2012
Kan Siu-Nam (Adam Cheng), due to the loss of his daughter (Tansy), divorced his wife, Angela (Rebecca Chan). He whole-heartedly focuses on his acting career. Due to a role in which he plays a murderer, he get emboiled into a serial killer case. Through collegue Esther (Maggie Shiu), he meets Ivan (Moses Chan) and his sister Natalie (Aimee Chan). Eventually, Kan notices Ivan's resemblance to the serial killer. He also has a strange feeling towards Natalie. The relationship between the four people become entangled and mysterious. The more Kan wants to discover the truth, the further he finds himself from the truth.

Missing You (Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Lin Xia Wei) 4 DVD

Genre : Modern drama
Episodes : 20
Original Channel : TVB Jade
Original Run : 18 December 2012 – 11 January 2013
Preceded By : Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
Followed By : Inbound Troubles
A Search & Rescue agency specializes in finding loved ones lost during a war, natural disaster or relocation. The paranoid and skeptical HONG YU FUNG (Linda Chung), the optimistic and energetic SI YIK HIM (Jason Chan), the eloquent SIN KIT JING (Cilla Lok) and computer expert YEUNG CHI KEI (Calvin Chan) are led by a calm and rational team leader LO MAN TIK (Ram Chiang) to start their experience of searching and rescuing people. Not only do they find happiness in their work, but they also go through a whole new experience of how they see themselves...FUNG, the new member in the group, worked well with HIM and often hits the nail, but they also understand that they must comply with the regulations of the job. They must not give false hopes to the seeker and bring unnecessary pain to them. Gradually FUNG and HIM developed feelings for one another, but unfortunately HIM already had a girlfriend TING PUNG CHI (Lin Xiawei), who just hoped her own happiness could bring even greater happiness to others...After, HIM finds out that his girlfriend CHI has cheated on him with another member of the company she works in. CHI thought that maybe the guy at the office would work well with FUNG because CHI knows that Fung has feelings for HIM...

My Dearly Sinful Mind/Mind Hunter (Kenneth Ma, Grace Wong, Matt Yeung) 4 DVD

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Suspense
Episodes: 28
Broadcast Network: TVB
Broadcast Period : Apr 3, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017
After his girlfriend died in a car crash, sorrowful psychologist Chung Tai Yin spends five years investigating the truth of the incident. His girlfriend once conducted a psychological assessment for a schoolyard murderer. Her report indicated that he lacked a motive or violent tenancies. During the course of his investigation, Chung Tai Yin meets Tung Yat, a genius with Asperger syndrome, and his sister Tung Yuet, whom he is mutually dependent with. Tung Yat's lack of social skills gives Tung Yuet a lot of trouble. Many years ago, it even caused police officer Wu Tin Yeung's undercover mission to fail. But because of Chung Tai Yin, they eventually become friends and help Chung Tai Yin with finding the true killer. Wong Hoi Ching, a witness in the case who could not be contacted for many years, suddenly appears and visits the murderer in prison, causing drastic changes in the case...

My Sister Of Eternal Flower (Bowie Wu, Raymond Lam, Pierre Ngo) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama
Episode : 20
Broadcast network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 16 May 2011
The company XENUS was successfully run by Zhang Sum (Bowie Wu). One day Zhang Sum ended up in the hospital, and his spoiled grandson Hugo (Raymond Lam) took over the company. However Hugo was incapable and loses control of the company to Mike (Pierre Ngo), a genuinely skilled manager.Mike manipulated the company and moved all the clients to his own company. XENUS was near collapse, while Hugo loses everything and become the joke of society. At the low point of his life, the only one that backed him up was a mentally low-IQ girl Fa Lai-chu (Charmaine Sheh). Hugo would bounce back and have to decide between the mentally ill girl Fa and Agnes (Yoyo Chen), the beautiful perfect model who didn't stand by him enough.

Never Dance Alone (Flora Chan, Loretta Lee, Carman Lee) 4 DVD

Genre: Modern, family
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-21 to 2014-May-30
Mo Siu-sze leads an ordinary married life with her husband Wong Kwok Leung, and is often bullied by her ferocious mother-in-law Wong Chiu-Wing Mui for no reason.One day, coincidentally, she spots a leaflet from "Cyndi Dance Studio", evoking her memories of the good old days in high school. In those days she loved writing and organized "MCLUB" together with the others. They included Julie, who was often mocked for her accent, Fung Sin, who is enthusiastic about dancing, nosy Luk Yeun-Chau, precocious Jenny and superstitious Cynthia, all vowing to stay united and never drift apart. However, more than twenty years have passed, the group disbanded and they went their separate ways and they are no more that young. When dreams and reality collide, the only thing left is nostalgia except for Fung Sin. She continues to pursue her dreams of dancing. Due to an accident, she is hospitalized, leading to a reunion of her bosom buddies. While striving to safeguard the "Cyndi Dance Studio" for their friend, they run into their archrival, campus belle Dandan, whose "D Fitness" turns out to be a formidable foe for the "Cyndi Dance Studio". With Siu-sze re-encountering her first love Yiu Chi Lun, Julie reflects on the past ranging from ruining their relationship on the sly to giving birth to her daughter as a result of a premarital pregnancy, and all sorts of feelings well up in Julie's heart…… Having gone through all these, their vitality, courage, passion and confidence that seemingly disappeared have just been reignited……

No Good Either Way (Ruco Chan,Kristal Tin,Natalie Tong,Louis Yuen) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy,Drama
Episode : 21
Original Channel : TVB
Original Run : 11 June 2012
Although valued by their boss Ko Wai-ting (Stephen Au), product designer Alex Mo (Ruco Chan) and marketing officer Steve Man (Louis Yuen) of GOALTECH Scientific, Ltd. despise their department's general manager Violet Che (Florence Kwok), who is preventing them from getting a promotion. Enumerating the "ten sins" of Violet, Alex and Steve secretly start a business with their Indian friend Interpal (Gill Mohindepaul Singh). Alex's girlfriend, Ling (Kristal Tin) joins GOALTECH, and pressures Violet to step down. Alex is later promoted to manager, and Steve eventually becomes the new boss of the company. As Alex and Steve's positions climb higher, they begin to exert similar pressure on their subordinates, also committing the "ten sins."

No Regrets (Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai) 5 DVD

Genre : Period drama
Episode : 31
Broadcast network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 18 October – 28 November 2010
Guangzhou is in a state of political turmoil in the 1930s. Gangsters are on a rampage and opium trading becomes rampant. As they watch the illicit profits from opium trading escalate, the government forms the Anti-Smoking Bureau under the guise of suppressing opium, but the bureau is under the influence of Cheng Long-kwan (Elliot Ngok), the gang's kingpin. His eldest daughter Cheng Kau-mui (Sheren Tang) who is an unscrupulous person soon returns from Shanghai to reap the rewards. Mui meticulously plans her every move.On the other hand, Lau Sing (Wayne Lai) is the leader of the Criminal Investigation Team. He has worked hard all his life to ensure an easy trail for his family, especially for his bed-ridden younger sister Lau Ching (Fala Chen). Despite his hot temper, he values friendship and brotherhood more than anything else. Once, he almost sacrificed his life to help his timid teammate, Pai Kuat (Pierre Ngo).Meanwhile, the Japanese army invades China and Canton falls into the hands of the Japanese. Mui enters the darkest time in her life when her aunt Cheng Long-hei (Susan Tse) frames her.


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