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Ghetto Justice (Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sam Lee) 4 DVD

Genre : Modern Drama
Episode : 20
Broadcast network : TVB Jade
Broadcast Period : 30 May 2011
Law Lik-ah (Kevin Cheng) used to practice law for personal fame and glory but after setting up a Legal Advice Centre with his cousin George Mai (Alex Lam) and his good friend Tin Ka-fu (Sam Lee) in Sham Shui Po, Lik-ah changes his mind and realizes that legal representation is not only a privilege of the rich.Soon, Lik-ah becomes the Peoples' Hero of Sham Shui Po, helping grassroots groups fight against injustice with unconventional tactics.On the other hand, barrister Wong Si-fu (Myolie Wu), who used to admire Lik-ah for his invincible performances, starts to disdain him for downgrading to a ghetto lawyer. However, after a few court cases with him, the two start to appreciate each other and fall in love.Besides succeeding in her relationship, Si-fu tries to become an elite practitioner in town. In order to gain advancement, she seizes every chance to get close to the renowned barrister Cheung Pak-kei (Shek Sau). As Pak-kei enjoys getting people into trouble, he makes sure Si-fu is accidentally
embroiled in a lawsuit.In order to save Si-fu, Lik-ah has no choice but to challenge the law.

Ghetto Justice 2 (Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sam Lee) 4 DVD

Genre : Legal Drama,Comedy
Episode : 21
Original channel : TVB Jade
Release Year : 2012
Preceded by : Ghetto Justice (2011)
No Synopsis

Gloves Come Off (Kevin Cheng,Raymond Wong,Natalie Tong) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama,Action
Episodes : 25
Original Channel : TVB Jade
Original Run : 16 April – 18 May 2012
Tong Sap Yat (Kevin Cheng) was a devoted adherent of Muay Thai, wishing to prove himself against the best practitioners of the art, he fought in underground matches in Thailand, and out of a desire to win accidentally kills an opponent. Jailed for manslaughter for 7 years, Tong returns to Hong Kong 11 years later a changed man. During his time in prison his wife died of an untreated illness leaving Tong a lone parent and sole provider for his son. A remorseful Tong attempts to wash his hands of Muay Thai and seeks to lead a peaceful and peaceable life.Ko Wai Ting (Kenny Wong) is Tong Sap Yat's friend, and they were students together in the same Muay Thai gym, in the intervening years Ko has built a successful Muay Thai boxercise business, based on his own success and the success of his stable of fighters in competition. With his stable depleted by injuries and defections, leaving him weak in some weight classes, Ko attempts to convince Tong to return to the ring. The promised purse being enough to lift Tong from his hand-to-mouth existence as a security guard and odd-job man and allow him to better provide for his son.
Pat Ka Sing (Raymond Wong), although athletic and fit, is a newcomer to Muay Thai, saved by Ko Wai Ting from a beating by muggers, Pat joins Ko's gym to learn enough to protect himself, but initially has no wish to fight in competition. A natural at the sport, Pat is persuaded to fight and falls in love with the experience; Muay Thai giving him a purpose and direction in life that he had previously lacked.While each gains from being in the ring, be it money, glory or self-esteem, they each come to desire to know just how good they are and which of them is the true "King of the ring".

Grace Under Fire (Liu Xuan, Kenneth Ma) 5 DVD

Genre : Period drama Martial arts
Episode : 32
Broadcast network : TVB Jade
Broadcast Period : 7 March 2011 – 17 April 2011
Mok Kwai-lan (Liu Xuan) is an ordinary girl working as a water labourer in one of Guangzhou's most famous restaurants. She lives in a simple and steady lifestyle with her uncle, Mok Ping (Law Lok-lam), and Ping's adopted son, Yau Sam-shui (Kenneth Ma). She is best friends with the beautiful Kwai Fa (Fala Chen), an assistant chef working in the same restaurant as her. Longing for Fa's affections, Sam-shui hopes to become a student of Wong Fei-hung (John Chiang), the greatest martial artist of Guangzhou, in order to impress her. Kwai-lan, originally disinterested in martial arts, becomes spellbound by the sport after watching an intense fight between Fei-hung and Fok Koon-wai (Kenny Wong), a Mizongyi practitioner.Fei-hung is touched by Sam-shui's enthusiasm and agrees to teach him and Kwai-lan, but Ping is strongly against it. He believes they would become aggressive and domineering if they learned kung fu. Kwai-lan disagrees and argues that kung fu is for self protection. Her unyielding determination overwhelms Ping, and Kwai-lan learns from him that she is the only descendant of the Mok Gar family fighting style. As Kwai-lan's father died from a kung fu match, Ping does not want Kwai-lan to meet the same fate. Fei-hung sees a lot of potential in Kwai-lan and convinces Ping to teach her the styles of Mok Gar. Ping finally agrees, simultaneously allowing Sam-shui to become Fei-hung's student. Sam-shui, now proud and egotistical, begins abusing his newfound martial arts skill.

Highs And Lows (Raymond Lam, Michael Miu, Kate Tsui) 5 DVD

Genre : Crime thriller, Action
Episodes : 30
Original Channel : TVB
Original Run : 24 September 2012 – 4 November 2012
Gordon Heung (Michael Miu), senior inspector of the Narcotics Bureau's Operations Wing, is forced to partake in illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking after a mysterious man threatened to reveal his friend's illegal money laundering if he refused. Heung's good friend and student, Senior Inspector Wai Sai-lok (Raymond Lam) of Narcotics Bureau's Intelligence Wing, begins to grow suspicious of Heung after finding some evidence that hinted at Heung's illegal activities during a drug bust.Heung's involvement with drug traffickers also gets leaked to Wai's rival, Chief Inspector Poon Hok-lai (Ben Wong) of the Operations Wing, who decides to use this chance to sever Heung and Wai's relationship. When Poon discovers that Wai had started a romance with his informant, Pat Chan (Kate Tsui), Poon gets in between their relationship and convinces Chan to leave Wai. He then indirectly exposes her to drug trafficking and consumption, and Chan eventually becomes one of the most powerful illegal drug traffickers in Hong Kong.

House Of Harmony And Vengeance (Bobby Au Yeung,Myolie Wu,Linda Chung) 5 DVD

Genre: Costume Drama,Comedy
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast year : 2012
The drama centers around a group of musicians and dancers from the Imperial Music Bureau during the prosperous Tang Dynasty of China.


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