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You Are My Sisters/ 你是我的姐妹(Hawick Lau, Michelle Bai) 6 DVD

Genre: Modern, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 42
Broadcast Period: June 14, 2015
Three sisters have an unconventional childhood because of a disapproving father. An You Zhi (Sung Song) and his wife Xue Bao Lian (He Yin) have twin daughters, An Jing (Bai Bing) and An Ning (Lou Yi Xiao). But You Zhi is disappointed because he values males over females and wants to have sons. So he dumps his wife and marries her best friend, Bai Li Li (Bo Yu Jia), to try to have a son. The former couple decides to each raise a daughter so they flip a coin to see which daughter will live with each parent. An Ning goes to live with her father, while An Jing stays with her mother. But the strong-willed and aggressive An Ning clashes with her new stepmother, Li Li, so An Ning and An Jing switch places. When Li Li gives birth to a girl, An Le (Liu Ya Se), You Zhi is again disappointed about not getting a son. Over the years, when both Li Li and An Le begin to mistreat the sweet An Jing, An Ning can't hold back her anger and hits her half-sister An Le to stand up for her twin sister. But the incident causes the 10-year-old An Le to run away from home and disappear. Meanwhile, Shi Tian Ming (Hawick Lau) is an easy-going guy who has a bickering relationship with An Ning but stays by her side through her family challenges. Can the sisters reunite and mend their broken family?

Youth Melody (Leo Ku, Michelle Wai, Heechul Super Junior) 2 DVD

Episode : 10
Release Date: 2011-03-04
On the verge of graduation, college senior Wang Yuhang (Leo Ku) has to face the harsh reality of an extremely competitive job market. Struggling to rise above the crowd to win their places in the workforce, Yuhang and his roommate Liao Bohan (Deep Ng) throw themselves at every opportunity that may get their careers going. Together with classmates Ning Hao (Yang Yang), Dong Qianqian (Ma Su), and Pu Xiaotang (Jiang Mengjie), the group of young friends will have to grit their teeth and brave any challenges ahead in order to pursue their dreams.

Yun Niang (Liu Xie Hua, Ady An, Hung Cau Fung, You Yau Lie) 8 DVD

Episode : 32
Release Date: 2008-02-26
Yun Niang (Ady An) growing up unaware of her identity and her family's tragic past, she is tested by the cruelties of fate when she unwillingly marries into a rich household and faces the cold treatment of her mother-in-law(Liu Xie Hua).Caught in a world she doesn't belong, Yun Niang must find love and pride on her own terms, as she slowly unravels the relationship between her new family and her own past.


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