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Ultimate Fighter (Luo Yun Xi, Cheng Yan Qiu, Ma Zhen Huan) 5 DVD

No Synopsis

Under Der Linden/Pu Ti Shu Xia Zhi Er Ben Wu Zui(Wallace Chung,Hawick Lau, Yang Rui) 7 DVD

Genre: Period drama, romance
Episodes: 53
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul
1st Master Long and his sworn brother Fang Xiu Cai, work together to save their village people during a serious epidemic. They later discover that the cause of the disease is the vicious scheme of Madam Long and 2nd Master Long. The cruel pair later cause the death of 1st Master Long and frame Fang Xiu Cai for the epidemic, hence causing the death of the entire Fang family with Fang Xiu Cai's infant son being the sole survivor. While escaping death, Fang Xiu Cai's son is accidentally swapped with the son of the Long family. The real heir of the Long family is adopted by the Guan family while Fang's son is brought up by the Long family.

V - Focus (Melvin Sia, Huang Wei Ting, Yorke Sun) 7 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 65
Broadcast Network : SETTV
Broadcast Period : 2016-Oct-26
Face offs between reporters determined to get the latest scoop and bodyguards committed to protect their clients' privacy.

Waking Love Up (Tang Yan,Roy Qiu,Qi Wei) 7 DVD

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network : Anhui
Broadcast period: 2011-09-13
Tang Yan's character this time is a poor hotel maid that's nevertheless equally lovable. Because of an accident, she falls in love with the CEO of a major company, played by Roy Qiu, who had lost his memories. When he regains his memory, the two are faced with challenges both in love and in business, and must work together to save both themselves and their homes.

When A Snail Falls In Love (Wang Kai, Wang Zi Wen, Yu Heng) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance, Crime, Thriller
Episodes : 21
Broadcast Network : QQ Live (Tencent), Dragon TV
Broadcast Period : 24-Oct-2016 To 5-Dec-2016
Detective Ji Bai and new criminal profiler Xu Xu may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Ji Bai slowly falls in love with Xu Xu, yet she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love. Just as Xu Xu starts to reciprocate Ji Bai's feelings, the dormant "Angel's Killer" reappears.

Wind Chime (Li Nai Wen, Xu Jing Yuan, Meng A Sai) 4 DVD

Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Episodes : 27
Broadcast Network : Sohu TV
Broadcast Period : Feb 25, 2016 To May 13, 2016
The story follows our heroine, Ji Tang Tang, as she solves mysteries for the dead using her special ability and various equipment to connect to their realm. She was once a cheerful girl embraced in the arms of her parents, but those most beloved to her vanished (aka killed) after one night. She wanders from here to there, afraid of making friends, afraid of contacting relatives. Having spent four years surviving the cruel world, she has become an independent and resilient person, unafraid of killing. The male lead, Yue Feng, accompanies her throughout her journey. He's described as upright and the man of all men.

Woman In A Family Of Daoke (Tong Liya, Yang Shuo, Guo Peng) 6 DVD

Genre : Melodrama - Republican, war, love
Episodes : 44
Broadcast Date : May 19, 2014 -2014 June 9
GE stubborn by nature large ni (Tong Liya) in spite of her father's objections, rejected the local farmers to propose marriage, took his daughter and fled. Shiquan Walled daughter after I headed dragon (Yang Shuo) away, forcing GE to marry him unruly bear big ni brother I Skiles (Cubbon). I lost a wife thing Skiles gambling locally known, while GE was willing to marry more than big-ni, because for many years between her and the remainder of the dragon for some emotional entanglements. Over the door to more than Ge-Ni various feudal big house rules challenge, upsets than utter confusion, is regarded as alien ......

Wrongfully Accused (Cang Ie Yen, Chen Sa Li, Cang Phei Hua) 6 DVD

No Synopsis


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