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The Big Boss (Lee Eleanor, Huang Jun Jie, Lu Yan Qi) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy, School, Youth
Episodes : 18
Broadcast Network : QQLive
Broadcast Period : Sep 8, 2017
Ye Mu Xi is a bright and energetic girl who's finally in her 1st year in high school. She's extremely excited for the new school year because now she'll finally be separated from her annoying childhood friend, Liao Dan Yi, a handsome and intelligent guy. As fate would have it, she discovers that they are, in fact, still in the same class. Devastated, she hatches a plan to snatch the class presidenttitle from her otherwise perfect childhood friend/nemesis. Hilarity ensues as she tries to navigate school life with her very diverse group of classmates along with Liao Dan Yi. Will love finally creep into the hearts of this cat-and-dog relationship?

The Double Life Of Veronique (Hawick Lau, Wang Li Kun, Gao Ren) 5 DVD

Genre: Romance, metropolitan
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Channel: Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV
Broadcast Date : 2015-Jun-12 start
Yan Song gets pregnant and then loses her memories. She is adopted by a passerby who raises her as her own. The young girl lives her life without knowing her identity or that of the child Yan Lang's father. Then one day, out of nowhere come two guys that claim Yan Lang as their own.

The Cage Of Love/ Zhua Zhu Cai Hong De Nan Ren (Hawick Lau, Zheng Shuang, Li Dong Xue)

Genre: Period drama
Episodes: 35
Broadcast network: ZJTV
Broadcast period: 2015-May-26
Around the beginning of 1900's, Jiang Yu met Wu Cai Hong and was attracted by her kindness and beauty. He unwittingly discovered she was the daughter of his enemy, and her father sudden death made him the primary suspect. Their path crossed in an effort to find the truth. The closer they worked together, the deeper their mutual attraction, and the harder they hid their feelings. Will the truth give them the permission to love, or will it be their end?

The Daughter/Xia Jia San Qian Jin (Tiffany Tang Yan, Zhang Meng, Qi Wei) 6 DVD

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Anhui TV
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-22 to 2011-Mar-03
Related show: Ai Qing Zhen Shan Mei/Love Is Really Good

The Endless Love (An Yue Xi, Chen Ruo Xuan, Wei Miles) 3 DVD

Genre : Romance, School, Youth
Episodes : 32
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Nov 1, 2017 - Nov 23, 2017
The young gifted painter Gu Ye Bai is affected by a mental disease, to him, the world has lost all its colors. While preparing for an international arts competition, an accident happens that makes him worried a lot. At this time, he gets to know the cute and amiable sunshine Lu You Yan. She will help him heal his mind and fight for his dream of becoming a recognized painter.

The Evolution Of Our Love (Zhang Ruo Yun, Zhang Crystal, Xu Wei Zhou) 4 DVD

Genre : Friendship, Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network : ZJTV
Broadcast Period : Aug 2, 2018 - Aug 23, 2018
Ai Luo Man is an outstanding and independent career woman with good qualifications, however, she is not favored by men. She even got told by her ex-boyfriend that nobody would dare to love her due to her difficult character. Her best friend of fifteen years is Lu Fei, a gentle and easy-going man who is always ready to adapt to others and loves cooking and taking care of his house and plants. Women love him, nevertheless, he hasn't dated a lot and doesn't even want to consider marriage. Both Luo Man and Lu Fei have already reached their thirties and strive to better themselves and live a better life in the big city. While doing so, they finally find love as well.

The Fox's Summer (Tan Song Yun, Jiang Chao, Zhang Daniel) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Romance
Episodes : 21
Broadcast Network :QQLive
Broadcast Period : Apr 5, 2017
The drama tells of how Li Yan Shu the "fox", and Gu Cheng Ze the "rabbit" fell in love with each other.

The Lady And The Liar/Qian Jin Nu Zei (Tiffany Tang, Hawick Lau, Yang Rong) 6 DVD

Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 46
Broadcasting Period: 2015-Jan-27 to 2015-TBA
Broadcasting Network: BTV
Set in Shanghai's 1930's, Jiang Xin (Tiffany Tang) is a young lady who was originally an heir to a rich family, is in search to find her family. Due to an accident, Xin loses her memory, and therefore, Du Xiao Han (Yang Rong) takes the identity of Xin. While the real Jiang Xin falls into the hands of Bai Zhangjie, a powerful business man, her previous lover, Sheng Jie Wen (Tony Yang) had been searching for Xin.

The Legendary Tycoon (Zhang Han, Jia Qing, Joe Chen) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Episodes : 42
Broadcast Network : Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Period : Oct 9, 2017 - Dec 5, 2017
Huace Media's project 'The Legendary Tycoon' will be based on the life of Sir Run Run Shaw, to showcase the tycoon's legendary life using the most beautiful cinematography, to depict the story of a man and his enduring love with three women in his life. It will also reproduce the golden era of fashion and style in the changing landscape of that era.

The Lost Tomb (Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, Tiffany Tang) 2 DVD

Genre : Mystery
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : iQIYi
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jun-02
Wu Xie (Li Yi Feng) is an antique shop owner who comes from a family of tomb diggers. As he continues the family trade with his team of tomb raiders, he searches for lost treasures of the Warring States as well as the answers to the tragedies of his family's past. With the help of his grandfather's notes and his team – the quiet Zhang Qi Ling (Yang Yang), the high-tech Mr. High (Leon Lee), the experienced Wu San Xing (Ken Chang), San Xing's loyal helper Pan Zi (Wei Wei), and the skillful Ah Ning (Tang Yan) – Wu Xie sets out to find the lost treasures as well as the people responsible for the massacre of his family.

The Perfect Match (Ivy Shao, Chris Wu,Ben Wu) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episodes : 22
Broadcast Network : SET TV
Broadcast Period : Mar 3, 2017 - Jul 28, 2017
A culinary challenge between a night market food vendor and a Michelin chef led to the former to work as an apprentice in the chef's kitchen for 7 days. Wei Fen Qing is to learn and recreate Huo Ting En's famous dish within that time frame to win the challenge. But a lot of things can change in 7 days, especially with the matter of the heart.

The Queen Of SOP/Sheng Nu De Dai Jia (Zhang Han,Chen Qiao En, Godfrey Gao) 5 DVD

Genre: Modern idol drama, romance
Episodes: 33
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-15 start
After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he's the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings.

The Queen Of Sop 2 (Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Qiao Ren Liang) 4 DVD

No Synopsis

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea (William Feng Shao Feng, Bea Hayden, Sunny Wang) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2017-Feb-06 to 2017-Mar-08
Shen Luo is an ordinary girl who moves from the busy city life to a small cottage in the island. She meets Wu Julan, a man with a mysterious background. Julan is actually a merman, a mystical creature only spoke of in legends. Using his special powers and astute intelligence, he helps Shen Luo overcome many obstacles and they eventually fall in love.However, trouble arises when the an old man from the neighbouring Zhou Family discovers a magical pearl owned by Shen Luo. To save her, Julan has to sacrifice his life.

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 (William Feng, Bea Hayden, Bosco Wong) 3 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes : 34
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Oct 2, 2017 - Oct 31, 2017
Set in the seaside town Chang Le of the prosperous Tang with a developed shipbuilding industry, the drama tells the story of a human girl Lu Li who disguises herself as a male, hoping to make her mark in the shipyard and realize her dreams. The merman Wu Ju Lan also arrives at the shipyard with a hidden motive. The two grow to know and love each other. As their romance progresses,the plots and conspiracies behind them also surface. Lu Li is torn between kinship and love. Finally, the two resolve hatred with love and merman and man eventually live in harmony.

The Way We Were (Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Tim Yu) 5 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : BTV, Dragon TV
Broadcast Period : May 14, 2018 - Jun 10, 2018
Xiao Qing is an exchange student in the US. The daughter of a heroic prosecutor back home, she takes extreme pride in her father's work. Her dad is an incorruptible arbiter of justice, and Xiao Qing lives her life with the same principles.Shu Che is Xiao Qing's classmate. Unlike Xiao Qing's father, Shu Che's dad is a little less pure. As a government official, Shu Che's dad has taken part in quite a few shady deals. With these deals, he has opened many doors for his son. But Shu Che doesn't want any part of that.When Xiao Qing and Shu Che meet, they fall in love. But when their fathers clash in a legal battle, the lovers' relationship is forever changed. As they struggle between their duty and their love, the two realize that they can never again be the way they once were.

The Wife's Secret {Love, Rebellion, Revenge} (Hawick Lau, Zhao Li Ying, Kenny Kwan) 6 DVD

Genre: Love, Rebellion, Revenge
Episodes: 54
Broadcast Period: March 2, 2014
Jiang Bai He (Zhao Li Ying) and Li Ming Lang (Hawick Lau) are about to get engaged. With both as heirs to companies, the circumstances change for this perfect union when a big fire occurs. Bai He loses her loved ones, and the company also suffers losses. Li Ming Lang's mother, Liu Su Fang, wants to call off the engagement, but Ming Lang can't do it and brings Bai He home instead. Su Fang's cold attitude catches the eye of Ming Lang's secretary Ning Xia (Wang Zhi), who's always harbored feelings for Ming Lang, and she decides to use this chance to fight for her happiness. However, Ming Lang and Bai He's feelings only grow stronger over time, and Bai He gradually recovers with Ming Lang's help.

To Love To Heal (Jiang Chao, Li Sierra, Song Yi Xing) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Jan 23, 2018 - Mar 28, 2018
The usually bright teacher Xiao Shui Guang becomes depressed after losing her boyfriend. Because of an incident at school, she gets to know the older brother of one of the students Zhang Zheng Lan, who is the boss of a games company. Zheng Lan discovers that Shui Guang is the one who once gave him the idea for a game and starts to pursue her. He soon realizes that she closed herselfoff and thus promises her: "You protect your secret and I will protect you."

Tornado Girl I/The Whirwind Girl I(Hu Bing Qing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang) 4 DVD

Genre : Martial Arts, Romance
Episodes : 32
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jul-07
A girl's pursuit for martial art glory and the friends she made along the way.

Tornado Girl II/The Whirlwind Girl 2 (An Yue Xi, Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang) 5 DVD

Genre : Action
Episodes : 28
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Jul 20, 2016 to Sep 15, 2016
Qi Bai Cao successfully conquered martial art competitions across Asia and gained a deeper understanding of her field. But with the loss of her mentor, she didn't know how to go on. She then met Chang An, a mysteriously talented man who took over her training. Under his grueling couching, Bai Cao regained her spirit and continued her path toward martial art glory.


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