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Return Of Happiness (Ron Ng, Qin Li, Tongyi Xuan) 5 DVD

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : JiangXi TV
Broadcast Period : November 7, 2015
Yu You Wei had her identity as a rich heiress taken away from her and replaced by another girl at a young age; all without her knowledge. Years later, with the help of Han Ming she begins to reach her sailing dream. During her journey she encounters various obstacles including finding out the truth about her identity.

Royal Sister Returns (Ady An, Zhu Yi Long, Maggie Huang} 4 DVD

Genre : Business, Family, Romance
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Aired: Apr 23, 2017 to May 5, 2017
Broadcast Network: CCTV
EMT's president tries to force his daughter, Ai Mi Er, to marry Long Ke Company's He Yi Kun, the eldest of the president's sons for a business alliance. Ai Mi Er runs away to receive help from her boyfriend, Peter, and coincidentally ends up as the housemaid for He Kai Xin, the younger brother of He Yi Kun.

Rush To The Dead Summer (Chen Xue Dong, Zheng Shuang, Bai Jing Ting) 5 DVD

Genre : Youth, Romance
Episodes : 46
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2017-Jun-10 To 2017-Jul-8
Despite growing up poor, Li Xia works hard and wins a scholarship into a grand secondary school where she meets the legendary Fu Xiaosi and Lu Zhi'ang. Love booms in more ways than one, and the group of youth quickly became good friends. After graduation, everyone goes their separate ways. Xiaosi becomes a well-known artist, Li Xia becomes Xiaosi's assistant and other half, Qiqi won a singing competition and becomes a famous idol, Yu Jian heads overseas to realize her dreams of becoming a singer.However, with the onslaught of adversities: the death of Xiaosi's mother, Li Xia's departure, imprisonment of Zhi'ang, Qiqi's betrayal, Yu Jian's loss; the warm and bright summer starts to fade away. Everyone is changing and they become doubtful about the origin of their friendship. A span of ten years make them realize that other than memories, nothing can be eternal, but at least they learnt to love and grow.

School Beauty Personal Bodyguard (Li Chung Lin, Huang Wayne, Cao Xi Yue) 4 DVD

Genre : Action, Comedy, School Romance
Episodes : 24
Broadcast Network: iQIYi
Broadcast Period : 2015-Aug-10
A guy who was forced to be the bodyguard for their school's most popular girl but ended up chasing after her himself.

Shuttle Love Millenium (Wei Da Xun, Wen Yong Shan, Guo Xue Fu) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 28
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2016-Nov-16
A rich party boy from 2016 switches body with a legendary chef from 1936. He may have to spend the next 80 years finding a way back to his time period.

Siege In Fog (Sun Yi, Han Elvis, Jeremy Jones Xu) 5 DVD

Genre : Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : QQ Life
Broadcast Period : Mar 2, 2018 - Apr 18, 2018
An arrogant third master of a powerful family falls in love at first sight with a pretty young maiden and uses every means possible to force her hand in marriage, despite her harboring a crush on another man. In the beginning of a coerced marriage, she resents him and rejects all his advances and gestures of love, but their love story slowly develops after going through obstacles in times of war andchaos. However, things get complicated when her old flame returns and becomes her husband's assistant.

Stairway To Stardom (Kasetsin Puttichai, Song Yi, Li Yu Xuan) 5 DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : QQLive
Broadcast Period : Jun 9, 2017 To Jul 28, 2017
Su Cheng is a college senior who is a diehard fan of Yen Chu Fei. In order to get close to her idol, she starts working as a personal assistant for a celebrity and eventually signs with a management company headed by Duan Cheng Xuan. Her life decisions don't seem to be inspired inspired by the smartest reasons but this is also a story of self-discovery as the budding actress learns to develop a passion for the stage.

Summer's Desire (Sophie Zhang, Qin Jun Jie, Huang Sheng Chi) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Network: ZJTV, iQiyi, iQiyi
Broadcast Period : May 8, 2018 - Jun 12, 2018
A story revolving around the complicated entanglements between the three main characters and the heart-wrenching romance that ensues. When Luo Xi steps in to save the talented Xia Mo from a performance-threatening mishap at a major singing contest, he reverses a longstanding distrust they've shared since meeting in the same foster home as teen orphans. Luo Xi falls in love with Xia Mo and prompts Ou Chen, Xia Mo's suitor to dispatch her abroad on studies. Five years later, the now famous Luo Xi meets Xia Mo again, just at the moment an accident causes Ou Chen to lose his memory. As love and hate entangle with confusion, how will this love triangle unfold?

Surgeons (Jin Dong, Bai Bai He, Li Jia Hang) 5 DVD

Genre : Metropolitan, Medical, Romance
Episodes : 45
Broadcast Network : Beijing TV, Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Period : 2017-Apr-17 To 2017-May-10
Renhe Hospital nurse Zhang Shumei is forced to resign after being suspected of accidentally killing a patient. Zhang Shumei's 4 year old daughter is abducted, and she herself dies in a car accident a couple of years later. 30 years later, Zhang Shumei's son Zhuang Shu (Jin Dong) returns to the hospital as a surgeon who is intent on unraveling the secret behind his family's misfortune.

Sweet Combat (Lu Han Exo, Guan Xiaotong, Pei Zitian) 4 DVD

Genre : Romantic, Comedy, Teen, Sports
Episodes : 37
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : July 23 – August 14, 2018
As the eldest daughter of the Fang Conglomerate, Fang Yu was raised to become the sole successor of the company, yet she goes against her family's objections to pursue boxing and won the championship title at the young age of 18. On the other hand, Ming Tian comes from a poor family. He once stopped schooling for three years in order to work and he decided to apply for a sports scholarship despite not having any background whatsoever. Fang Yu was one of the first to see his talents and their relationship grows over time.

Sweet Dreams (Dilmurat Dilraba, Deng Lun, Liu Qiu Shi) 5 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV, QQLive, Youku
Broadcast Period : Jun 25, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018
Ling Ling Qi (A play on 007) is a sincere, kind girl who's always happy to lend a hand to others, but she also has low self-esteem, which has severely impacted her life, making her unable to do her best at work and fulfill her dreams. She's also afraid to express her feelings for her colleague that she's been harboring a crush on, Bo Hai. One day, Ling Ling Qi and Bo Hai take part in a company's high tech experimental bracelet test to improve sleeping patterns. During the test, the bracelet malfunctions, leading Ling Ling Qi's electro brain waves to be keyed into Bo Hai's dream sequence, which allowed Ling Ling Qi to enter Bo Hai's dreams. Drama focuses on how the two characters help each other fix their own personal problems within their dreams and real lives.

Symphony Of Fate (Yang Mi,Feng Shao Feng) 5 DVD

Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: SZTV / AHTV
Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-03 start
Mainland's adaptation of the Korean drama "Cinderella's Sister", the story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.


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