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Magical Space Travel (Ruby Lin, Jia Nai Liang, Xu Lu) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 24
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2016-April-27 To 2016-June-02
Ten years ago, the heir to a restaurant group, Peng Zhen Dong, and popular actress, Xie Jia Xin, met in Japan. The two of them fell in love at first sight and soon got married. Then an explosion on a cruise ship caused the Peng family to collapse, and Jia Xin was met with an unfortunate car accident that took her life. In the present day, Zhen Dong, who survived the explosion, returns after a face transplant, as Han Ruo Fei. He's obtained a time traveling camera that sends him back ten years when he takes a photo. Traveling back in time, Ruo Fei tries to save his wife and find out what happened to him all those years ago.

Marry Into The Purple (Charmanie Sheh, Jiang Zu Ping, Benny Qian) 6 DVD

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 40
Release Year : 2012
Year 1925, the country was torn by warlordism. In Jiangnam, Xu family who ran soya sauce business was set up by powerful warlord Cao Zhen Fang, pushing them to poverty. In order to fulfill the betrothal promised to Xu family, the adopted daughter of Shen family; Shen Ying Xiu decided to replace her elder sister Shen Ying Di in marrying their onlyson Xu Jia Jun. After Ying Xiu real identity was exposed, Father Xu died from anger. Jia Jun ran away from home. Meanwhile, Ying Di schemes finally succeeded and she got married into the wealthy Cao family. However, her husband Cao Rui is a womanizer, causing her much grief. Jia Jun followed Xiao Jiu as a disciple and led Xiao army to attack Cao army. Furious, Cao Zhen Fang took his mother and Ying Xiu as hostage. Jia Jun couldn't be swayed. In order to protect Mother Xu, Ying Xiu suffered many abuses and insults, improving her relationship with her mother-in-law in the progress. Ying Di, seeing Cao Rui attraction to Ying Xiu, took advantage of this to secure her status in the Cao family. The relationship between the sisters is damaged beyond repair. During the battle between Cao and Xiao army, Cao Zhen Fang was captured. It turns out that Jia Jun is Cao's biological son, exposing the truth that Cao Rui is not his real son. Cao Rui was disowned and lived in poverty, died from misery. Alone, Ying Di looked back and regretted her actions. Wartime, Cao Zhen Fang conspired with Japanese and end up bearing the consequences of his evil actions. After the war ended, Jia Jun returned to his hometown and rebuilds their family business with Ying Xiu.

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (Li Hong Yi, Xing Fair, Qie Lu Tong) 3 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Romance, School
Episodes: 23
Broadcast Period : Jan 9, 2017 to Jan 15, 2017
The story follows our heroine who after losing her mother, is in the custody of a rich family (the male lead's family). She's then allowed to attend a high school with prestige with him. There, people call him Master Devil, he'll always make her pass for difficult moments.

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2 (Li Hong Yi, Xing Fair, Qie Lu Tong) 3 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Romance, School
Episodes : 23
Broadcast Network :QQ Live
Broadcast Period : Mar 8, 2017 to Apr 4, 2017
Continuing directly from Season 1, Qi Lu and Chu Xia's relationship and school life continue to develop and complicate as new love rivals enter the picture. When Qi Lu first love enter back to school. Will he return back to his first love or it will start a new whole story? And what will happen when Chu Xia find out her real identity and her father?

Medalist Lawyer Heir (Hawick Lau, Jiang Xin, Damian Lau) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama, Law, Romance
Episodes : 45
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV
Broadcast Period : Apr 14, 2017 to May 9, 2017
Zheng Hao is a hotshot attorney who specializes in inheritance law. Tang Ning is an heiress who has returned from the United States only to find out that her own family members have forced her to give up her shares of the family business, robbing her of her inheritance.Tang Ning goes to work as Zheng Hao's assistant, and she realizes that Zheng Hao is exactly the person who can help her regain her rightful place within her family. But can they stop bickering long enough for Tang Ning to achieve her goals?

Memories Of Love/ Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way (Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang, Aaron Yan)

Genre : Romance, Drama
Episodes : 30
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV, JSTV
Broadcast Period : Feb 7, 2018 - Feb 27, 2018
Based on a novel of the same name by writer Qing Shan Luo Tuo (青衫落拓), tell the story of a young couple who finds their love rekindled after being separated for ten years. In Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way, Wallace portrays Lu Fei, a seemingly perfect Prince Charming, who unexpectedly encounters the stubborn and rebellious young lady Xin Chen, played by Jiang Shuying. Despite their clashing personalities, they find themselvesdrawn to one another and eventually fall in love. However, they later separate, and it is not until ten years later, when Lu Fei lets go of his newly burgeoning company overseas and returns to search for Xin Chen, that they rediscover the meaning of their love.

Moon River/The Return Of Iljimae (Sam Lim, Pets Tseng) 4 DVD

Genre : Action, Romance, Adventure
Episodes : 29
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV / GTV
Broadcast Period: 2015-Sep-08 / 2015-Sep-09
The day Ming Xiao Xi transferred to her new school, she got herself into a fight with the most popular kids in school, who also happened to be the most arrogant, devilish pretty boys in school. Before she knew it, she became public enemy number 1. But, nothing can defeat this outgoing martial artist. She can handle any punches coming her way.

Moonshine And Valentine (Victoria Song, Huang Johnny, Leo Li) 3 DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 25
Broadcast Period : May 9, 2018 - Jun 13, 2018
Guan Pi Pi is an amateur reporter. In spite of being beautiful and kind, she often finds herself alone in the world. Because of that, Guan Pi Pi feels abandoned and hopeless. What she doesn't realize is that she has been marked with an ancient curse that has been the cause of all of the misfortune in her life.He Lan Jing Ting is the Jade Master, a secretive cultural relic specialistwhose face remains unseen to the public eye. He Lan Jing Ting is practically alien to people, but no one knows just how true that statement is--The Jade Master is actually a deity from another realm.When He Lan Jing Ting meets Guan Pi Pi, he becomes convinced that he can make her believe in love again. But for a man who lives his life in solitude, it might be tough to save a woman suffering from a supernatural, millennia-old curse.

Mr Swimmer (Mike Angelo, Ju Jing Yi, Jerry Yan) 5 DVD

Genre : Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sports
Episodes : 46
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Sep 5, 2018 - Oct 25, 2018
Bai Yong Ze is a genius swimmer with a humble beginning, while Song Cha Cha is a rich miss whose family takes a tumble. Her boyfriend, for an unknown reason, breaks up with her, and he's Yong Ze's best friend, Lan Tian. The boys then begin to compete in every aspect of life, from love to career. They train strictly for their upcoming national swimming competition, and before the battle begins, Lan Tian's father threatens Yong Zhe into losing the competition. To uphold justice and maintain honor and sportsmanship, Lan Tian defends Yong Zhe and restores his reputation. Through many twists and turns, the three youths build a a sense of responsibility and perseverance, releasing an inner shine of outstanding youths.

My Amazing Boyfriend (Kim Tae Hwan, Wu Qian, Fu Jia) 4 DVD

Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 28
Broadcast Network : MGTV
Broadcast Period : 2016-04-24 To 2016-06-01
Mutant Xue Ling Qiao, who has been asleep for centuries, is awakened by the unlucky actress Tian Jing Zhi in a car accident. He then forces his way into living at her house despite his mysterious past. On the surface, she acts like she's not bothered by his super powers, but actually, she tries her best to get rid of this "monster." Unexpectedly, their torment of each other gradually warms their relationship. This not only illuminates their romantic feelings but also reveals a shocking conspiracy that spans centuries.

My Huckleberry Friends (Li Landy, Zhang Steven, Qian Li) 3 DVD

Genre : Romance, Life, School, Youth
Episodes : 30
Broadcast Network : iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Nov 8, 2017 - Jan 5, 2018
After "With You", My Huckleberry Friends is the next adaptation of a Ba Yue Chang An novel. On her first day of primary school, Yu Zhou Zhou falls down and thus gets to know a guy named Lin Yang. Lin Yang helps her adapt to school and the two become friends. Later, rumors spread and Lin Yang's parents request of their son to stay away from Zhou Zhou. Having to deal with Lin Yang drifting apart from her, Zhou Zhou learns how to feign indifference. When entering high school, Zhou Zhou escapes from Lin Yang and her other former classmates and can finally breathe again. In the end, she manages to get into Zhen Hua senior high school. However, at Zhen Hua Zhou Zhou meets Lin Yang again. Zhou Zhou doesn't know whether to be happy or sad. Several hardships await Zhou Zhou and Lin Yang during their high school time, which leads them to grow up. Will the two be able to find back to each other in the process?

My Little Princess (Mike D'Angelo , Chen Kenji, Zhang Yu Xi) 3 DVD

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network : Sohu TV
Broadcast Period : Aug 11, 2016 To Sep 21, 2016
Lin Xing Chen has everything in life. She is rich, beautiful, and adored by all. She is also cursed with the fate that any man she likes will not like her back. She begins a difficult journey to win the heart of a rich heir. Standing in her way to a happily-ever-after is a sweet, compassionate but poor girl and a smart, multitalented but poor boy.

My Little Princess 2 /Dear Prince (Zhang Yu Xi, Sia Melvin, Zhao Chloe) 2 DVD

Genre : Romance, Supernatural
Episodes : 19
Broadcast Network : Sohu TV
Broadcast Period : Aug 30, 2017 - Oct 11, 2017
The crew from My Little Princess is back with a new drama. This time, Zhang Yu Xi will play an ordinary girl while the new male lead Melvin Sia will be the one with prince syndrome. Crazy fan Sun Xiao Tao's biggest wish is to go to a concert of her favorite idol Zhou Yi Ran. Furthermore, she wants to fulfill the promise she once made to him. When her dream finallyis about to come true, she bumps into Jiang Hao and her ticket for Zhou Yi Ran's Japan concert gets ripped. From then on, the fates of these two become strangely entangled…

My Mr Mermaid (Tan Song Yun, Dylan Xiong, Huang Sheng Chi) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Youth, Sports
Episodes : 37
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Jul 30, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017
A young swimmer tries to stage a comeback three years after a scandal.Tang Yi Bai is a former champion swimmer who was wrongfully accused of doping that derailed his competitive career three years ago. He returns after a three-year hiatus to compete for the South Physical Education College alongside his best friend, Qi Rui Feng, against their biggest rival, Heng Ou Yang, of North Physical Education College.At the competition, YiBai meets rookie sports reporter Yun Duo, who is assigned to cover the competition but has a fear of water due to a near-drowning incident in her past. Yun Duo also happens to rent a room in Yi Bai's family home, and the two become good friends.Can Yun Duo encourages Yi Bai to prove his innocence in his past scandal and regain his swimming glory?

My Ruby My Blood (Nicky Wu, Ying Er, Ye Zu Xin) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 38
Broadcast Network : LeTV
Broadcast Period : Jun 11, 2017 To Jul 2, 2017
The series tells the love story of a rich man meeting a poor girl. He is the general manager of a premier jeweller who discovers the heroine's talent for design and hires her as an employee. She brings along her baggage as a breadwinner who has to support everyone in her family including her boyfriend.

My Story For You (Luo Jin, Zheng Shuang, Zhang Yi Shang) 5 DVD

Genre : Romance, Life, Youth
Episodes : 48
Broadcast Network : iQiyi
Broadcast Period : Jun 18, 2018 - Aug 8, 2018
In 1998, Zhang Changgong gets his first taste of success as a developer in an IT company. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with Li Muzi, a kind and intelligent university student. Unfortunately, the IT industry soon faces an economic crisis, and Zhang Changgong is left unemployed. With the help of his friends and family, Changgong faces the challenges head-on, and eventually becoming a top-selling author.To court her, he wrote 137 love letters in a year, exceeding 1 million Chinese characters. To guard her, he created 16 novels with more than 40 million words, working a wonder of internet literature. This is the love story that unfolded for 16 years already between Tang Jian Shao and his wife.

My Ugly Mother (Zhang Shao Hua, Jiang Hong En, Feng Yi Fei) 5 DVD

Genre: Family drama
Episodes: 26
Broadcast Network: JSTV
Broadcast Period: 2008-Sep-22
Wang Da Chun is a handsome young man from the country who's entered the city to work. His mother raised him on her own after the premature death of his father. However, Da Chun has always been ashamed of his mother's ugly looks and he's even been dumped by several girlfriends because of her unsightly appearance. In the city, Da Chun meets and falls in love with the beautiful Zhao Xiao Xu, a girl who's placed great importance on outward appearance since the deaths of her parents. Therefore, Da Chun decides to hide the fact that he has an ugly mother and tells Xiao Xu that both of his parents have already passed away too...


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