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Legend Of Fragrance/Huo Se Sheng Xiang (Tiffany Tang, Li Yi Feng, William Chan) 6 DVD

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 42
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2015-Feb-04 to 2015-Mar-02
Li Yi Feng plays a sweet, rich young master, while William Chan takes on the cold, heroic, investigator. On the ladies’ side, Tang Yan embodies the spirit of a sweet, strong willed Chinese Woman, in contrast to the nobly charming young mistress of Shu Chang. Moreover, the two ladies often find their interests in conflict with each other. Aside from that, the two families will battle over producing the best incenses in the area.

Love Is Really Good/Ai Qing Zhen Shan Mei (Tang Yan,Zhang Meng,Roy Qiu,Baron Chen) 6 DVD

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Anhui TV
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-04
Related show: Xia Jia San Qian Jin
A sequel to Xia Jia San Qian Jin/The Daughters

Love 020/Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang) 5 DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 30
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV
Broadcast Period : August 22 – September 6, 2016
Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) is the campus goddess, who also excels in her studies. She aspires to be a game designer/engineer, and goes by the alias of Luwei Weiwei in the online role-playing game Dreaming of Jianghu. After she gets dumped by her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approached by the number one player Yixiao Naihe, who suggested that they enter into a marriage so they can both level up in game. The newly formed couple instantly hit it off, and undergoes many adventures together in game.However, Wei Wei never expected the identity of her gaming husband to be her college senior, Xiao Nai (Yang Yang), who is described as the cream of the crop in both sports and academics. When Wei Wei discovers his real identity, they have already fallen in love with each other. Together, they face many obstacles as due to their good looks, many are jealous of them. What would happen to their relationship then?

Love & Life & Lie (Zhou Dongyu, Chen Xiao, Liu Xue Hua) 4 DVD

Genre : Romance, Youth
Episodes : 41
Broadcast Network : ZJTV
Broadcast Period : Jan 4, 2017 To Jan 26, 2017
Liu Xin Tong is an optimistic girl who has lived in a poor family household. Her life was pretty ordinary until an accident occurred that forced her and her mother into the house of Ji Bai Jun, a wealthy businessman. She met the spoiled, arrogant Ji Zhi Zhen, gentle and handsome Ji Zhen Yu, and the man she is fated to love, Li Yao Nan. As she continues down the path, she is met with multiple obstacles that she must overcome to ultimately keep her lover and friends, in addition to finding out the real truth about her birth.

Love Actually (Joe Chen, Wang Yi Bo, Tong Da Wei) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 45
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2017-Aug-15 to 2017-Sep-10
An Qinghuan is a highly-motivated woman. She focuses on two things: her career and getting ahead in life. Ding Renjian is an IT engineer who is carefree and unconcerned about the future, choosing to deal with life situations as they come. Qu Zhiwei is the quintessential businessman; who is talented, ambitious and born with good looks.

Love Just Come (Han Dong, Lee Wei, Jiang Kai Tong) 5 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes: 60
Broadcast network : JSTV
Broadcast period : Jan 29, 2017 to Mar 2, 2017
From when she was young, Qing Ling grew up in an orphanage. She is a kind, cheerful and helpful girl with a perfect sense of smell. Due to her sensitivity to smells, she started to develop perfume. Qing Ling's dream is to create a perfume to pay back the orphanage and help society. In order to realize this dream, Qing Ling persevered through all sorts of adversity. While chasing her dream, she received Xu Qinglun, Duan Tian Lang, Duan Yi Hua and others help. With Duan Tian Lang, they went from friends to lovers. During this period, she also found her family and reconnected with them. After experiencing lots of frustration, she finally, with her own effort and everyone's help, produced her own perfume brand, realized her dream and obtained love.

Love Me Once Again (Gao Xin,Xie Xian,Liu Xue Hua) 5 DVD

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