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Dai Shang Po Po Jia (Yu Sui Fan, Xie Zu Wu,Wang Zhong Huang,Wong Man Hou) 8 DVD

Episode : 46
Broadcast Period : 2009-08-17
Lin Wenxiang car accident, death, family members take care of your longevity, and has asked his wife wishful remarried. Wishful refused to take up the meaning and the elderly to take care of Lin Jiasheng the task. She bear usury, was framed, desperate to get the students when Jiadong help. To find long-lost father wishful classic Bing Liu Yin, housekeeper Zhansheng Long has set up obstacles to prevent her return to Liu. Strongly adhere to the forest under the wishful mother remarried Yuchun longevity. Shenglong collusion harm wishful and Liu Qiao three lords, but also by Moritaka East Kerry framed behind bars. Longevity, however, was rescued by the East Kerry, in order to Pareto and longevity, he decided to leave in secret to protect everyone. Shenglong admitted that all injuries are reported when Kato for the fire and his father's revenge. Liu Bingxian suddenly realized, secretly collected Shenglong counts, and invited the only survivor when the fire Kato - "small strong" to explain everything, Moritaka regret suicide. Joe three wishful escape being abducted, in the nick of time, Yuchun, two autumn satin mother pushed together to Joe three cliff, rescued the wishful.

Diamond Lover (Bi, Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin) 8 DVD

Genre : Romance
Episodes : 68
Broadcast Network : JZTV
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jul-22
Xiao Liang (Bi) is the CEO of the world's biggest Diamond company. He's reserved, strict and counts every penny while doing business. He also chooses to close himself off from people, insisting relationships are of no worth in his life. Everything turns upside down when he meets Mi Dou (Tiffany Tang), a woman who changes his views in life and teaches him what it means to be alive and happy.

Delicious Destiny (Mike D'Angelo, Mao Xiao Tong, Zhang Yu Jian) 5 DVD

Genre : Food, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 56
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : Sep 11, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017
Li Yu Zhe is a Western cuisine chef who is obsessed with gourmet food. When he participates in a TV cooking program, he meets the playwright-director Song Jia Ming who has an amazing sense of taste. The two quarrel a lot at first, but soon they're attracted to each other.

Demon Girl (Li Yi Tong, Zhang Zhe Han, Mi Re) 4 DVD

Genre : Supernatural, Romance
Episodes : 35
Broadcast Network : Mango TV
Broadcast Period : 2016-Jun-30
Nie Qing Cheng is a half demon, except she doesn't know it herself. Or the fact that her mother's demon clan helped shape the Qing Dynasty and their control ended with Eight-Nation Alliance invading China. Her father had raised her as a human child after her mother died in the conflict. But when a scientist exposed her true form and a fellow half-demon vying for her love, she wonders if her human side can prevail and if her human lover will stand by her side to the end.

Destined To Love You/Pian Pian Xi Huan Ni (Chen Qiao En, Jia Nai Liang, Bosco Wong) 5 DVD

Genre : Romance, Military, School
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2015-Jun-16 To 2015-Jul-11
A woman, who by accident, became an instructor at a military school. She got involved in a love triangle while trying to hide her true identity.

Dreams Link (Alex Fong, Zhang Jia Ni) 14 DVD

Genre : Romance, drama
Episode : 46
Broadcast network : Hunan TV / CTS
Broadcast Period :2007-Jun-30 to 2007-Jul-28 / 2007-Jul-11 to 2007-Aug-09
Zi Ling is a dreamer who has always been overshadowed by her perfect older sister Lu Ping. For a long time, she's secretly been in love with Chu Lian, who also happens to be Lu Ping's boyfriend. Lu Ping is busy with her own dream of becoming a successful professional dancer and has little time for Chu Lian. Conflict arises when Chu Lian realizes that the one he truly loves is Zi Ling. An unfortunate accident forces a guilt-ridden Chu Lian toenter an unhappy marriage with Lu Ping, but he is unable to forget Zi Ling. Fei Yun Fan is a mysterious, wealthy, and much older man who loves Zi Ling with all his heart. Hoping to move on with her life, Zi Ling gradually reciprocates Fei Yun Fan's affection.


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