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MacGyver (Lucas Till, George Eads, Sandrine Holt)

Season 1 : 4 DVD 21 Eps , Season 2 : 4 DVD 23 Eps , Season 3 : 4 DVD 22 Eps

Genre : Action, Adventure
Country : USA
Original Channel : CBS
Original Run : September 23, 2016 – Present
Angus "Mac" MacGyver is an operative of a secret U.S. government organization where he uses his extraordinary talent for problem solving and his extensive knowledge of science to save lives. "With skills that are only limited by his creativity, Mac saves the day using paper clips instead of pistols, birthday candles instead of bombs, and gum instead of guns."

Madam Secretary (Tea Leoni, Tim Daly, Zeljko Ivanek)

Season 1 : 6 DVD 22 Eps , Season 2 : 5 DVD 23 Eps , Season 3 : 4 DVD 23 Eps
Season 4 : 4 DVD 22 Eps , Season 5 : 4 DVD 20 Eps

Genre : Political Drama
Country : USA
Original Channel : CBS
Original Run : September 21, 2014 – Present
No Synopsis

Man Seeking Woman (Jay Baruchel, Eric Andre, Britt Lower)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 10 Eps

Genre : Romantic Comedy, Surreal Comedy
Country : USA
Original Channel : FXX
Original Run : January 14, 2015 – Present
Most episode plots are based on relatable conflicts and struggles of entering/maintaining a relationship; however, these conflicts are taken to absurd and literal extremes. The show centers on Josh Greenberg, who struggles finding love after a break-up with his long term girlfriend Maggie. His mature and successful older sister Liz often tries to help him enter into a serious relationship, and his sex-crazed best friend Mike often tries to help him with solely having sex. Josh's efforts often times lead him into surreal and awkward circumstances such as going on a date with an actual Troll, physically misplacing his penis, or meeting a Japanese monster composed of human penises. Sometimes Josh is successful in finding a girlfriend; however, these relationships usually only survive for one episode.

Manhut Unabomber (Sam Worthington, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Bobb)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 8 Eps

Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Original Channel : Discovery Channel
Original Run : August 1 – September 12, 2017
The series depicts the true story of the FBI's hunt for the man known as the Unabomber.

Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy, Joan Chen, Zhu Zhu)

Season 1 : 3 DVD 10 Eps , Season 2 : 2 DVD 10 Eps

Genre : Drama, Historical Fantasy
Country : USA
Original Channel : Netflix
Original Run : December 12, 2014
The series about Marco Polo's early years in the court of Kublai Khan.

Masters Of Sex (Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin Fitzgerald)

Season 1 : 3 DVD 12 Eps , Season 2 : 3 DVD 12 Eps , Season 3 : 3 DVD 12 Eps
Season 4 : 2 DVD 10 Eps

Genre : Period Drama, Black Comedy
Country : USA
Original Channel : Showtime
Original Run : September 29, 2013 – Present
Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan star as the lead characters, Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two pioneering researchers of human sexuality at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Matador (Gabriel Luna, Nicky Whelan, Neil Hopkins)

Season 1: 3 DVD 12 Eps

Genre : Action, Drama
Country : USA
Original Channel : El Rey
Original Run : July 15, 2014 – Present
In this scripted action series, Tony Bravo is a DEA agent recruited by the CIA to infiltrate the Los Angeles Riot, a professional soccer team. The CIA suspects the Riot's owner, Andrés Galan (Alfred Molina), of using his vast resources to fund illicit activities. During team tryouts, Bravo seriously injures one of the Riot players in a confrontation on the field, initially earning the ire of the owner and the team. When footage of the incident goes viral, earning Bravo the nickname "Matador", Galan sees marketing potential in his popular new star.

Medici The Magnificent (Daniel Sharman, Synnove Karlsen, Jacopo Olmo Antinori)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 8 Eps , Season 2 : 2 DVD 8 Eps

Genre : Historical, Fiction
Country : UK
Original Channel :Rai 1 (Italy)
Original Run : 18 October 2016 – Present
1470. Medici's family power has been consolidated over time. Lorenzo is called to take his father's place after an attempt on his life which reveals years of poor bank management from them. As new head of Medici's family he has to take care of his brother Giuliano and his sister Bianca. He marries Clarice Orsini, a noble woman from Rome, and his friendship with Botticelli gives life to Renaissance. His contrast with Pope Sixtus brings Florence to the most bloody moment of its History, the Pazzi conspiracy.

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