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La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia : 2 DVD

Genre : Action, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : Sun TV
Original Run : July 1, 2012 – September 16, 2012
There is an organization called the Arcana Famiglia, which protects the island of Regalo. The Famiglia is made up of people who have made contracts with Arcana cards, and have received special abilities due to this. On his birthday celebration, the "Papa" has decided it is time for him to retire and give up his seat to a new male who has control over an Arcana. To decide who in the "family" gets this seat, he calls for a tournament, called the Arcana Duello, between Arcana-users. To the winner, he promises the "Papa" seat, a wish of the winner's choice and his daughter's hand in marriage. Refusing to accept this, Felicitá decides to fight to choose her own path, with her friends Liberta and Nova fighting for her freedom by her side.

Lance N Masques : 2 DVD

Genre : Action, Fantasy
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : TBS, BS-TBS, CBC, SUN
Original Run : October 1, 2015 – December 17, 2015
The protagonist of the story is Yōtarō Hanabusa, a member of the surviving 21st century Knights, called the "Knights of the world." Wanting to be a normal person rather than a knight, he leaves everyone behind to set out on his own, but old habits die hard and he finds that like it or not he reflexively acts like a "White Knight" any time someone's in trouble. One day he meets a girl, Kidoin Makio, and learns that she is forced to live completely alone; he takes her under his wing and begins to look after her, all the while hiding his identity as the masked "Knight Lancer" she idolizes.

Legend Of The Millenium Dragon : 1 DVD

Genre : Animation , Adventure, Family
Release Date : 29 April 2011
A 15-year-old boy goes 1200 years back in time to find his unlikely destiny as the savior to end the war between humans and demons.

Level E : 3 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
Episodes : 13
Broadcast Network : : TV Tokyo
Original Run : January 11, 2011 – April 5, 2011
Earth has been populated by thousands of aliens from all over the galaxy. While all the other aliens are aware of their presence, it is a secret only from the Earthlings. Baka, the prince of the planet Dogra, crash lands on Earth and loses his memory. He forcibly moves in with Yukitata Tsuitsui, a first year high school student who had just moved out on his own. The normal life he once knew is quickly pulled away as he becomes the target of the prince's torment.

Little Busters : 3 DVD 26 Eps , Little Busters Refrain : 2 DVD 13 Eps

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Broadcast Network : Tokyo MX, TV Kanagawa, MBS, TV Aichi, BS11, AT-X
Original Run : October 6, 2012 – December 28, 2013
Little Busters!' story revolves around the main protagonist Riki Naoe, a young male high school student. When Riki was a child, his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of three young boys and one girl his age who referred to themselves as the Little Busters — a group dedicated to fighting evil and preserving justice. The leader of the Little Busters was Kyousuke Natsume who had a younger sister named Rin. The other two members of the Little Busters were Masato Inohara and Kengo Miyazawa, who are rivals despite being friends. They took Riki out and played together with him during his time of need, effectively making him the fifth member of the Little Busters. In time, Riki really enjoyed playing with them, and his grief over his parents gradually faded away. When the story begins, Riki and his friends are seemingly in their second year of the high school they attend, except for Kyousuke who is in his third year. They still hang out together, and enjoy their school life.

Little Ghostly Adventures Of The Tofu Boy : 1 DVD

Genre : Animation
Release Date : 29 April 2011
No Synopsis

Love Live : 2 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Music
Episodes : 13
Broadcast Network : BS11, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, Yomiuri TV
Original Run : January 6, 2013 – March 31, 2013
Honoka Kōsaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called μ's (pronounced muse) in order to attract new students.

Love Stage : 2 DVD

Genre : Romantic Comedy, Yaoi
Episodes : 10
Broadcast Network : Tokyo MX
Original Run : July 9, 2014 – September 10, 2014
No Synopsis

Magi : 3 DVD

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Dramedy
Episodes : 25
Broadcast Network : JNN (MBS)
Original Run : October 7, 2012 – March 31, 2013
The story is set in an alternate recreation of the ancient Old World with several regions and nations having some resemblances with real-life counterparts from that time. In this world, all living beings possess an essence known as Rukh (ルフ?) and when they die, this essence return to the huge flow (also known as "guidance") of Rukh that gives life to all subsequent beings in an eternal cycle of rebirth called "Fate". Once a person is overcome with sadness, anger and hopelessness, their Rukh turns into a corrupted, unstable, black-colored Rukh that deviates from the main guidance in a process known as "Fall into Depravity" (堕転 Daten?).

Magi Sinbad No Bouken : 3 DVD

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes : 13
Original Network : MBS, TBS, CBC, BS-TBS
Original Run : April 16, 2016 – July 2, 2016
The story is set in an alternate recreation of the ancient Old World with several regions and nations having some resemblances with real-life counterparts from that time. In this world, all living beings possess an essence known as Rukh (ルフ Rufu) and when they die, this essence returns to the huge flow (also known as "guidance") of Rukh that gives life to all subsequent beings in an eternal cycle of rebirth called "Fate". Once a person is overcome with sadness, anger, and hopelessness, their Rukh becomes corrupted, unstable, and black, and deviates from the main guidance in a process known as "Fall into Depravity" (堕転 Daten).the rule of such individuals.

Magic Kaito 1412 : 3 DVD

Genre : Comedy Drama, Crime
Episodes : 24
Broadcast Network : NNS (ytv)
Original Run : October 4, 2014 – March 28, 2015
Kaito Kuroba is a normal teenage student whose father died under mysterious circumstances eight years ago. Eight years later, he is made aware of his father's secret identity; a famous international criminal known as Kaito Kid, and that he was murdered by a mysterious organization because he tried to steal a gem which was also targeted by them. The goal of the organization is to find within a year the Pandora Gem, a mystical stone said to shed tears during the passing of the Volley comet (which happens once every 10,000 years): drinking these tears bestows immortality.He vows to prevent the organization from gaining immortality, and assumes his father's thief identity as he begins his quest for the gem. His only clues as to the gem's location are that it glows red under the full moon and that it is a doublet: a gem hidden within a larger gem. Thus, it would have to be a relatively large one with a bizarre history, and always stored in a place that never receives moonlight. He thus researches and steals famous priceless gems with odd histories from incredibly well-defended areas, but returns them after the very next full moon as they are not the Pandora.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Stikers Chronicle The Movie : 1 DVD

No Synopsis

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd : 1 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Magical girl
Release Date : July 14, 2012
Six months following the events of the previous series, Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa have been exchanging video mails to tell each other of their situations on earth and in the Time-Space Administration Bureau respectively. However, on the night Fate returns, Nanoha and her friends come into conflict with the Belkan Knights, Signum, Vita, Zafira, and Shamal, who are tasked with filling the pages of the Book of Darkness to protect their master, a wheelchair bound girl named Hayate Yagami. It is up to Nanoha, Fate and the Time-Space Administration Bureau to solve the mystery of the Book of Darkness, the Belkan Knights and their master.

Magister Negi Magi

Season 1 : 2 DVD 26 Eps , Season 2 : 4 DVD 26 Eps

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Magical Girls/Boys, Martial Art, Romance, Science Fantasy
Broadcast Network : TV Tokyo
Original Run : January 6, 2005 – March 27, 2008
Negi Springfield is a ten-year-old wizard from Wales, who dreams of becoming a Magister Magi (Approximate Latin translation: "Master of Magic" or "Master Mage"), a special wizard who uses his powers to help normal people, using covers such as working for NGOs.Negi's reason for becoming a Magister Magi is to find his father, Nagi Springfield, the legendary mage also known as the "Thousand Master", who is believed to be dead.

Maho Romatic : 2 DVD

Genre : Science Fiction, Harem, Comedy-Drama, Psychologica
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : BS-I AT-X
Original Run : 10 September 2001 – 28 January 2002
It is about a female android former soldier, Mahoro. Driven by guilt from her actions during her combat days, she decides to dedicate the rest of her life to serving the son of her late commander as a maid.

Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai : 2 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Sentai, Romance, Harem, Action
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : AT-X, Tokyo MX
Original Run : October 2, 2011 – December 18, 2011
Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A healthy fighting spirit is always valued and it is even an important factor for success at school. Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami High School is always with his close friends (four boys and three girls). They have all known each other since they were young and have done many things together. While they have many other friends, this group of seven is a close-knit, inseparable group. They even have a secret base where they meet. With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things begin to change.


Season 1 : 3 DVD , Season 2 : 3 DVD , Season 3 : 3 DVD , Season 4 : 3 DVD , Season 5 : 3 DVD
Season 6 : 3 DVD

Genre : Sports , Drama
Episodes : 154
Broadcast Network : NHK-E
Original Run : 13 November 2004 – 25 September 2010
The story of Major follows the life of Gorō Honda, from kindergarten to being a professional baseball player, seeking and overcoming tremendous challenges.

Makai Ouji Devils And Realist : 2 DVD

Genre : Supernatural, Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, TV Osaka, AT-X
Original Run : July 7, 2013 – September 22, 2013
In 19th century England, William Twining, a young, genius aristocrat, discovers his family went bankrupt and his life is turned upside down when he accidentally summons a demon in his family's basement while looking for money to pay for his tuition. The demon, Dantalion, reveals to William that he is the "Elector" - the one who can choose the interim ruler over Hell as its emperor, Lucifer, rests to regain his strength - and a descendant of King Solomon, who had powers over demons known as his seventy-two pillars. William, who is a scientific realist, doesn't believe in demons and refuses to become involved with a power struggle in Hell. However, Dantalion stays close to William and goes to his school, until he is chosen to be the interim king. Dantalion is joined by Sytry and Camio, his fellow pillars and interim candidates, as they become attached to the reincarnation of their beloved master. As more powerful figures learn of William's ancient heritage and plot to use him to their benefits, William finds himself at the center of a war between Hell and Heaven while discovering the mysteries that surrounds him and Solomon's enigmatic past.

Maken Ki : 2 DVD

Genre :Romantic Comedy
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : AT-X
Original Run : October 5, 2011 – December 21, 2011
Takeru Ohyama, a young, average, perverted minded guy, just got accepted to go to the Tenbi Academy that, unknown to him, is where combat and magic is used and taught. Arriving at the school (which was once an all-girl academy and now going Coed), he reunites with his longtime childhood friend, Haruko Amaya, which he hasn't seen for over three years. He also meets Inaho Kushiya, an attractive girl who says she's his fiancé, and Kodama Himegami, a lovely blonde girl who says she wants to kill him. Which there are also some other girls at the school that just don't like him (mostly do to some misunderstandings). He is later told that everyone at the Tenbi Academy has a special magic ability that they are able to use, but only while using a special item or weapon called a Maken. Later he finds out that none of the Maken are acceptable for him, which he doesn't know what to do, since in this school, the students get into duels that showcase their magic and combat powers, of which he seemingly has none.

Manyuu Hikencho : 2 DVD

Genre :Historical, Action
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : TV Kanagawa, Tokyo MX, Chiba TV, KBS Kyoto, Sun Television, AT-X (TV, censored) ShowTime,
Original Run : July 12, 2011 – September 27, 2011
In a reign ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate, big breasts mean everything. Those who have huge breasts are guaranteed wealth and popularity. The women who lack them are not considered "human". Members of the ruling Manyu Clan help raise future big breasted women. Written on a secret scroll possessed by the clan, there are said to be various techniques on how to grow big and beautiful breasts. Chifusa is to be successor of the clan. However, she takes the secret scroll and runs away with it, hoping to fight against the cruel world that the Manyu Clan has created.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha : 2 DVD

Genre : Educational, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : Tokyo MX
Original Run : January 5, 2013 – March 30, 2013
The story is set in a world embroiled by war between Humans and Demons. The Humans' greatest warrior known as the Hero invades the castle of the Demon King, leader of the Demons who is actually a Queen, as he is determined to vanquish her. However, instead of fighting back, the Demon King proposes an alliance with the Hero. She explains how a sudden end to the war can bring further chaos to the world as the Humans once united to stand against their common enemies would eventually begin fighting among themselves, with similar issues already occurring at the Demon Realm. Convinced by her words, the Hero joins forces with the Queen and together they execute a plan to bring prosperity and a lasting peace to both Humans and Demons alike.

MAR/Marchen Awakens Romance : 3 DVD

Genre : Fantasy, Comedy, Action Adventure, Romance
Episodes : 102
Broadcast Network : TV Tokyo
Original Run : April 3, 2005 – March 25, 2007
Ginta Toramizu is a 14-year old junior high student who is portrayed as a typical video game geek and underachieving student. One day and without warning, he finds himself summoned to the mysterious world of MÄR-Heaven which he has only seen before in his dreams and in his mother's books. In this fairy tale world, Ginta's physical weakness is replaced with superior physical strength, incredible stamina and endurance, and being able to see without his glasses.Upon meeting a mysterious witch named Dorothy, Ginta is introduced to the powerful magical accessories and weapons called "ÄRM" (pronounced air-um). Dorothy plans to steal the mysterious ÄRM Babbo from a trap-guarded cave, and brings Ginta along to assist her, intrigued by his unusual strength and abilities. Babbo is revealed to be an extremely special and unique ÄRM, as he possesses a will of his own and the ability to speak. Displeased with the fact that babbo is so cumbersome, Dorothy gives Babbo to Ginta instead taking the guardian arm that guarded the chest, departing with a warning that others will try to steal Babbo from him.

Mardock Scramble The First Compression : 1 DVD

Genre : Animation , Action , Drama
Release Date : 11 November 2010
Taking place in a futuristic city called Kamina City, Rune Ballot is a young prostitute who was taken in by the notorious gambler Shell Septinous. One night, Shell abandons Rune and attempts to murder her in an explosion. However, she is rescued and transformed into a cyborg by Dr. Easter. An Artificial intelligence in the form of a Mouse accompanies her to adapt to her new life. Rune is trained to use the advanced technology fitted on her to defend herself against Shell's attempts to have her killed to stop her from testifying against him.

Maria Holic Alive : 2 DVD (Teks Indonesia)

Genre : Comedy
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : AT-X, TV Osaka, TV Tokyo
Original Run : January 5, 2009 – March 23, 2009
Maria Holic revolves around a high school girl named Kanako Miyamae, who is scared of boys and breaks out in hives if a boy touches her. During her second year of high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Mariya Shidō, turns out to be a sadistic cross-dressing boy.

Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers : 2 DVD

Genre : Superhero, Action
Episodes : 26
Broadcast Network : TXN (TV Tokyo)
Original Run : April 2, 2014 – ongoing
With help from Japan's Dr. Nozomu Akatsuki, Tony Stark aka Iron Man develops a new device called the Digital Identity Securement Kit, known as DISKs for short,designed to help the cause of stopping and detaining supervillains. However, whilst presenting the DISK project on the Raft, Loki appears and uses the very same DISKs to launch a breakout of all the captured supervillains, trapping Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wasp and Hulk inside DISKs as well. Nozomu's sons, Akira and Hikaru, along with three other children, Edward, Chris, and Jessica, come to possess these DISKs and obtain biocodes, allowing them to bring out these heroes for a short period of time.Teaming up with the Avengers, the group travel across the world to search for DISKs before they fall into the wrong hands.

Mashiro Iro Symphony : 2 DVD

Genre : Drama, Harem, Romance
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : TV Aichi
Original Run : October 5, 2011 – December 21, 2011
The story of Mashiroiro Symphony primarily takes place in the fictional town of Kagamidai (各務台?), which consists of two distinct districts dubbed the "Old District" (旧市街 Kyū-shigai?), which primarily contains traditional housings resided by upper class families, and the "New District" (新市街 Shin-shigai?), which is generally inhabited by working class families. The town also houses two private academic institutions undergoing a merger: the Yuihime Girls' Private Academy (私立結姫女子学園 Shiritsu Yuihime Joshi Gakuen?), a notorious upper class girls' academy nicknamed Yuijo (結女?), and the Kagamidai Private Academy (私立各務台学園 Shiritsu Kagamidai Gakuen?), a coeducation school which Shingo, the protagonist whose role the player assumes, attends. As part of the merger, students from both schools are selected to participate in a test class at the Yuihime Girls' Academy campus,an act which is initially opposed by the female student body.

Master Keaton : 2 DVD (Teks Indonesia)

Genre : Detective Fiction, Adventure, Drama
Episodes : 24
Broadcast Network : Nippon Television
Original Run : 5 October 1998 – 29 March 1999
The story revolves around Taichi Hiraga-Keaton, the son of Japanese zoologist Taihei Hiraga and well-born Englishwoman Patricia Keaton. Keaton's parents separated when he was five, and young Taichi moved back to England with his mother. As an adult, he studied archeology at Oxford University, in part under the tutelage of Professor Yuri Scott.

Mayo Chiki : 2 DVD

Genre : Comedy , Romance , Harem
Episodes : 13
Broadcast Network : TBS
Original Run : July 7, 2011 – September 29, 2011
The story revolves around Kinjirō Sakamachi, a 17 year old high school boy who suffers from gynophobia. The gynophobia sickness makes his nose bleed every time he has physical contact with a female. While using the bathroom he accidentally discovers that the popular and handsome butler Subaru Konoe is in fact a girl. Now that Kinjirō knows about Subaru's secret, he must work together with Subaru and her sadistic mistress, Kanade, to protect Subaru's secret from being discovered.

Medaka Box

Season 1 : 2 DVD 12 Eps , Season 2 : 2 DVD 12 Eps

Genre : Action, Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Network : TV Tokyo
Original Run : April 4, 2012 – December 26, 2012
The plot follows Medaka Kurokami, a freshman student of Hakoniwa Academy. Medaka is elected Student Council President and institutes a suggestion box, for the students to make suggestions and requests. Together with her childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Medaka addresses these requests in an episodic manner. During the course of the story, Kouki Akune and Mogana Kikaijima join the Student Council. They soon learn the academy chairman intends to initiate the Flask Plan, a project to forcefully experiment on Normal students to turn them into Abnormals, humans with superhuman abilities. The Student Council infiltrates the academy's secret lab and battles with other students participating in the project to put an end to the Flask Plan. Later, the Student Council are challenged to a tournament by Misogi Kumagawa who wishes to replace Medaka's Student Council with one of his own. After Kumagawa's defeat, two students are unsealed from his powers and complete their transfer to Hakoniwa Academy. The two are more powerful than Abnormals and are dubbed "Not Equals". Their leader, Anshin'in, threatens to restart the Flask Plan once Medaka graduates, forcing the Student Council to train their successors. However, Anshin'in's true plan is to have Zenkichi usurp Medaka's position as Student Council President. Zenkichi does so on the pretense of improving the student life and succeeds. He convinces Medaka to allow the Flask Plan for those who are willing.

Meganebu : 2 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Slice Of Life
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : Tokyo MX, BS11, SUN-TV, KBS,
Original Run : October 6, 2013 – December 12, 2013
The plot focuses on Akira Souma, a glasses fanatic at the rural Himaraya Third Technical School. Akira's great love for glasses causes him to form the "Glasses Club" at his school and he somewhat forces his classmates and glasses wearers Takuma Hachimine, Yukiya Minabe, Mitsuki Kamatani, and Hayato Kimata to join. The series follows the activities of the Glasses Club and the antics resulting from their shared passion for eye-wear.

Mekakucity Actors : 2 DVD

Genre : Action, Supernatural, Tragedy
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : Tokyo MX, GTV, GYT, BS11, AT-X
Original Run : April 12, 2014 – June 28, 2014
Shintarō Kisaragi is an 18-year-old hiki-NEET who has not left his room in two years, engrossing himself with his computer and the internet. However, on August 14, due to the messing about of the cyber girl Ene, who lives inside his computer, Shintarō spills soda on his computer keyboard and is forced to go outside to buy a new one, due to the fact that during the Obon festival none of the stores will deliver until August 17. Shintarō goes to the department store, where a group of criminals break in and hold the people inside hostage for ransom. Here he comes in contact with a group of teenagers calling themselves the "Mekakushi Dan" (メカクシ団?, lit. "Blindfold Gang"), who stop the robbery with their mysterious eye powers and force Shintarō to join into their group.

Metal Fight Beyblade Vs The Sun The Movie : 1 DVD

No Synopsis

Mirai Nikki : 3 DVD

Genre : Action, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Survival Horror, Suspense
Episodes: 26
Broadcast Network :Fuji TV
Original Run : October 10, 2011 – April 16, 2012
Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano is a loner who spends most of his time writing a diary on his cell phone or talking with his imaginary friends Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space; and Murmur, Deus' servant. One day, Deus gives Yuki a special diary, mentioning something about a game. Strangely, Yuki's new diary has entries in it spanning the next 90 days—entries about the future that come unnervingly true. Deus, the not-so-imaginary God of Time and Space, then forces Yuki to participate in a battle royale with eleven other people, each of whom also has a diary that can predict the future in some unique way. The rules of this "Diary Game" are simple: the contestants must try to find and kill all the other contestants before the world ends on Day 90, and only the last one standing can prevent the Apocalypse and become the new God of Time and Space.

MM! : 2 DVD

Genre : Harem, Romantic comedy
Episodes : 12
Broadcast Network : AT-X
Original Run : October 2, 2010 – December 18, 2010
Taro Sado is a masochist. and goes to a high school with his male friend Tatsukichi Hayama. Taro falls in love for the first time with a girl, who is in fact his cross-dressing male friend. Taro wants to be cured of his masochism so that he can confess his love to Tatsukichi, so he goes to the Second Voluntary Club to get help. There he meets Mio Isurugi, a self-proclaimed god, and Arashiko Yuno, the girl who made him a masochist in the first place, however, she has androphobia. The club adviser is the school nurse, Michiru Onigawara. Other characters include Yumi Mamiya, Arashiko's best friend, and the president of the Inventors Club, Noa Hiragi, and her lolicon assistant, Himura Yukinojō.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 : 4 DVD

Genre :Action, Drama, Mecha
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : TVS Television Network
Original Run : October 6, 2007 – March 29, 2009
The series is set on a futuristic Earth and is centered on the exploits of the fictional paramilitary organization Celestial Being and its efforts to rid the world of war and conflict with a series of unique and extremely advanced mobile suits known as "Gundams".

Mobile Suit Gundam Age : 2 DVD

Genre : Action, Drama, Mecha
Episodes : 49
Broadcast Network : MBS, TBS
Original Run : October 9, 2011 – September 23, 2012

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny : 3 DVD

Genre : Mecha, Military, Romance
Episodes : 50
Broadcast Network : MBS, TBS
Original Run : October 9, 2004 – October 1, 2005
Gundam SEED Destiny sets the story two years after the original series and it starts when the leader from Orb, Cagalli Yula Athha, reunites with PLANT's chairman Gilbert Durandal to discuss the construction of new mobile suits made for the military organization ZAFT. Three of them are stolen by a group called Phantom Pain, which is controlled by the Blue Cosmos terrorist organization. Cagalli's bodyguard Athrun Zala joins ZAFT pilot Shinn Asuka to stop them. During the fight, ZAFT's battleship Minerva is ordered to destroy the ruins of a space colony to prevent it from crashing into Earth. They find out that rogue ZAFT soldiers are controlling the colony in order to crash it into Earth. After failing to completely destroy the colony, a second war starts between the factions, the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, once news has spread that ZAFT soldiers caused the colony to collide on Earth. The neutral country of Orb allies with the Earth Alliance, with the former having also joined Blue Cosmos. This leads these three faction to confront the ZAFT soldiers several times, with Athrun having returned there.

Mobile Suit Gundam X : 3 DVD

Genre : Military Science Fiction, Mecha
Episodes : 39
Broadcast Network : Animax, TV Asahi
Original Run : April 5, 1996 – December 28, 1996
After the end of an apocalyptic war that resulted in the drop of virtually all space colonies onto Earth, devastating the planet and destroying 99% of humanity's population. The series begins in AW 0015, as the Earth is just beginning to recover. The primary protagonist of this series is fifteen year-old Garrod Ran, a member of Vulture, a scavenger group that patrols the wasteland for profits, which is on a mission to find and save mistreated Newtypes from those who wish to take advantage of them. The first episode begins with Garrod doing a 'hold-up' to a reckless bandit who possessed a Mobile Suit. He was discovered by an old man who assigned him to rescue a girl named Tiffa Adill from Vulture. As he rescues Tiffa, he discovers that she is a Newtype who is the target of an unknown party. The party eventually finds a "15 year-old nightmare", the Gundam X. Gundam X also used the space war concept featured in previous Gundam series as a backdrop, with the New United Nations Earth and the Space Revolutionary Army as the opposing factions.

Moshidora : 2 DVD

Genre : Business, Sports, Baseball
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Network : NHK
Original Run : 25 April 2011 – 6 May 2011
The story follows Minami Kawashima who, as a favor to her childhood friend, Yuki Miyata, takes over as manager for the Hodokubo High School Baseball team when Yuki is hospitalized with an illness. With no previous experience managing a team, Minami ends up picking up a copy of Peter Drucker's business management book, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, and starts to manage the baseball team like one would manage a business, with the goal of reaching the nationals.

Motto To Love : 2 DVD

Genre :Harem Comedy, Sci-Fi
Episodes : 26
Broadcast Network : TBS, MBS, CBC, BS-i, AT-X
Original Run : April 3, 2008 – September 25, 2008
The story of To Love-Ru revolves around Rito Yūki, a high-school student who cannot confess to the girl of his dreams, Haruna Sairenji. One day when coming home and sulking in the bathtub, a mysterious, nude girl appears out of nowhere. Her name is Lala and she comes from the planet Deviluke, where she is the heir to the throne. Her father wants her to return to her home planet so she can marry one of the husband candidates. But she decides that she wants to marry Rito in order to stay on Earth. Commander Zastin has been ordered to bring Lala back and has already battled Rito. He reports to the emperor that Rito would be suited to marry Lala, after hearing Rito, who was actually defending himself instead of Lala, say that marriage is impossible unless it is with the person you love. Lala truly falls in love with Rito and decides that she wants to marry Rito after hearing what he said. Her father decides that, if Rito is able to protect Lala from her fiancés, then he can marry her. However, if Rito cannot protect Lala from her other fiancés and meet the king's expectations, Lala's father will kill Rito and destroy the Earth.

Mouretsu Pirates : 3 DVD

Genre : Adventure, Science Fiction
Episodes : 26
Broadcast Network : Tokyo MX, MBS , TVK
Original Run : January 8, 2012 – June 30, 2012
In the far future where space travel has become the norm, Marika Kato is a high school girl living a rather ordinary life as a member of the space yacht club and a part-time job at a high-class retro café. One day, Marika learns of her recently deceased father, Gonzaemon, who is revealed to have been a Space Pirate who performed legal acts of piracy under the letter of marque. In order for her father's ship, the Bentenmaru (弁天丸?), to continue legal operation, Marika, Gonzaemon's direct descendant, is chosen to become the ship's new captain, thus beginning her life as a Space Pirate.

Mushibugyo : 3 DVD

Genre : Action
Episodes : 26
Broadcast Network : TXN (TV Tokyo), AT-X
Original Run : April 8, 2013 – September 30, 2013
In an alternate Feudal Era Japan, giant insects known as "Mushi" started appearing and attacking people 100 years before and since then they bring terror and death to the country. To counter the threat of the Mushi, the Shogunate establishes the City Patrol who acts under the Mushi Magistrate (Mushibugyō) to assemble warriors strong enough to fight them. The story follows Jinbei Tsukishima, a young and cheerful samurai who is the newest member of the City Patrol answering a summon to his father by the Magistrate, but as he is not able to fight anymore, Jinbei takes the burden of protecting Edo from the Mushi in his place.

Mysongoku : 1 DVD

Release Date : August 14, 1960
Alakazam is a young and brave monkey who has been encouraged by all the other monkeys to become their king. After attaining the throne, he becomes rude and dictatorial, and does not believe that human beings are greater than he is. Then he tricks/forces Merlin the magician to teach him magic (reluctantly on Merlin's part, who warns Alakazam that the powers he acquires now will bring him much unhappiness later). Alakazam becomes so arrogant that he abuses his magic powers, and chooses to go up to Majutsu Land (the Heavens), to challenge King Amo. He is defeated by King Amo. For his punishment, he is sentenced to serve as the bodyguard of Prince Amat on a pilgrimage; in order to learn humility, mercy and to fight with wisdom. Ultimately, he learns his lesson and becomes a true hero.


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