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Madagascar : 1 DVD
Madagascar 2 : 1 DVD
Madagaskar 2 1/2 Merry Madagaskar : 1 DVD

Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted : 1 DVD

Madly Madagascar (Bruce Willis,Garry Shandling, Steve Carell)

Genre : Animation
Country : USA
Release Year : 2012
Valentines day is one of Alex's FAVORITE holidays! Back in the zoo, he was practically showered with valentines from numerous admirers, but now that he's in Africa, he's finding that valentines day is not what he was used to… can he still enjoy the day even though he's not getting the amount of attention he's used to having especially since his best friend is getting all the attention he himself is used to and more?

Marsupilami Animation (Jim Cummings, Steve Mackall, Samuel E. Wright)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 13 Eps

Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Original Channel : CBS
Original Run : September 18 – December 11, 1993
No Synopsis

Marvel Avengers Assemble (Adrian Pasdar, Fred Tatasciore, Roger Craig Smith)

Genre : Animation, Action, Adventure
Release Year : 2013
Can the world's most powerful team of Super Heroes put aside their differences and learn to live together under one roof long enough to save the world from ultimate destruction? The answer will be revealed when the Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. wage war on The Avengers.

Marvel Avengers Assemble (Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Adrian Pasdar)

Season 1 : 6 DVD 26 Eps

Genre : Superhero, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction
Country : USA
Original Channel : Disney XD
Original Run : May 26, 2013 – present
Falcon (the newest member of The Avengers) is the main eyes and ears of the viewer as he fights evil and saves the world with his teammates (consisting of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor).

Marvel Avengers Confidential Black Widow & Punisher (John Eric Bentley, Grant George, Kyle Hebert)

Genre : Animation, Action, Sci-Fi
Country : USA
Release Date : 25 March 2014
After interfering with a top secret mission, THE PUNISHER is taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENT and AVENGER, BLACK WIDOW. At the orders of Director Nick Fury, Punisher and Black Widow are sent on a mission to stop LEVIATHAN, a global terrorist organization, that plans to sell stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. technology to the highest bidder. Now, the vigilante and spy must work together to prevent this technology from falling into the wrong hands. The fate of the world, and of the AVENGERS, hangs in the balance.

Marvel Hulk And The Agents Of Smash (Clancy Brown, Benjamin Diskin, Eliza Dushku)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 26 Eps

Genre : Animated, SuperHero
Country : USA
Original Channel : Disney XD
Original Run : August 11, 2013 – Present
Related shows : Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man
Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, A-Bomb, and Skaar come together as the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (the acronym later stands for Supreme Military Agency of Super Humans) to tackle threats that no other superheroes can face in the cameras set up by Rick Jones for his reality show so that the people can see that Hulk is more than a monster. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. have their base near the town of Vista Verde (which is where Bruce Banner first became Hulk) and would often face various threats with a recurring one being from Hulk's archenemy the Leader (who holds the key to Skaar's origin which unravel when the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. end up on Sakaar).

Marvel Hulk Where Monsters Dwell

No Synopsis

Masha And The Bear

Chrismas And The New Year : 1 DVD
Movie 1 : 1 DVD
Movie 2 : 1 DVD
Movie 3 : 1 DVD
Movie 4 : 1 DVD
Movie 5 : 1 DVD
Movie 6 : 1 DVD
Movie 7 : 1 DVD
Movie 8 : 1 DVD
Movie 9 : 1 DVD
Movie 10 : 1 DVD
Movie 11 : 1 DVD
Movie 12 Scream Of Victory : 1 DVD
Moive 13 The Bears Cave : 1 DVD
Movie 14 Cable TV : 1 DVD
Movie 15 Harvest Festival : 1 DVD
Movie 16 Home Grown Ninja : 1 DVD
Movie 17 Until We Meet Again : 1 DVD
Movie 18 Coming Home Ain't Easy : 1 DVD
Movie 19 In A Fairy Tale : 1 DVD
Movie 20 Cinderella And Nutracker : 1 DVD
Movie 21 Hey Let's Ride : 1 DVD
Movie 22 It Is Terrible As Many Horror : 1 DVD
Movie 23 Scary As Death : 1 DVD
Movie 24 On A Halt : 1 DVD
Movie 25 Cat And Mouse : 1 DVD
Movie 26 Don't Leave Your Lovers : 1 DVD
Movie 27 Sleep, My Darling, Sleep : 1 DVD
Movie 28 Ninja Shadow : 1 DVD
Movie 29 Dance Teacher : 1 DVD
Movie 30 Surprise Surprise : 1 DVD
Movie 31 Happy Easter : 1 DVD
Movie 32 Stripes And Whiskers : 1 DVD
Movie 33 No Trespassing : 1 DVD
Movie 34 Three Muskeeter : 1 DVD
Movie 35 Princess With Wolves : 1 DVD
Movie 36 At The Circle : 1 DVD
Movie 37 Cinema Day : 1 DVD
Movie 38 Home Improment : 1 DVD
Movie 39 There's A Contact : 1 DVD
Movie 40 The Grand Piano Lesson : 1 DVD
Movie 41 Victory Cry : 1 DVD
Movie 42 Red Riding Hood : 1 DVD
Movie 43 The Wolf And The Fox : 1 DVD
Movie 44 And Action : 1 DVD
Movie 45 Little Cousin : 1 DVD
Movie 46 Tangled : 1 DVD
Movie 47 Calm Just Calm : 1 DVD
Movie 48 Spooky : 1 DVD
Movie 49 Big Trip : 1 DVD
Movie 50 Don't Wake Till Spring : 1 DVD
Movie 51 Swept Away : 1 DVD
Movie 52 Dance Fever : 1 DVD
Movie 53 Circus And Only : 1 DVD
Movie 54 Best Medicine : 1 DVD
Movie 55 Quartet Plus : 1 DVD
Movie 56 How Many Wolves Do Not Feed : 1 DVD
Movie 57 Star From The Sky : 1 DVD

Megamind (Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt)

Genre : Animation, Action , Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date: 5 November 2010
The supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.

Mickey Mouse

A Christmas Present : 1 DVD
Black And White : 2 DVD
Captain Mickey : 1 DVD
Celebrate Christmas With Mickey, Donald And Friends: 1 DVD
Countdown To Christmas : 1 DVD
Hawaiian Holiday : 1 DVD
Lonesome Ghost : 1 DVD
Message From Mars : 1 DVD
Mickey & Minnie's Sweetheart Stories : 1 DVD
Mickey And The Beanstalk : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House A Valentine Surprise For Minnie : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Adventures In Wonderland : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Around The Clubhouse World : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Choo Choo Express : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Colour's Adventure : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Daisy's Pony Tale : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Detective Minnie : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Donald The Genie : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Farm Fun Fair : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House I Love Minnie : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey And Donald Have A Farm : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey And Donald's Big Balloon Race : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey And Pluto To The Rescue : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey Big Splash : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey Saves Santa : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey's Circus : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey's Great Club House Hunt : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey's Treat : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Minnie Rella : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Minnie The Wizard Of Dizz : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Minnie's Bowtique : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Minnie's Mask : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Minnie's Masquerade : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Minnie's Pet Salon : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Numbers Round Up : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Pluto Lends A Paw : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Pop Star Minnie : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Quest For The Crystal Mickey : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Road Raily : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Space Adventure : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House Space Captain Donald : 1 DVD
Mickey Mouse Club House The Great Concert : 1 DVD
Mickey, Donald, Goofy The Three Musketeers : 1 DVD
Mickey's Birthday Party : 1 DVD
Mickey's Christmas Carol : 1 DVD
Mickey's Delayed Date : 1 DVD
Mickey's Garden : 1 DVD
Mickey's Magical Christmas : 1 DVD
Minnie's Winter Bow Show : 1 DVD
Monster Musical : 1 DVD
Once Upon A Christmas : 1 DVD
Upon Twice A Christmas : 1 DVD
Vintage Mickey : 1 DVD

Mickey Mouse Club House (Bret Iwan, Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 27 Eps

Genre : Animated Series
Country : USA
Original Channel : Playhouse Disney, Disney Junior
Original Run : May 5, 2006 – present
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto star in the series, which focuses on interacting with the viewer to stimulate problem solving. Pete, Clarabelle Cow, Ludwig Von Drake, Chip 'n' Dale, Willie the Giant, Butch, Figaro the Kitten, Humphrey the Bear, Salty the Seal, and Mortimer Mouse have made guest appearances.

Miles From Tomorrowland

Part 1 The Legend Of Sandelion : 1 DVD
Part 2 The Space Trader : 1 DVD

Minions (Pierre Coffin, Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm)

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family
Country : USA
Release Date : 10 July 2015
Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.

Minions 2 Competition : 1 DVD


Miniscule Valley Of The Lost Ants (Helena Giraud, Thomas Szabo)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Family
Country : France
Release Date : 29 January 2014
In a peaceful forest, the remains of a picnic trigger a ruthless war between rival ant colonies, obsessed with gaining control of the same prize: a box of sugar cubes! Amidst this struggle a young ladybug befriends a black ant and helps him save his people from the horrible red ants.

Moana (Auli'i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date : 23 November 2016
In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain's daughter's island, she answers the Ocean's call to seek out the demigod to set things right.

Monk Little Dog 1-4 : 4 DVD

No Synopsis

Monkey Business (Belinda Keller, Marc Matney, Shannon Settlemyre)

Genre: Animation , Family
Release Year : 2013
After Jarrett books a load of monkeys, he learns why they say "never work with kids or animals"

Monster Family (Emily Watson, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jason Isaacs)

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family
Country : UK
Release Date : 9 February 2018
Despite the title, the Wishbone family are far from happy. In an attempt to reconnect as a family, Mum and Emma plan a fun night out. However, her plan backfires when an evil witch curses them, and they're all turned into Monsters.

Monster High

13 Wishes : 1 DVD
Electrified : 1 DVD
Freaky Fusion : 1 DVD
Ghouls Rule : 1 DVD
Great Scarrier Reef : 1 DVD
Haunted : 1 DVD
Scaris City Of Frights : 1 DVD
Welcome To Monster High : 1 DVD

Monster High Double Feature-Friday Night Frights & Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love
(Andrew Duncan, Cam Clarke)

No Synopsis

Monster, Inc (Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Mary Gibb)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date : 2 November 2001
Monsters generate their city's power by scaring children, but they are terribly afraid themselves of being contaminated by children, so when one enters Monstropolis, top scarer Sulley finds his world disrupted.

Monster Trucks (Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon)

Genre : Animation, Action, Adventure
Country : USA
Release Date : 13 January 2017
Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, Tripp (Lucas Till), a high school senior, builds a Monster Truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. After an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site displaces a strange and subterranean creature with a taste and a talent for speed, Tripp may have just found the key to getting out of town and a most unlikely friend.

Monsters University (Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date : 21 June 2013
A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University -- when they weren't necessarily the best of friends.

Monsters Vs Aliens (Reese Witherspoon, Rainn Wilson, Stephen Colbert)

Genre : Animation, Action , Adventure
Country : USA
Release Date : 8 April 2009
A woman transformed into a giant after she is struck by a meteorite on her wedding day becomes part of a team of monsters sent in by the U.S. government to defeat an alien mastermind trying to take over Earth.

Monsters Vs Aliens 2 Mutant Pumpkin From Outer Space (Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen)

Genre : Animation ,Comedy , Family
Country : USA
Release Date : 28 October 2009
Susan Murphy (a.k.a. Ginormica) and the Monsters are now working with the US government as special ops. So when an alien presence is detected in Susan's hometown of Modesto, California -- right before Halloween -- the team is dispatched to investigate. Everything appears normal, right down to the jack-o-lanterns peering out from every doorstep and windowsill. But when Halloween arrives, those innocent-looking carved pumpkins reveal themselves for what they really are mutant aliens. The altered pumpkins then start to implement their fiendish plan to take over Earth. The Monsters are there to combat the mutant gourds and try to smash their wicked scheme!

Monsters Vs Aliens 3 Bob's Big Break (Reese Witherspoon, Rainn Wilson)

Genre : Animation
Country : USA
Release Date : September 29, 2009
No Synopsis

Monsters Vs Aliens Cloning Around (Chris O'Dowd, Diedrich Bader, Riki Lindhome)

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family
Country : USA
Release Year : 2013
The further adventures of Susan and her monster friends as they defend Earth from various alien and supernatural threats.

Mortadelo And Filemon Mission Implausible (Karra Elejalde, Janfri Topera, Gabriel Chame)

Genre : Animation, Comedy
Country : Spain
Release Date : 28 November 2014
A criminal produces an uncontrollable laughter to the population and Mortadelo and Filemón will have to stop him.

Mr Bean Animated

Mr. Bean Animated 1 : 1 DVD
Mr. Bean Animated 2 : 1 DVD
Mr. Bean Animated 3 : 1 DVD
Mr. Bean Animated 4 : 1 DVD
Mr. Bean Animated 5 : 1 DVD

Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Stephen Colbert)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date : 7 March 2014
The time-travelling adventures of an advanced canine and his adopted son, as they endeavor to fix a time rift they created.

Mulan (Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, BD Wong)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Family
Country : USA
Release Date : 19 June 1998
To save her father from death in the army, a Chinese maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroes in the process.

Mulan 2 (Ming-Na Wen, BD Wong, Mark Moseley)

Genre : Animation, Action , Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date : 1 February 2005
Preparing for their wedding Shang and Mulan are suddenly sent off on a secret mission Mushu starts to meddle and a surprise attack by Mongolians doesn't help either.

Mummy, I'm A Zombie (Benat Beitia, Ricardo Ramon)

Genre : Animation
Country : Spain
Release Date : 06 October 2014
In the sequel to DADDY, I'M A ZOMBIE, the fate of the planet is again in Dixie's hands as she fights to end a battle between the living and the dead, while also balancing her popularity and campaigning for student council.

Mune The Guardian From The Moon (Omar Sy, Izia Higelin, Michael Gregorio)

Genre : Animation
Country : France
Release Date : 14 October 2015
When a faun named Mune becomes the Guardian of the Moon, little did he had unprepared experience with the Moon and an accident that could put both the Moon and the Sun in danger, including a corrupt titan named Necross who wants the Sun for himself and placing the balance of night and day in great peril. Now with the help of a wax-child named Glim and the warrior, Sohone who also became the Sun Guardian, they go out on an exciting journey to get the Sun back and restore the Moon to their rightful place in the sky.

My Life As A Zucchini (Gaspard Schlatter, Sixtine Murat, Paulin Jaccoud)

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama
Country : France
Release Date : 24 February 2017
After losing his mother, a young boy is sent to a foster home with other orphans his age where he begins to learn the meaning of trust and true love.

My Little Pony

2 Great Pony Tales : 1 DVD
A Very Pony Place : 1 DVD
Adventure In The Crystal Empire : 1 DVD
Appleoosa's Most Wanted : 1 DVD
Buckball Season : 1 DVD
Equestria Girls- Friendship Games : 1 DVD
Equestria Girls - Friendship Magic : 1 DVD
Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree : 1 DVD
Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks : 1 DVD
Flight To Cloud Castle And Other Stories : 1 DVD
Made in Manehattan : 1 DVD
Party Pooped : 1 DVD
Pony Puppy And Other Stories : 1 DVD
Poppy : 1 DVD
Scare Master : 1 DVD
Spice Up Your Life : 1 DVD
The Crystalling : 1 DVD
The Cutie Map : 1 DVD
The Movie : 1 DVD
The Princess Promenade : 1 DVD
The Quest Of The Princess Ponies And Other Stories : 1 DVD
The Runway Rainbow
: 1 DVD
To Where And Back Again : 1 DVD

Top Bolt : 1 DVD

My Little Pony The Movie (Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Liev Schreiber)

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Country : USA
Release Date : 6 October 2017
A dark force threatens Ponyville, and the Mane 6 embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship to save their home.


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